Pesto sauce: recipe at home, what to eat + reviews

Pesto… it Seems that even the name of the world famous sauce smells of Mediterranean. Australians add pumpkin seeds. The Germans don’t spare the garlic. But the most delicious and flavorful was and still is the green sauce in the performance of the Italians. And if you think impulsive the inhabitants of Sunny Italy invented pasta only, adopt the recipe of the pesto sauce at home and you will see that these guys have something to praise.

20 min 8 servings. Easy to prepare

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The birthplace of pesto is Genoa. Scientists have found that the dish originated during the Roman Empire, but to the rank of national cuisine was built only in the 19th century. Perhaps, for the Russian ear the name of the sauce sounds complicated, but actually, everything is simple: pestare in Italian means “rubbing”. What could it be, you ask. Yes to the fact that many years ago, when blender didn’t exist at all, the hostess was grinding the ingredients for the liquid seasoning in a mortar. Today, likewise, all followers of the authentic recipe. The chief-cooks of the world believe: the mushy greens with the help of modern kitchen appliances kills the spirit of the dish.

The first recipe Italian pesto sauce was published in a cookbook in the early 19th century. So 1800 is officially recognized year of the birth of the classic prescription in the modern sense.Traditional components

The classic recipe of pesto Genoese called. In the original language the name of the dish written as Pesto alla genovese. Part authentic, according to the researchers, the sauce includes Basil, grown and lovingly harvested in the suburbs of the seaside city, a major sea salt, pine seeds (pine trees) and finely chopped garlic. There is another ingredient, which the classic version of the sauce will be considered unavailable for many Housewives of the world. This hard sheep’s cheese, bought on a small home farm at the foot of mount Antola. All the ingredients of a traditional food after thorough grinding in a mortar made of Ligurian olive oil. And only the first pressing. Another Genoese pesto for use.

Of course, the Italians there are other recipes for favorite sauce. Moreover every region can boast its special method. Here, for example, Sunny Sicily. Local mom and grandma always added to the sauce tomatoes. And the Neapolitans, and is thrown out of the recipe for goat cheese, which is not so easy to come by in their region, and supplied pesto sun-dried tomatoes and almonds.

Therefore, in the case of Italian sauce do not be afraid to experiment. It can be prepared with lemongrass, mint leaves and even traditional places for our sprigs of dill. The secret is the mortar and olive oil from the first pressing.

Residents of Italy are so fond of their national gravy that annually host major competitions in its preparation. In the race to take part both professional chefs and homegrown cooks. Important match – the world championship of cooking Pesto alla genovese is held annually.What is the value of

The national sauce of Italy, is not just delicious. It is also very useful. Provided that you prepare a liquid seasoning, with homemade products, and obviously confident in their quality. More about the beneficial properties of the main ingredients of the sauce can be read from the table.

Table – the Useful properties of the main ingredients in pesto

IngredientUseful properties
Basil— Has anti-inflammatory action;
— contains flavonoids that influence the elasticity of blood vessels;
— rich in tannins, which remove toxins;
— improves digestion;
— relieves stress;
— stimulates metabolic processes
Pine nuts— Powerful antioxidant;
— strengthen the immune system;
— promote weight loss;
— rich in vitamins K, B1 and E;
— a storehouse of iron, potassium and calcium;
control operation of the circulatory system
Parmesan— A storehouse of protein that is easily digested;
— contains many tripeptides that reduce the pressure
Olive oil— Rich in vitamin E;
— contains unsaturated fatty acid;
— a powerful antioxidant;
— neutralizes the cholesterol;
— speeds up metabolic processes
Garlic— A natural antibiotic;
— has anti-inflammatory action;
— antibacterial agent;
— stimulant of the stomach

Recipes pesto at home

Recipe for homemade pesto can include a variety of ingredients. It all depends on your preferences and the contents of your refrigerator. Below are the most popular ways of making Italian sauce. Each of them you can prepare exactly according to the recipe, and can complement private – the author’s “highlight”.


Feature. Culinary classics of the genre suggests this is the color of the sauce – the color of lush green, five minutes ago collected from the garden. The green sauce is recommended to fill a traditional Italian minestrone soup and creamy risotto. Liquid seasoning perfectly accentuate the taste of any pasta and is the perfect addition to the “Caprese” – a snack made with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and dressed with oregano and olive oil.

You will need:

  • Basil lemon – beam;
  • pine nuts – three tablespoons;
  • sheep cheese – 30 g;
  • garlic – two cloves;
  • Parmesan – 30 g;
  • olive oil – 80 ml;
  • salt – as desired.

The algorithm is cooking

  • Recipe for pesto with Basil assumes that the rubbing of the two types of cheese on a grater.
  • Sent garlic, greens, nuts and shredded cheese in a mortar and again triturated thoroughly the ingredients, mixing them together.
  • Lightly salt are almost ready the sauce and slowly pour it in olive oil, stirring constantly.
  • The finished sauce should have the consistency of 15% sour cream.
  • Yellow

    Feature. Yellow pesto is known primarily for the fact that is an essential ingredient in the soup of avocado. But, by and large, to complement this sauce any entree. It is especially advantageous to its taste is felt in pumpkin cream-soup, and the soup seasoned with toasted sesame seeds. For the preparation of used ricotta cheese and two kinds of nuts – walnuts and pine. If possible, pine nuts can be replaced with more traditional Italian pumpkin seeds.

