Photoepilation, reviews, advantages and disadvantages of this method

The theme of removing unwanted hair, perhaps, will never lose its relevance. It all began during the Second world war, when stockings were in short supply, and women came up with a solution. However, it turned out as always: use what at hand and not look for something else — they carefully shaved the hair on his legs, toned skin and drew a vertical line (then were in fashion stockings with arrows). In order to get rid of hair, they borrowed from their front-line comrades of the razor.

Unfortunately, women then were not able to go to the website “” and see what is photoepilation, reviews about this procedure and all that it involves, as well as to meet other radical methods of hair removal, which I know our female readers.

How does IPL (light hair)?

Today, there are about 10 methods ways to get rid of hair. They are all different in the way the effects on the hair (depilation and epilation) and therefore the duration of the effect. But every woman dreams of such a method, that, as they say, “forever”, so even with minimal pain.

We talked about electrolysis: reviews have shown that it is an effective but time-consuming and quite painful way.

Today we will discuss the features of the hair removal, reviews of real users will see the advantages and possible disadvantages of the method, which is considered more effective than laser hair removal (we’ll discuss this in another article) and less painful compared to electrolysis.

For hair removal, the hair stops its growth under the influence of light waves of high power. “Attack” is from two sides:

  • the impulse acts at the melanin – the substance that gives color to the hair that is on it is the flash that makes hair brighter;
  • light flash effect on the hair follicle damages or destroys it, depending on what stage is the development of hair.

All modern radical ways of getting rid of hair: laser hair removal, electrolysis, ELOS epilation, photoepilation — the reviews of which you will find on the website – refer to those methods that require repeated the procedure. It is because the hair follicle from which the hair grows, can be destroyed only when hair is in the active growth stage – only 30% of the body. The rest are in the resting stage.

  • “I have been looking for how to get rid of antennae. After reading all the ways, I decided that I will help photoepilation upper lip, which I found on the Internet. Promised that there will be no pain – it is important for me, and also that hair will be gone forever, but…1,5 years later. Explained by the fact that none of the methods will save over a shorter period of time because the cycle of the change of the hair varies from 8 months to 1.5 – 2 years. At this time, and you need to win. I decided that for me it’s too expensive: 1 session costs about 900 rubles, and from 6 to 10. Thought, what’s it worth? Who have the opportunity, why not choose a method such as photo epilation of the face, which I’ve heard are mostly positive. Marianne”

How many sessions to get rid of hair?

As you can see from the review, IPL is a long – term procedure, and a 100% guarantee you nobody will. On hair growth is influenced by many factors: hormonal changes (and they in the human body happen very often), endocrine disorders, etc.

Moreover, this method of getting rid of the hair like laser hair removal does not get rid of gray hair: light wave recognizes and acts only at the melanin, and gray and very light (vellus) hair, he is either missing, or it is not enough.

To get rid of hair this way as photoepilation, reviews say that the desired course which consists of not less than 5 sessions.

The amount is determined individually and depends on:

  • areas where it is necessary to remove hair;
  • phototype of the skin;
  • the structure and color of hair;
  • apparatus, which is used in photoepilation.

Reviews on hair removal suggest to plan the procedure for autumn-winter, when the skin will be less likely to fall under the sun’s rays. The light beam responds to the melanin, the same pigment stands out under ultraviolet light. Therefore, those who have sunburn, there is a risk of a burn.

  • “My beautician warned that if I start to do the IPL, it is necessary to limit sun exposure. My skin’s phototype is ideal for this procedure. I bright, and the hair is growing dark. She said that people like me, the results are better than dark-skinned and dark-skinned. She offered a choice of laser or a more modern service – epilation bikini reviews inspired me to stay on the latter. I don’t know how to make those who write that this is the strongest pain, I feel nothing. Unless thermal effects. No burns either. The whole session lasts 15 – 20 minutes. Glasses the eye gel on the bikini area and only hear a pleasant click. All. Me after a session, because everything smells good. Went 3 times already. The break between sessions a month. Beginning in October. I think before the summer everything will be just super. Hair for less. Started to fall out after 3 weeks after hair removal. Hope for 8 – 9 sessions for my bikini area is without a single hair. Light”

Those who have decided to get rid of hair with hair removal, you should tune in to what you will see from the complete disappearance of hair. They will appear again and again, but will be hardly noticeable, thin, sparse – they diminish the order of 20 – 30% in a single session. And it will happen every time after hair removal.

