Pickled peppers for winter: recipes in Armenian, honey, garlic, pickling the hot and cold method of fast preparation

The birthplace of sweet pepper in South America, but in Russia, the vegetable is called in Bulgarian, as the Bulgarians had introduced him to our country in XVII century. In cooking vegetable is used for salads, meat and fish dishes, sauces, fillings for cakes. In cold season the price of delicious fruit increases dramatically, so to preserve pickled peppers in the winter — the perfect solution for practical Housewives.

1 hour
8 servings
. Easy to prepare

Anastasia Pavlova

18 Mar 2018

Rich in vitamins and minerals, the vegetable, despite its benefits, should not be consumed in large quantities at reduced pressure, cardiovascular pathologies, diseases of the kidney and liver, insomnia, and hyperexcitability of the nervous system.

Choice of main ingredient.

The pepper can be “female” or “male”. Just flip the fruit and count the cameras, if four of them is “the girl”, three “boy”. The first is more sweet and mild, they are often used in cooking fresh, the second is harder and more aromatic, add them to dishes involving heat treatment, is taking for conservation. Here are six more rules for selecting the right pepper.

  • Color. Red fruits are more sweet, green during heat treatment become light bitterness.
  • Skin. Fruit surface should be smooth and shiny, without damage, discolorations, black spots, mold, plaque, and signs of rotting.
  • The “tail”. Juicy, green stem indicates freshness of the fruit, dry indicates that the vegetable is stale on the counter.
  • Weight. Good fruit weighs at least 100g, sometimes one pepper has a mass of 150-200 g. heavier Than a vegetable, so it juicier.
  • The thickness of the walls. For culinary purposes, the fruits are used with the width of the walls 7-9 mm.
  • Density. The pepper should retain shape when squeezed with your fingers.
  • …and other components

    To prepare the marinade, you will need water. It is advisable to take a spring, bottled or filtered. Also required:

    • vinegar table 9%;
    • vegetable oil — refined, odorless;
    • salt — sodium chloride;
    • sugar — white or brown.

    As additional ingredients in the marinade can enter chili, black and fragrant Laurel, cloves, cardamom, cumin and other spices.

    Sweet peppers are often pickled with other vegetables (tomatoes, carrots, eggplants), garlic and herbs (Basil, dill, parsley, cilantro, mint).
    Preservation methods

    Canning equipment may vary. There are two ways: cold and hot. In the first case, the workpiece is filled with the cooled marinade, and the second hot. The table below reflects the specificity of the methods.

    Table — Methods of marinating

    Cold— It is necessary to increase the amount of vinegar;
    — vegetables preserves more nutrients;
    the process of conservation long
    Hot— Most common method;
    the preservation process is faster;
    under the action of high temperatures the concentration of valuable substances in the composition of the pepper is reduced;
    — you can get by with less vinegar

    In some methods of pickling require sterilization of workpieces on a steam bath. This procedure needed to extend the storage life preservation. She performed in three steps.

  • Training. The bottom of the pan with a large diameter is necessary to lay a cotton or linen towel.
  • “Installation”. Place in a bowl banks with blanks covering them with lids. Firmly tighten the lid impossible. Pour into a saucepan enough water so that she covered banks “on the shoulders”.
  • Boiling. Boil water, reduce the heat to avoid strong seething, and note the time. Banks with a volume of 0.5 l sterilized for 10-15 minutes, 1 liter — 20-25 minutes, 2-3 l 30-35 minutes.
  • After sterilization banks rolled, flipped upside down, placed on a tray and bundle up with a blanket until cool.
    Preparation of dishes and vegetables

    If the domestic preparations to use fruits of different colors, conservation would be bright and beautiful. Here’s another three points, compliance with which will help to stock up for the winter preservation and not to be disappointed in the result.