    You will need:

    • aromatic Basil – ½ bunch;
    • the seeds of cedar – three tablespoons;
    • walnuts – tablespoon;
    • garlic – couple of cloves;
    • Parmesan – 30 g;
    • ricotta – 170 g;
    • olive oil – half a Cup.

    The algorithm is cooking

  • With the help of a blender grind the nuts. Can be all together, not divided into varieties.
  • Grind grated Parmesan and a grind ricotta.
  • All the chopped ingredients and the garlic and Basil thoroughly triturated in a mortar.
  • Dressed with a mixture of vegetable oil until thick cream.
  • Red

    Feature. If you intend to Lodge for supper cooked on the grill, or roasted vegetables, red Italian seasoning would be the best addition to this set of dishes. To make red pesto at home, you’ll need sun-dried tomatoes and capers. However, today these ingredients are even places for our curiosity is not. They can be freely purchased at any major supermarket. By the way, the red seasoning is especially good for baked eggplant. Be sure to try.

    You will need:

    • Basil lemon – ½ bunch;
    • the seeds of cedar – three tablespoons;
    • garlic – two cloves;
    • grated Parmesan – 50 g;
    • sun-dried tomatoes – 80 g;
    • balsamic vinegar – a tablespoon;
    • salt – to taste;
    • capers – tablespoon;
    • olive oil – half a Cup.

    The algorithm is cooking

  • All ingredients except balsamic vinegar and capers that is sent to the bowl of a blender and grind slowly. It is important to establish a minimum speed on the kitchen device, to the mixture has not turned to mush.
  • After grinding add the capers and vinegar to the common Cup. Stir.
  • Gradually pour in to the base for the sauce olive oil until, until the mixture acquires the desired consistency.
  • Purple

    Feature. Liquid Italian seasoning purple color matches perfectly with fresh sea fish and other seafood. It is served with mussels and Rapanu, and the Spaniards like to spice this sauce its traditional paella or to dip in his boiled asparagus. A kind of seasoning becomes color due to the purple Basil. While in all previous figures green, the so – called lemon Basil. A special fragrance gives the dish of melted butter.

    You will need:

    • arugula – beam;
    • purple Basil – a quarter of the beam;
    • the seeds of cedar – three tablespoons;
    • garlic – two cloves;
    • butter melted – tablespoon;
    • olive oil – half a glass;
    • lemon juice – half a teaspoon.

    The algorithm is cooking

  • Greens along with nuts grind in the bowl of a blender, set the minimum speed of the device.
  • Heat in a water bath, a piece of butter and pour it into the mixture.
  • We filled the base with olive oil and don’t forget to salt to taste.
  • The French reinterpreted Italian recipes, and free them from the nuts. In this European country is the traditional food of the neighbors even called differently – “pist” instead of “pesto”.

    Russian variant

    Feature. Russian is also distinguished by originality. They decided that since parsley is more common in their latitudes, so it can be easily replaced Basil and arugula. However, the domestic recipe is tasty and harmonious. Well, let them taste a little different. The secret is in the grinding of ingredients and the vegetable oil. But only olive and exclusively from the first pressing. Recipe green pesto from parsley has a more creamy texture. In addition to our brother the taste of parsley more familiar and dearer. While the specific taste and aroma of Basil love is not all. Walnuts Patriotic hostess is also no surprise, therefore, the use of the cedar seeds in the national prescription used less.

    You will need:

    • parsley – a big bunch;
    • mint – ½ bunch;
    • creamy cheese – 100 g;
    • lemon – half;
    • garlic – two cloves;
    • large sea salt – to taste;
    • olive oil – to thicken;
    • walnuts – a quarter Cup.

    The algorithm is cooking

  • Thoroughly wash the greens and mint and spread on paper towels to dry.
  • Green chop ingredients with a knife and put in bowl of blender.
  • Adding there is the nuts and at a slow speed to grind the ingredients.
  • Then send in a bowl the cream cheese, squeezing the juice of half a lemon and salt to taste.
  • Stir, introduce vegetable oil to obtain desired consistency and serve.
  • And to be honest, the diversity of modern interpretations allows you to call any liquid pesto sauce smooth greens with nuts and garlic and olive oil. So don’t be surprised if the list of ingredients, some variations of the sauce will meet mayonnaise, or cilantro pistachio. First often replace the cheese, the second – nuts, and the third and all make the main ingredient a liquid sauce instead of Basil or parsley.What goes

    If you ask an Italian, what to eat pesto, it will round the eye and smile. The creators of the famous green seasoning add it to any dish – meat and fish and “naked” pasta. They eat pesto for Breakfast, spreading sauce on toast or dipping it in the hot furnace pellet.

