Pedicure by Garra rufa fish: fish-exfoliation for your feet

Pedicure by Garra rufa fish appeared in the list of services beauty salons only recently. What are its characteristics? As he carried out? Will the treatment hurt? Does it have disadvantages? About all the secrets of fashion fish peeling read our article.

Fairly new for us service is well known in the East. There therapy present name of fish-peeling is carried out for more than 5 centuries. In Turkey, Syria and some other countries effectively cures psoriasis. And the effect of one course lasts more than six months. But is it worth to go to such an exotic method for regular foot care? And in General, fish pedicure — what is it?

Who are the Garra rufa

Under the mysterious name Garra rufa hiding a small nondescript fish gray, inhabiting the coastal waters of the countries of the Middle East. They can be found among the marine fauna of the coast of Turkey and Iran, Iraq and Syria. Unremarkable in appearance, these fish are very interesting features of its existence.

For example, they eat not only the marine plankton, but also happy to accompany the whales in their travels over the oceanic expanse. Entire flocks they eat the remains of organic substances that cover the skin is the largest mammal. This symbiosis is beneficial for all kit gets rid of unwanted microorganisms, fishes have a permanent source of food.

The only restriction that allows all Garra rufa whole life to follow the whales, is water temperature. Comfortable they feel in bodies of water at 32 degrees, lower temperature inhibits their activity, causing fish to die or fall into a state of “hibernation”.

The advantages of the procedure

The use of fish that do pedicures, cosmetology is not a coincidence. Initially the cause of the spread of the technique was its exoticism: all salons do pedicures saws and graters, and we offer fish — tempting! But over time, the beauticians increasingly adopt the experience of Turkish experts who fish pedicure cure diseases such as athlete’s foot, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis of various nature. Thus only a cosmetic technique has become a treatment.

It has other advantages.

  • Painless. The pedicures using the Garra rufa fish do not cause discomfort. During the first minutes, the patient feels a tickle, and then becomes accustomed to the work of the fish. The reason for this is the lack of younger nurses teeth. Their mouth resembles a “sucker”, which they sucked the epidermal cells from the skin surface.
  • Efficiency. A fish pedicure allows you to make the skin tender 20 minutes. In the aquarium at the same time there are 100-200 inhabitants, who are happy to pounce on the “treat” and absorb only dry, dead skin. Because of the large number in the water, the fish can’t handle the foot completely, with no gaps. The living skin at the same time, they do not touch. First, it is not interesting to them, and secondly, to gnaw it they can not.
  • Comfort. The fish is quite nice. The legs are in the water a comfortable temperature, and not stand on the bottom of the aquarium and “swim” in it. It is interesting to observe the work of young workers, the total duration of the session small. The main thing — not to do sharp movements not to scare the fish. With this feature, the procedure can be used for women’s and men’s pedicure.
  • Rejuvenation of the skin. To improve the tone of the stop in the complex therapy used pedicure by Garra rufa fish. Reviews cosmetologists demonstrate the effectiveness of the practice, because in the saliva of the fish are special substances — enzymes. They not only soften the skin but also stimulate their renewal, because of what they are used to manufacture expensive and effective beauty products.

Disadvantages of methods

In addition to the advantages of peeling Garra rufa has disadvantages, which we should know about.

  • The risk of infection of the skin. Unlike the cosmetology equipment, which are subjected to sterilization in every reputable beauty salon to disinfect fish does not. There is always a risk that the presence of microcracks on the feet they get infected, surviving in the mouth or on the body of the fish from a previous client. For this reason, fish peeling is prohibited in many countries.
  • The risk to meet with chin-chin. This is also the fish that masters to make copies of the Chinese issue for a real Garra Rufus. They look very similar, but the difference is chin-chin is the presence of teeth. Therefore, during the procedure, the fish can start biting. If this happens to you, immediately remove the feet from the aquarium, as instead of gentle exfoliation you can get wound living tissues.
  • High cost. About fish peels reviews always point this time. But the price of the technique is justified. First, the procedure should be a lot of fish, and worth every expensive. Secondly, buy them today is problematic: for example, the export from Turkey is prohibited. Thirdly, there are requirements for the keeping and feeding of “sanitation,” which also entails costs.

If you want to evaluate the advantages of this exotic technique, try it in a familiar beauty salon and no wounds on the skin of the feet. And then your acquaintance with the amazing creatures of Garra rufa will be enjoyable.

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