  • Training cans. Capacity for workpieces pre-rinse with baking soda or soap. Sterilize in a steam bath, in the oven or in a slow cooker. Cover the scald with boiling water or boil for five to ten minutes.
  • Cutting vegetables. Peppers can be pickled whole, in order to reduce the preparation time of the products. But before serving such a blank will still need to clear, so often the stalk and seeds are removed and fruit cut into strips or large pieces.
  • Selection of dishes. Boil the marinade is recommended in containers from inox material small enamelled pan or bowl made of stainless steel.
  • Pickled peppers for the winter: 11 recipes

    Sweet pepper is one of the vegetables in the ripening process accumulates a large number of pesticides. Therefore, before marinating the fruits should be washed with baking soda in tap water and then soak for no more than half an hour in a weak salt solution. After the “bath” vegetable rinse. Such training will help save pepper from most of the pesticides.


    Features. This recipe for pickled peppers fast food. The vegetable retains its natural flavor, enriched with spicy notes. The recipe can be used as the basis for a culinary reincarnation of the workpiece by introducing additional spices.


    • sweet pepper — 3 kg;
    • water — 1 l;
    • sugar — 300 g;
    • vegetable oil — 200 ml;
    • vinegar — 120-130 ml;
    • salt — two tablespoons;
    • Lavr — three sheets;
    • allspice — five to seven peas.

    Step by step

  • Every pepper cut lengthwise into four pieces.
  • In water mix salt, sugar, spices, vinegar, oil.
  • Boil, immerse the vegetables in the “soup”. Once the whole pepper is not, so boil it in several techniques.
  • After repeated boiling to withstand over moderate heat for five to seven minutes.
  • Use a slotted spoon to put the vegetables in jars, cover the container with a lid and boil the remaining marinade pepper.
  • After processing all the fruit, tightly fill the jars and pour the boiling marinade billet, roll up.
  • With onions

    Features. Onions for this recipe sweet pepper in winter, it is advisable to use salad varieties, as these fruits have a milder taste.


    • pepper — 4 kg;
    • onions — 1 kg;
    • water — two and one-half cups;
    • garlic — five or six cloves;
    • salt — two tablespoons;
    • vegetable oil — one and a half tablespoons;
    • vinegar — the same;
    • sugar, the same;
    • Lavr — five to six leaves;
    • black pepper — seven-eight grains.

    Step by step

  • Pepper cut into strips, onion — half rings.
  • Place the vegetables in layers in jars and mixed with garlic, the sequence does not matter.
  • In water mix sugar, salt, spices, oil and vinegar, boil, maintain at medium heat for three to four minutes.
  • To enter the hot casting to the banks with the workpiece roll.
  • With apples

    Features. Apples use of acidic or sour-sweet fruit after canning recalls pickled in a barrel. Pepper turns crispy. A good billet as a side dish to meat or baked chicken.


    • peppers (red and yellow fruit) — 4 kg;
    • apples (green) — 2 kg;
    • water — 3 liters;
    • vinegar — 500 ml;
    • sugar — 120 g;
    • salt — 90 g;
    • cinnamon to three teaspoons.

    Step by step

  • Peppers cut into halves, remove seeds and stalks, apples — cut into four pieces, remove the core.
  • In boiling water to submerge the peppers for two to three minutes, then immediately cool in ice water. The same is done with apples, but the fruit boil for a minute or two.
  • Randomly arrange the ingredients in layers on the banks.
  • In water mix sugar, salt, cinnamon, and vinegar, boil two or three minutes.
  • Hot marinade pour into banks, to sterilize, to roll.
  • With honey

    Features. Harvested in the winter pickled peppers with honey has sweet taste and juiciness. Italian chefs recommend to add to this harvesting Basil.


    • sweet pepper — 6 kg;
    • water — 1 l;
    • olive oil — one glass;
    • vinegar — one Cup;
    • sugar — 200 g;
    • honey — 125 g;
    • basilic — 40 g in each jar;
    • the taste of Laurel, garlic and sweet bell pepper.

    Step by step

  • The main ingredient cut into slices, cloves of garlic — plates.
  • Put the vegetables in jars to the brim with Basil.
  • Water stir the butter, sugar, honey and spices, after boiling, pour in the vinegar and keep on low heat for seven minutes.
  • Pour the boiling marinade in jars, roll up.
  • With tomato paste

    Features. The workpiece is distinguished by a pleasant sweet taste, spiced with a touch of tartness. Tomato paste can be replaced with an equal amount of the tomato: fruit to remove the peel and mash through a sieve.