    • Meat. Any meat dish, seasoned with a creamy sauce, acquires a piquancy. A slight aftertaste that is left of the nuts, only fueling the already burning appetite.
    • Fish. Fish dishes are light and freshness. Italian dressing makes them more nutritious and interesting taste.
    • With pizza. The Italians there is such a thing as a green pizza. In fact, this is the most common pizza – tortilla stuffed with stuff. Just before the layout of the filling a thin layer of dough be sure to lubricate the Genoese mixture. Well, it turns out very fragrant and delicious.
    • With mashed potatoes. For the filling and mashed potatoes will need more fat and thick sauce than, for example, pasta or bread spreads. By the way, similarly you can fill and celery puree, and mashed chickpeas.
    • Salt cakes. Add pesto to baked goods – pure Italian tradition, however, it has long been elevated to the rank of international. A few tablespoons of fragrant sauce is not a sin to add to the dough fettuccine, pancakes, homemade bread or puff pastry pies with meat, vegetable or fish fillings.

    Note to cook

    Every Italian housewife – the secret of making pesto, which her family is crazy. Hardly anyone shares his culinary secrets, but some to elicit from mothers and grandmothers Sunny country still managed. Look at the following eight recommendations.

  • The temperature of the ingredients. Pesto is one of the few liquid seasoning, which heat treatment is not needed. To cook, saute or fry the ingredients is not necessary. Simply grind them together in one dish. But it is essential that each item of meals was about the same with other elements of the temperature. So before you start cooking is to get all the ingredients out of the fridge and let them reach room temperature.
  • Nuts for every taste. Replace the seeds of pine or cedar can be any other nuts. Even pistachios or cashews. It is a fertile ground for experimentation. Because like step-by-step recipe for pesto is the same, and the taste is already quite different.
  • Parmesan is a priority. Parmesan cheese is one of those ingredients in the liquid seasoning has no alternative. This cheese adds piquancy to the dish. But if we are to find it did not work, or the purchase of this cheese can not afford, you can take any solid. However, in the end the sauce will have some salt.
  • For bread and one for pasta – is another. The consistency of the food depends on your intentions with regards to future use. For example, pasta can apply a thinner sauce. But bread is easier to spread the dressing thicker. Keep this in mind when cooking and if necessary add a little more oil.
  • Oxidation of the Basilica. It is important to know that Basil, touching the metal immediately oxidizes. Therefore, choosing this ingredient with liquid seasoning, it is better to grind it with a mortar and pestle.
  • Preparation for the winter. In the frosty time of the year to find Basil in the store – not an easy task. If you love pesto as much as I love it the Italians, as follows. Prepare the sauce in the summer or fall, pour it in molds for ice and freeze. Remove the form from the freezer, you will have many portioned pieces of frozen condiments.
  • No ice cream Basilica. Some Housewives who do not know the secrets of the frozen sauce, Basil Morozov for the future. Unfortunately, thawed Basil loses its former elasticity of the leaves, and the taste with the aroma somewhere evaporate. Therefore, frost grass not the way out.
  • The period of storage. Homemade Italian seasoning can be stored in the refrigerator up to two weeks. If you desperately need to keep the dish fresh as long as possible, pour the prepared sauce vegetable oil (similar to what you used for dressing), cover with a nylon cover and send it to the refrigerator door.
  • Of course, don’t bother to bring a jar of favorite sauce from the store. But under industrial cover hides not what the soul wants. Instead of expensive olive, manufacturers add a dish of sunflower oil. Aromatic seeds of the cedar replaced budget cashews. For long term storage of injected into the condiments and preservatives that are so afraid of allergies. And as a thickener use harmful syrup of glucose.

    For a creative person to prepare the pesto sauce is a pleasure. Seasoning goes well with many usual dishes of our country and each adds some “flavor”. The sauce is the mood of your culinary masterpiece. And only depends on you, what will it be today: playful and light, delicate, mischievous or cunning.

    Reviews: “My secret is coriander and a bit of pepper”

    The sauce turned out just delicious. It can be eaten even without additions to anything. It’s filling because of the nuts and cheese. Frankly, to Basil I added some green cilantro and a little pepper, but it did not spoil the taste of this wonderful sauce.


    Well, I tried, now I will always make a pesto sauce, very ponravelas the whole family. Made with pine nuts, ie bankrupt, but I will continue to try with other nuts, but it is expensive.And the Parmesan I have is not very expensive, I buy prepared powder paketeko 100, dobavlyu in salads, now here I will.

    Primerova Gulnara,

    The sauce turned out just wonderful, yum! Just be careful with peeled pine nuts! After drinking may bitter taste in the mouth, which will last a few days. I have already 2 day I suffer.


    Pesto is simply a paste-like sauce, which not cook. Usually the component parts rubbed in a mortar or mixer. Genoa is the most famous consists of the Basilica(there are fresh, but I think monosugoi), Parmesan(or Pecorino), olive oil, salt, garlic and pine nuts (can be toasted, and maybe need?). There are some variants of the modern seem with pumpkin butter + pumpkin seeds. Pink pest: dried tomatoes + hot peppers+cheese+salt+olive oil. In General, you can certainly experiment, and pridumati some of the existing products.


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