In order to achieve absolute effect, need 4 to 10 treatments. The number is determined by the size of the area: in average it is 4 to 5 square cm, which covers 1 flash.

Photoepilation: the reviews about the cost

The price of one flash — from 60 to 100. The cost of hair removal, reviews confirm this, depends on the number of flashes produced per session from 900 to 6000 rubles.

The number of flashes for 1 session:

  • Photoepilation bikini zone from 25 to 60 flashes
  • Epilation of upper lip – from 4 to 9 flashes
  • Epilation of the legs – from 200 to 500 flashes
  • Epilation of the armpits of 10 to 30 outbreaks

Knowing the approximate number of outbreaks and the price for one at your chosen venue, you will be able to calculate how much it will cost you photoepilation – the reviews about the prices differ depending on the city, the salon, the apparatus on which the procedure is carried out, and other factors.

  • “Photoepilation bikini zone, reviews indicate that this is the most popular among women area, costing me 4500 RUB. per session. In Moscow 1 flash costs 150 rubles. I do one session of about 30. Now you can multiply – that’s the result. Karina”
  • “It’s not cheap – definitely. Facial hair goes slower than in other areas. 2 times made above the upper lip. The effect is, the hair was not as dark, and thus less noticeable. But the beard does not give in to. I was warned about this immediately – you need 10 times, and then those hairs that remain, “finish” electrolysis. Faith”
  • “Do photoepilation on the upper lip for 2 years. The hair was a little less. 3 weeks after the session of hair much less, but then grow back again. Still much depends on a hormonal background. Galina”

Initial consultation and contraindications

At the preliminary consultation, the potential client talk about the benefits and possible consequences of such a method as photo-epilation – reviews say that it is proposed to fill in the chart that lists contraindications. These include:

Absolute contraindications:

  • Diabetes mellitus in decompensation stage
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Acute and chronic diseases in the acute stage
  • Malignant tumors of the skin
  • Damage in the procedure etc.

Relative contraindications:

  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding

Also give recommendations on how to prepare for hair removal.

  • For 2 weeks avoid sun exposure and do not plan a visit to the Solarium.
  • To abandon the hair removal with any type of hair removal (not to destroy the hair follicle).
  • “For me, which is used to remove hairs sprouted on his upper lip every day, was the most difficult to resist, not to take the tweezers and start to pull them. Moreover, the life before this procedure I was in full swing: an important meeting, trip to the dentist – and all can see my mustache, which I used carefully masked. But I survived! Well that was autumn and I was wrapped with a scarf. Guzel”

For 2 – 4 days before hair removal you can shave the intended area for treatment, but it is possible not to do that. The wizard will prepare the area immediately before the procedure, leaving the desired length of the hair, so it took the light pulse.

Here is how the reviews say about the video about it:

  • “I was a little surprised when the master took the razor and shaved my whiskers. I spent my life carefully pulled the tweezers so as not to increase the number of hair. She explained that for hair removal, this method is not suitable: can be cut to remove the cream, shave but not wax or tweezers. After all, when photoepilation pulse acts on the follicle and it needs to be in place! The more you antennae twitched, the longer you have to walk in the light hair removal. Cristea”

Individual program selection

Depending on the area where it will do the IPL, the patient is instructed to sit or lie down, then comes the selection of the right parameters for the procedure:

  • the pulse of light
  • energy
  • the interval
  • the number of pulses in a flash.

