Perfect wedding zodiac signs: What should be the main event


So the Rams called their wedding perfect, have at least to hire a toastmaster, and as a maximum – invite as rousing entertainment a Gypsy camp. It will be difficult to survive one of the major celebrations in life without laid traditions, fun contests and impressive fireworks. It is unlikely that the RAM will agree to waive the requirement list of your wedding “rider”, but to find him a compromise is still possible, if, for example, promise him instead of noisy celebration exciting wedding journey, which compensates for the lack of bright emotions.


The bulls see their wedding modest and respectable at the same time. As it is, only they know. The bulls are ready to save on the number of guests, possessing a good motto is “less is Better”. This wisdom they apply in the selection of all attributes of a wedding, preferring fine cuisine, expensive dishes and Royal interior. So not all friends and even loved ones get to walk on the wedding of Bulls. However, those who are lucky enough to participate in this noble celebration, never forget it.


Wedding Twins is not just a celebration, it’s a whole theatrical performance. The twins though, and revered traditions, but still consider them a relic of the past and even in some sense trivial, which makes all wedding template event. So for your wedding looking for fresh ideas, making original theme parties with different subjects, styles, eras, characters. And if for some reason you can not arrange such a wedding, the other they really don’t need.


The main value of the wedding Crawfish must be respect for the traditions, while those that are passed down from generation to generation. The bride of this sign can easily abandon the most expensive and designer wedding dresses, opting for grandma’s wedding dress. And the groom-Cancer is the best gift of his newfound wife would take the family jewels. Perfect wedding Crayfish will be called when the table will gather all of the relatives. And the best gift for newlyweds-Cancers will be the family tree with photos of ancestors.


Your perfect day most lions, of course, will be to arrange royally, with a magnificent Banquet. Celebrity guests and famous presenters will be required to attend the wedding of a Lion. For the memorable experiences the lion and he is willing to be not just a passive participant of the celebration, but also partly to sort out the role of toastmaster. How could it be otherwise? Leo needs to Shine at her wedding to outshine all hitherto unseen by the wedding guests. For this triumph he was not sorry neither means, nor time, nor of the soul. About this wedding will go to the legend.


The most beautiful bride out of the virgin women, the most rational grooms – Virgins-men. So the wedding, in which at least one of the newlyweds, the maid, is a priori perfect, at least for the Dev. Although there is hardly one who will find what you can blame the organization and preparation of the wedding. The triumph will likely be small, but very cosy and intimate. Fisted virgin, perhaps, will include his famous austerity, but this does not affect the quality of the event.


Natural taste of the scale will allow them to organize a wedding that would not be ashamed to show even the most stringent critics of wedding ceremonies. In preparation for the celebration of the Scales will take into account all the details, from the outfits to the patterns on the dishes that will be served the Bridal table. Detail in such an important matter does not exist. Sometimes immersion in the detail too exhausting and confusing always the doubters Weights, so it is better not to splurge on the organizer of such celebrations, to wedding accents were placed is still a professional.


The Scorpions believe that a wedding should be remembered not so much newlyweds as guests. They’re entertainers, and can easily turn his own wedding into a show of unprecedented scale. The Scorpions will take care that every guest has actively participated in the celebration, prepare for all of the individual surprises, gifts, intriguing contests and sparkling jokes. Own pleasure from the ideal wedding, they will find in her climax – the first marital dance.


Having in his nature an adventurous spirit, the Archers will not allow you to organize a night owl perfect wedding someone of the parents or even a professional toastmaster. They are convinced that nobody can understand and feel what the wedding they want. On this celebration of life will be present all at least a little bit familiar to Sagittarius people, but each of them will feel the most expensive guest. From the wedding of Sagittarius have all, without exception, leave full and satisfied. Only then will he call it perfect.


Capricorns generally refuse to marry, if they have to be married in a quiet family circle. For them, the wedding is lots and lots of guests, revelry and magnificent celebration with a colorful ceremony, a motorcade and even drunken brawls. Most importantly, to respect absolutely all the attributes of a wedding. Capricorns are often superstitious, and the wedding, conducted in accordance with all provisions of the traditions, loyal a good omen and a pledge of happy family life.


Aquarians are too dependent on public opinion, therefore, preparing for the wedding, will rely more on his own pleasure, and that will tell guests and those who happen at least a glimpse of this wedding. They will go into debt, sell an apartment or a car, but the triumph will hold so that it was no worse than humans. Guests will benefit from this. Each of them are curious culinary tastes, musical preferences and other details that will create the perfect ambiance for the perfect wedding.


Perfect wedding Fish – a sample of romance and tenderness. Their first joint celebration is complete without rose petals, doves, lanterns launched into the sky, the most touching first dance and sea of kisses. Even for a wedding they will try to only invite couples to strengthen the energy of love and romance. If you fail to organize such a wedding, as worthy alternatives, they will choose a honeymoon in the most romantic place.

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