Pilates for abs

Popular nowadays the Pilates technique was originally developed to recover form after injuries, so most of the exercises focused on a strictly defined group of muscles that sometimes not bad at all. Especially if you need to work only on pressure, or booty, or on something else. Perhaps, for massive weight loss Pilates is not really suitable, however, to maintain yourself in shape and prepare for beach season — it is.

Today women’s site “ToKnow365.top“ will tell you what Pilates exercises will help you create a beautiful press.

Abdominal Pilates you do not need to equal nothing — well maybe a Mat. So do the exercises even on holiday!

Exercise 1. Teaser

A great Pilates exercise to strengthen the press. Although it helps to develop more and strength, stamina, and also teaches to keep balance. Beginners are advised to perform the exercise with one leg, then the complicated and do both (option 2).

Option Teaser No. 1

Lie on the floor, knees bent at a 45 degree angle, feet pressed to the floor. Hands along the body. Palms face up. Take a deep breath, shoulders relaxed, lower back pressed to the floor.
On the inhale straighten one leg, the knees should be parallel to each other.
Nothing, if it doesn’t happen to straighten the leg to finish.
Inhale, raise your arms up to the level of your head, while simultaneously tuck your chin to your chest. Lift the upper part of the body. Continue to lift the body up until hands are parallel with the feet.
It is important not to drag yourself forward shoulders and arms, it is necessary to use the abdominal muscles. Ensure that the lower back was slightly rounded.
Hold in this position. And return to starting position. Make 4 to 6 times for each leg.

The Version Teaser No. 2

The second option is the same, only both feet are raised up. First time, you can keep your knees bent.

Exercise 2. Hundred

Perhaps this exercise Pilates for the abs know everything! And it’s very effective.

Lie on the floor, raise your legs and bend at the knees at a 90 degree angle.
Exhale: tuck your chin to your chest and lift your upper body from the floor, including hands. Look on the belly. Hold this position and breathe in.
On the exhale, straighten your legs and arms.
Legs can be at any angle, it all depends on your training. As you lower your legs, the more tense press. It is important that the muscles nervously not reduced when you strain. You should not be very hard.
Hold in this position.
Make 5 quick breaths (as it is usually done during labor) and slowly lower to the starting position.
Another important point is that you cannot strain your neck and shoulders.
Do 2 more times.

Exercise 3. The rise of the case

Lie on the floor. Legs straight, arms stretched behind his head. On the inhale, lift your shoulders off the floor, chin on your chest, your arms so they are perpendicular to the floor and start to slowly raise the body up. On the exhale, continue to sit. Use only the abdominal muscles, do not pull yourself with your hands. Sit up until the arms are parallel to the floor. Then slowly lie down on the floor. Do this 6 times.

Exercise 4. Scissors

This exercise Pilates will help tighten up not only the abdominal muscles but also the feet.

Lie on the floor with your legs raised and look at the ceiling. Try to keep legs and feet together. Tighten your abdominal muscles, touch the chin to the chest slightly raise your upper body, but keep your shoulder blades off the floor.
Now grasp your right ankle, or if stretching does not allow, the knee. Lower your left leg so that it makes an angle of 45 degrees relative to the right leg. The angle of inclination can be changed depending on the level of training. As you lower the left leg, the more load you give your abdominal muscles.

On the inhale, gently pull the right leg itself. Then loosen the tension and pull again. Repeat this 2 to 3 times.
Then quickly change the leg. And repeat for the left leg. Do 6 – 10 reps for each. As soon as you feel the tension in the neck, immediately get down on the floor.

Exercise 5. Criss-cross

This is another very effective exercise Pilates for abs, especially for the oblique muscles.

Lie on the floor, raise your legs so that the Shin is parallel with the floor. Hands behind your head. Elbows and look directly in the opposite side. Tighten your abdominal muscles. Press chin to chest, round your back so that your upper body was in the air.
On the exhale straighten your left leg, so you have a 45 degree angle towards the floor. The right knee remains stationary, but you turn your body and reach out for him and left elbow.
Try not to wobble. And make sure that you are pressed to his knee.
To improve the effectiveness of the exercise, you can squeeze your fists and join them at chest level. Start with 6 – 10 repetitions.

These 5 exercises are one of the most effective in the system of Pilates in relation to the press. Try it and you will never regret!

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Pilates for abs

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