    • pepper — 2.2 kg;
    • water — 1 l;
    • tomato paste — 230 g;
    • sugar — 200 g;
    • oil — 100 ml;
    • vinegar — three tablespoons;
    • salt — a tablespoon;
    • black peppercorns — 1 g;
    • Lavr — three sheets.

    Step by step

  • Pepper cut into narrow strips.
  • In the water mix paste, sugar, salt, oil and spices, boil.
  • Into liquid to submerge the main ingredient, after re-boiling to withstand a quarter of an hour on low heat. For three to five minutes before ready to add the vinegar.
  • Distribute the material according to the banks, pour the marinade, sterilize, roll up.
  • With carrots

    Features. Carrots choose bright orange color without damage. Quality of the fruit which is the area between the vegetable and the leaves deep green color.


    • pepper — 5 kg;
    • carrot — 1 kg;
    • water — half Cup;
    • vinegar — the same;
    • oil — the same;
    • sugar, the same;
    • garlic and herbs to taste.

    Step by step

  • Pepper chopped bars, carrots, coarsely shred with a cheese grater, large cloves of garlic left whole, small — cut in half, greens grind.
  • The main component to place in the pan, alternating with other products.
  • In water mix vinegar, oil and sugar, boil for two to three minutes.
  • Fragrant pour the filling into the vegetable mixture let stand in refrigerator four to five days.
  • Put in jars, pour the marinade, sterilize, roll up.
  • Cabbage

    Features. Pickled peppers for winter work especially original, if its filled with cabbage and carrot filling. As the main ingredient to use dense, thick wall fruit.


    • pepper — 20 fruit;
    • carrots — 1 kg;
    • cabbage — one head;
    • garlic — two heads;
    • water — 1 l;
    • vinegar — 150 ml;
    • sugar glass;
    • oil — half Cup;
    • salt — two tablespoons;
    • parsley — beam;
    • pepper to taste.

    Step by step

  • To process a large grater carrots, cabbage chopped a narrow strip, prisolit vegetables, mash with hands and wait half an hour to stood out the juice.
  • With peppers cut off the stem, carefully remove the seeds without cutting the fruit. Send for a minute in boiling water and immediately cool in ice water.
  • Stuff the vegetable mixture.
  • At the bottom of the jars put pepper and herbs, then spread on containers of pepper.
  • In the water, stir the sugar, salt, oil, vinegar, boil two or three minutes.
  • Pour in the marinade, sterilize, roll up.
  • With assorted vegetables

    Features. Pickled peppers “in” with the other vegetables can be put on the table as an independent, hearty dish.


    • eggplant — 3 kg;
    • tomatoes — 2.5 kg;
    • pepper — 16 fruits;
    • carrots — six pieces;
    • garlic — two or three heads;
    • oil — two glasses;
    • vinegar, sugar, glass;
    • salt — two tablespoons.

    Step by step

  • Carrots coarsely grate the tomatoes, shred the meat grinder.
  • Mix the prepared ingredients, incorporating the butter and boil a quarter of an hour.
  • The eggplants without removing the peel, cut into pieces 3-4 cm thick, bell pepper to get rid of seeds and stems and to divide the equity split into four or six pieces, chop the garlic press.
  • Vegetables to enter in the tomato-carrot mix and simmer on low heat for 20-25 minutes.
  • Stir in salt and sugar, vinegar, cook for another 10-15 minutes.
  • Distribute jars, roll up.
  • In Armenian

    Features. “Highlight” marinated in Armenian pepper to use celery greens is a mandatory ingredient. Step by step you follow the recipe, but you can whole peppers stuffed with greens, but this method is longer and fill will require approximately one and a half times more.


    • sweet red pepper — 5 kg;
    • water — 1 l;
    • vinegar and vegetable oil — 0,5 l;
    • garlic 200-250 g;
    • parsley and celery greens — a big bunch;
    • sugar eight to ten tablespoons;
    • salt four tablespoons;
    • Lavr — six-seven leaves;
    • black pepper and allspice — 20-25 grains.