The choice of these parameters is performed using a special program the day of the procedure or PA prior consultation. Specialist enters the data on the skin phototype, degree of tanning, the depth of the hair follicles and thickness of hair.

The website particularly draw your attention to this point: it is important to make these settings, as this determines the effectiveness of the procedure and favorable outcome.

If the wrong selection is reduced a visible result of such a method as photo-epilation, reviews in such cases speak about “wasted money” or the fact that this procedure leads to dangerous consequences: burns, flaking, scars, etc.

  • “Still in the preliminary consultations, in which I came to learn about how to conduct epilation of underarms, reviews of which can be found on many forums, I did a practice test from one of the outbreak, to determine how my skin tolerates the action of a light pulse. I immediately explained that it is a safe procedure, as hair removal no ultraviolet radiation which can be harmful to the skin. Xenia”

The holding of hair removal and skin care

  • Before the procedure, apply a special cream that will reduce the pain threshold. But almost all modern devices are equipped with a cooling nozzle which acts on the skin before the outbreak, so special anesthesia do not always.
  • The eye of the patient put on special glasses or bandage. Also, the wizard works in dark glasses.
  • To the desired area apply a thick layer of gel.
  • The master holds in his hands the instrument with a nozzle is selected in the parameters. There are several types. The size depends on the treated area.
  • Head master brings to the skin, sends a pulse that occurs a bright flash (like a camera flash), you hear a nice click.
  • Master quickly the desired area.
  • Note that during this procedure, light energy in the thermal transformirovalsya, therefore, allowed the redness of the skin.

    • “I was prepared that it would hurt, when will be the IPL-calf – reviews said that it seems very much on the kick from the stretched bands. It was nothing like this. Only the strong heat. Still, it’s a burn. Lasted all of 20 minutes. After that, I struck panthenol. Legs were a little red. Marina S.”

    After hair removal is not recommended for a few days keep out of the sun and Solarium, because the UV rays can cause the appearance of burns on the treated areas.

    The harm of hair removal

    Many are concerned about, not harmful epilation body, reviews are more common negative or positive?

    The results of clinical trials, whose primary purpose was directed to the photo-epilation and photo rejuvenation, and consideration of possible contraindications, allow to draw the following conclusions:

    • The effectiveness of hair removal by photoepilation (reviews confirm this) equal to the average of 75 – 76% after 5 treatments;
    • productive IPL laser hair removal — it has a wider range of indications;
    • harm and negative consequences for compliance with all the recommendations and techniques minimal or non-existent.

    Thus, high-quality equipment, a qualified technician are important factors that are needed for hair removal – reviews prove that it can be done on any area of the body:

    • bikini (including full Brazilian)
    • underarms
    • owner
    • legs (thighs, calves)
    • face: upper lip, chin area, cheekbones
    • back and shoulders, neck.

    The procedure of hair removal, reviews about which you met in this article, refers to the radical methods of getting rid of unwanted hair. Not to mention the beneficial effect of hair removal: the reviews say that after the course is rejuvenated top layer of the epidermis and the restoration of collagen, which improves skin elasticity.

    The positive and negative reviews about hair removal real people, not commercials about services or testimonials found on the websites of those who practice hair removal with this method, once again confirmed that the single ideal methodthat would fit absolutely everything and solved the problem of getting rid of hair permanently, quickly and painlessly, yet.

    Photoepilation is close to this, but more efficient today, ELOS hair removal, which we will soon tell on the website ““.

    Important role in any hair removal is played by individual characteristics of a person, the experience of the master, the equipment on which the procedure is carried out, and other factors, which we discussed with you.

    If you decide to remove hair by using a method such as photo-epilation, which you can see above, you don’t trust yourself in the hands of the first master or the salon. Choices come with responsibility: read reviews on local forums, and not on the website salon or clinic, and even better talk to those who have already passed the IPL and can share their experience.

    Coming seriously to this question, you will not only get rid of unwanted hair but also preserve the health of your skin.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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