Pilates for the feet

Summer women begin to intensely burn calories to train and prepare legs for the beach season. We sit on diets, doing exercises, smeared creams, etc. Each of us chooses those types of physical activities, which it considers necessary, giving preference to intensive training. Although there are techniques which do not make us jump to the loss of pulse. We are talking about the currently popular yoga and Pilates.

Today women’s site “ToKnow365.top” — exercise program of Pilates, makes the muscles of the legs, thighs and buttocks more toned. Regular Pilates will help to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Exercise program Pilates for the feet

Follow suggested Pilates exercises for the legs can be in any order.

  • The rise of the pelvis. Lie on the floor, knees bend, feet apart, hips-width. Do not press the lower back to the floor. Take a deep breath: first Breasts, then stomach. Then exhale in the opposite direction. Again breath. On the exhale tighten your abdominal muscles and press your lower back to the floor. You’ll be a little rounded back and pelvis went a little bit up. On the inhale begin to tear from the floor, first the hips, then the waist and finally the middle part of the back. In result you will have two points of support: the feet and blades between which your body should form a straight line. Ensure that the muscles of the abdomen and thighs were tense. Exhale. And lower the pelvis on the floor. And lift your lower back off the floor. It will be time. And to do the necessary exercise 3 – 5 times.

  • Strikes heels. Lie on your stomach. Hands put under his head. Legs straighten and connect together. Straighten your back, snatched from the floor of the abdominal muscles. Slightly expand the legs, the feet should touch the heels. On the inhale lift the feet off the floor. The shoulders do not tense. Making a quick movement to the side legs, hitting each other heels. Do 10 times and push. Then again repeat 2 more times.

  • Swimming. A very good exercise. Still lying on his stomach, pull his hands, legs straight. Ensure that the shoulders are raised to the ears. Pull your stomach. Legs and arms spread so that you feel comfortable, ie as you normally lie on your stomach. Do not strain the neck. Try to stretch out. On inhale raise your right hand and left foot 5 make a sharp shaking motions up the bottom arm and leg, then lower and repeat for the other side. Breathe in time with the movements. Do 2 – 3 sets for each side.

  • Bike. Oh, it’s not just a bike! Lie on your back. Lift your pelvis, put your hands in the lower back. Here it is important to include the weight spread between the hands and the blades. Support yourself with your abdominal muscles. Do not lift the shoulders to the ears. The muscles of the neck relaxed. Next. Bend your right leg so that the knee looked at the ceiling, and stop at the floor. The left leg straighten your back so that it was almost parallel to the floor. It is important that you are doing unnecessary movements of the torso and hips when you do leg movements. When you’ve found a balance, begin to make movements resembling pressure on the pedals in the reverse direction. Do 10 times.

  • Kicks. This exercise is a set of movements. Lie on your right side, so that the body formed a straight line. One hand put under head, other before itself put. On the inhale lift the leg up a bit and make the swing leg forward. The back should not rounded. So your maximum you set for yourself. Make 5 – 10 times.
    Then return the leg back and take a swing with his foot. While the leg and foot should be deployed. Try to lift the leg so that it was perpendicular to the floor. And again 5 – 10 leg swings.
    Then lower the top leg on the bottom. And on the inhale lift both feet from the floor. Lifting his feet, tense the abdominal muscles, in order to maintain balance. Make 5 – 10 times.
    And in the conclusion. Bend the top leg at the knee and put in front of him at hip level. On the inhale lift the bottom foot off the floor and make 5 – 10 swings up. Then lower. And change sides.

  • Bridge. Lie on your back, bend your legs. The hands lowered along the body. On the inhale raise the berries and pull back, tighten your abdominal muscles and hips. Try to find the balance point. Exhale. Inhale: lift your right leg and try to touch the knee of the body, and then straighten the leg up. Try not to drop the pelvis is too low. On the exhale, lower your leg so that right thigh is parallel to the left. On the inhale again lift your leg up and softservices in this position for a while. On the exhale, pull one knee to your chest and place your foot on the floor. Do 3 times for each side.

  • Scissors. Adopt the original position as when you perform the exerciseBicycle. The legs remain straight. On the inhale, legs apart in different directions and make 2 – 3 quick motion up, down, then make the switch. Repeat 6 times.

  • The rotation of the feet. There are several options for execution. Rotate one leg lying on the floor. And you can sit on the floor, lean on elbows or put in the back direct hands. Legs straight and together. On the inhale lift your legs up. Exhale. Breath and begin to describe the feet of the circle. First one way 5-10 times, then the other. It is important not to shake the case, otherwise you will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the exercise.

  • Regular Pilates will help to make your legs toned and cellulite less visible.

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    Pilates for the feet

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