    Step by step

  • Pepper cut in half and clean.
  • Medium-sized cloves of garlic left whole, large cut in half.
  • The greens, chop roughly into pieces in length of 3-5 cm
  • In water mix spices, sugar and salt, oil and vinegar, wait for boiling.
  • Immerse in the marinade part of the peppers as will fit in the pot in a single layer. Boil two or three minutes, get a slotted spoon, put them into a clean pot and immerse in pouring the next batch of vegetables. Continue until all the fruits are not cooked.
  • In hot banks put the pepper layers of three or four slices, alternating with the herbs and garlic. Continue until capacity is filled to the brim. A final layer of greens and garlic.
  • From the marinade to catch Laurel and pepper and spread on banks.
  • Boil fragrant solution and pour into container with the workpiece, to sterilize, to roll.
  • Pickle peppers with garlic much easier if you know how to quickly clean a flavorful and aromatic ingredient. Before the removal of husk it is necessary to submerge the cloves in cold water for 30-40 minutes.

    Features. Preserved Georgian features spicy pepper taste and aroma, which is achieved by the use of seasonings hmeli-suneli.


    • sweet pepper — 1 kg;
    • garlic — one head;
    • parsley — beam;
    • vegetable oil — 5-6 tablespoons;
    • sugar — two tablespoons;
    • salt, vinegar, hops-suneli — tablespoon;
    • black pepper — teaspoon.

    Step by step

  • Pepper clean, cut it into eight pieces, parsley chopped, garlic push press.
  • Fold the ingredients into the pan, stir in salt, sugar, hops suneli, oil. To insist hour.
  • To boil, boil 15 minutes, add vinegar.
  • Distribute the material according to banks, before it gets cold, roll up.
  • Without cooking

    Features. Another easy recipe pepper in oil for the winter allows you to preset without cooking. Conservation is the cold method. Pickling is done in a large enameled pot or in the banks.


    • pepper — 10 kg;
    • water — 9 l;
    • salt 700 g;
    • vinegar — 700 ml;
    • cherry leaves, celery greens and parsley — 100 g;
    • coriander seeds — 5 g.

    Step by step

  • Pepper marinated whole each fruit at the base pierced with a fork.
  • On the bottom of the container for marinating to put part of the trees (twigs) and leaves a portion of the peppers to continue to spread the ingredients in layers until the container is filled.
  • In the water, stir the vinegar, salt and coriander, boil for a minute or two, cool.
  • Cool the marinade, pour the workpiece, set oppression.
  • To survive 12 days at room temperature.
  • Storing in cool.
  • Store in a container for marinating or roll up in jars.
    How to apply

    Pickled bell peppers can accompany any dish or to put the blank as a separate snack. Here are three dishes, in conjunction with which the preservation is especially good.

    Rice with vegetables

  • Grind the diced carrots and onion, sauté in olive oil until zolotisty onions.
  • Admixed 100 g frozen green peas, cook for another five minutes.
  • Pour in the pan a Cup of rice and spread it around the perimeter of the vessel.
  • Pour two cups of boiling water, add salt and spices to taste.
  • Wait until boiling, reduce the heat, cover the pan with a lid and cook 18-20 minutes, until the rice has absorbed all the liquid.
  • Puree

  • Pounds of potatoes peel and cover with water.
  • To boil, add salt, reduce the heat, cook until tender.
  • Carefully drain the water, mix the vegetables with 50 g of butter and crush with a pestle.
  • Pour 100 ml of heated nearly to boiling milk, stir, if necessary, salt.
  • Chicken with greens

  • Chop two onions and half of the product fry until translucent.
  • Put in sauce pan pounds chicken, divided into large chunks in a single layer.
  • Sprinkle with salt, your favourite spices and the remnants of the bow.
  • Pour half Cup of water, cover the pan and simmer over low heat 40-45 minutes.
  • Sprinkle the chicken with a beam of chopped greens and garlic (two-three cloves), re-cover, leave for five minutes.
  • Recipes pickled peppers for the winter will help to stock a variety of workpieces. Introducing additional components or experimenting with spices, “one approach” to prepare several conservation with unique tastes.

    Pickled peppers for winter: recipes in Armenian, honey, garlic, pickling the hot and cold method of fast preparation

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