Permanent hair straightening: how to do, how many holds?

Today, “” goes against nature. We will try to help those of our readers who dream about perfectly straight hair, while possessing a hair completely unruly curls. This tier certainly will join and also a lover of smooth and smooth hairstyle, forced every morning to be bored in front of the mirror, pulling the hair with hot iron. It is for these girls there is permanent hair straightening.

Destroying myths

How would you not want to believe in advertising assurances that this procedure is “absolutely harmless”, it is performed by using means in which in any case contain harsh chemicals.

That is why to decide on it is only in the presence of healthy and strong hair. But when compared to the daily “overheating” of the strands and especially the ends of hair straightening irons, then maybe it’s better once you expose them to chemical attack, and then try to restore masks and balms.

The procedure does not give “eternal effect”. The disadvantage of permanently straightening curly hair is a necessity to go to the salon for a correction, root touch-up about every six months, or more often, will depend on the growth rate of your hair.

Also some fans of straight hair emphasize that after this procedure, the hair does not have such a volume, like after styling irons.

Stages of the salon treatments:

  • The locks on the applied composition, which softens (especially important for coarse hair) and “relaxes” them, in General making ready for the alignment.
  • Further the hair are divided into smaller strands, each of which is separately aligned with a special ceramic flat iron. It is the thoroughness of this procedure (up to the alignment of individual, particularly unruly hairs) will depend on the entire “the success of the operation”.
  • In the last step to smooth hair apply a fixing partfixing the former curls in their new “incarnation”.
  • On the basis that professionalism of the specialist will depend on your appearance in the next few months advises to trust your hair only trusted and caring hairdresser.

    Starting the procedure of permanent hair straightening, a competent master be sure to wash the hair with deep cleansing shampoo, put on hair protecting balm and before using irons – termosprey. Applying the basic composition to the hair, it will leave one centimeter to the root – aggressive liquid did not get on the scalp.

    In principle, each of the barbers has their own “secret” ingredients, until almost alchemical mix of different components, depending on the individual structure and condition of hair. But is that in any of these compositions will be “nuclear chemistry”, for example, sodium hydroxide, or more forgiving of thioglycolate, you can not even doubt. The procedure can last up to six and even eight hours.

    Permanent hair straightening: restrictions after the procedure

    Before carrying out this procedure, the hair it is advisable not to paint, high – on hair can be light tinted. For about three days after visiting the salon do not expose your hair to sun rays and, of course, watering them. To avoid creases, it is impossible to use Bobby pins and other hair accessories. It is also desirable “gently to sleep” ?

    Such a procedure, if to take the risk, it is possible to do at home, but you will have to pass special training courses, as some brand of professional cosmetics, required for alignment, it’s just not selling. In addition, self will be difficult to align small strands irons.

    And the fact that permanent straightening frizzy hair, you need to carry out using only the highest quality cosmetics is the fact.

    The only way to achieve a perfect result without any surprises. Those who were in professional salons claim that hair get gorgeous gloss which is not lost for many months, and the hair remains smooth even after getting under the shower or after a bath.

    But the correction, root touch-up it is possible to implement within the walls of his baths. For this you will need a special spray, which includes topical ammonium and sodium hydroxide. Care for chemically straightened hair, preferably with products that contain moisturizing or amino acid complex for recovery.

    Deciding to do permanent hair straightening or not, pay attention to the condition of their strands. Some girls think that every day to straighten your hair with a hair dryer and heat tools – much more effective, cheaper and less harmful for them. If in doubt, try to experiment to begin only with the bangs, and if you like it – then it will be possible to straighten the entire length of hair.

    Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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