Pedicure at home: technology implementation

It is believed that to do pedicure at home by virtue of every woman. It helps solve tens of problems stop. He is a full fledged medical procedure, which returns the legs health. All this is true, but only partly. What are the characteristics of the procedure and what problems it actually solves, we shall understand in detail.

What is pedicure the name of the procedure. It involves the processing stop with the help of a special apparatus or machine, which can be purchased for home use. The same equipment can be used in the practice of medical pedicure, so technology is often confused.

The difference between the methods is that the former is a hygienic procedure aiming to keep feet healthy and attractive avoiding developing problems. The second includes the different treatment techniques, to realize that beyond the power of an ignorant person. Treatment of athlete’s foot, ingrown nails and hyperkeratosis should be dealt with exclusively doctor-Podiatry and using only professional tools.


  • The technique is considered the most gentle and very pleasant. In the implementation process there is no damage to the skin and nails, no pain.
  • The advantages of a hardware pedicure lies in the complexity of care with a single machine. It is enough just to choose the right cutters for the different parts of the foot to restore skin smoothness and give the nails perfect shape.

  • The procedure cannot be called quick! Despite the fact that you don’t waste time steaming feet, about the same time you will hold with special tool-very disappointed on his feet, the task of which consists in softening rough skin. The total duration is 50 minutes.
  • Pedicure at home you can perform people with health problems. It was he who recommended in case of diabetes in which there is a high risk of developing diseases of the feet until the blood infection. Due to the lack of steaming it shows people with hypertension, thrombosis and other problems of the cardiovascular system. Quality burnished leather and nails with clippers for pedicure at home perfect for elderly people, especially those for whom the problematic visit to the beauty parlor.

What you need for the procedure

You will need:

  • Disinfectant for the feet. Choose a septic tank in the form of a gel that does not require the use of water. They eliminate the maximum number of bacteria, active against the fungus.
  • Softening very disappointed. It can be in the form of gel or cream. Some tools include the disinfecting components, therefore the need in the first septic tank is eliminated.
  • The equipment for a hardware pedicure at home or the machine comes with a set of cutters. By the way, the set of conventional machines never provides a full set of cutters for processing of the legs, 2-3 nozzles. Buying them separately.
  • Moisturizing cream or a healing ointment for the feet. Depending on the availability issues — with deodorizing effect, wound healing, or just normalizing the water-salt balance.

Equipment of hardware pedicure

Adhering to the equipment of hardware pedicure, you will be able to perform it at home quite professionally. The qualitative performance of frequency may be once in 15-20 days. For men, the feet skin which is more elastic and less prone to cracking, it is sufficient to perform it once a month.

So, consider how to do a pedicure.

  • Disinfect and soften the feet. So you eliminate the penetration of infection into the tissues and the infection will make the skin more pliable to care.
  • Use the machine and cutters of the appropriate type. Their detailed description is always presented in the user apparatus if the required models are there, check out our recommendations below. Treat the first heel, using the coarse grinding, then the skin of the feet. Pay special attention to the brake pad, which are formed corns from Shoe heels and the area between the 4 and 5 finger, where are also raised corn. Walk around the outside of the thumb. Gently Polish the cuticle.
  • Treat nails compact cutters. Give them a smooth shape preventing the fillet plates to exclude her from growing into the skin.
  • Cover the nail hygiene or colored lacquer.
  • Cover the skin with a moisturizing or therapeutic agent.
  • Selection of milling cutters

    To the question, what tips you need for hardware pedicure, Podiatry physicians, the answer is: numerous. Indeed, for one procedure will need several.

    • Diamond. Perfect and remove rough skin fit for polishing of nails. Mill small size in the form of a ball or needle-like used for cuticles, large size used for the removal of small calluses, corns.
    • Ceramic. Suitable for skin treatment the side “bolsters” on the outer part of the thumb, cracked heels.
    • Silicone. Necessary for polishing the nail plate.
    • Silicon-carbide. Used when you have very dry, rough skin.

    That’s all the subtleties of the technique of execution of a hardware pedicure, learn which at home will be extremely helpful for every woman!

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