Plasmolifting: reviews about the features and effectiveness

Women’s website “” continues to acquaint its readers with new modern technologies of rejuvenation and today will talk about what is plasmolifting — user feedback about these “beauty shots” is already available on the Internet.

PRP: what is it?

In contrast to software, reviews to which we already have introduced in the site, the PRP does not apply to hardware methods of rejuvenation. Is a procedure like mesotherapy involves the injection (in the case of PRP, injected the blood of the patient) in problem areas of the skin by injection, subcutaneously with injections with fine needles.

The first attempts to use a bio-stimulating properties of blood in medicine were made 100 years ago.

Then people found out about autohemotherapy: the blood taken from the patient, injected into a muscle. Such “shaking”, do, start the exchange process, contributed to strengthening the immune system, but due to the fact that along with the blood in the body were dangerous substances, this method has not gained popularity.

The use of plasma in aesthetic purposes has begun relatively recently, so the PRP can be considered a relatively new technology in cosmetology. When plasmolifting — reviews prove this — unlike autohemotherapy, blood for injection is purified, leaving only the plasma — piece, enriched with platelets. Plasma will stimulate the process of rejuvenation and skin repair.

Now focus on something very important.

The name of the procedure “plasmolifting” often misleads those who think that this is one of the procedures for tightening the skin — because the second part of the word “lifting” implies exactly that. But PRP for face reviews, will convince you in this, without combining it with other technologies is not effective!

What determines the result, and what really should expect from PRP, you can find below.

Historical facts

That blood has long been considered chudodejstvennymi rejuvenating elixir, telling some historical facts:

  • Ancient Romans drank the blood of dead gladiators, and in China highly valued the blood of young dead boys.
  • Many are familiar with the myth of the sorceress Medea, who blood transfusion returned the youth.

As you can see, people are always subconsciously knew that the blood somehow affects the aging process, and tried to find a way to restore youth.

Modern research is gradually reveal the mechanisms of aging, find new and new technologies of rejuvenation, one of which is plazmolifting, reviews and opinions of users and specialists about this technique of rejuvenation with your own blood you’ll read in the article.

PRP, on the sites of the modern cosmetic clinics are called “youth elixir”.

Is it really so? Let’s get acquainted with the specialists ‘ opinions.

Plasmolifting: experts ‘ comments

Plasmolifting, positive reviews which are more common than negative, stops the aging process of the skin. Although, according to beauticians, practitioners plasmolifting (the testimonials we found on one of the medical forums) say that this procedure has such a strong lifting effect (lifting), like some other modern techniques. This is confirmed by feedback on the PRP.

  • “Due to the PRP, you will get a slight pull-up effect due to the fact that under the skin introduces an additional volume of fluid. This procedure yields results, if carried out on the upper third of the face. But if you enter the plasma in the lower part of the face, we get a rather swelling and not lift. Elvira”

Plasmolifting positive effect on problem skin, that is, has a rather medicinal, and not a rejuvenating effect. It is scientifically proven that the plasma entered in the problem areas, gives a powerful impetus to upgrade-lost the protective reaction of the skin of the patient.

  • “Plasmolifting, reviews my patients prove it once again, improve the quality of diseased skin, e.g. the scalp. However, the rapid effect of PRP will not be as, for example, the introduction of “mesocolon” or after antibiotic treatment. In my opinion, PRP is suitable for those, who are against any chemicals, and in favour of naturalness. Because the PRP is injected natural raw materials – the blood of the patient. Marina Borisovna”.
  • “I would not say that the PRP, which reviews found on the forum, ideal to reduce large wrinkles. To smaller — Yes, there will be noticeable results, but the best plasmolifting effect on problematic skin affected by acne or acne. I also want to mention that improves complexion – skin as if shining from within. Konstantinov”
  • “I, as a person skilled in the art (learned from the very Akhmerova) cannot fail to note that the plazmolifting is so good that the effect of his long, but still growing. When injected under the skin of the plasma enriched with platelets, it gives like a signal to the body that it is time to “heal” this place. Like, how the body responds to injury, when the damaged skin is appears new. In childhood, I remember the downed knees, then they appeared pink skin? That is roughly the signal to the body when injected under the skin blood in the PRP: there’s a wound that needs to heal. Margarita”

Where and how to draw blood for PRP?

A preparation for injection, which produces a therapeutic effect, acts as the blood of the patient, more precisely, the platelet-rich plasma. Modern scientific studies have confirmed that it is the most powerful bio-stimulator, which helps to restore metabolic processes in tissues, the formation of new cells, improve blood supply.

Cells that are deep under the skin – fibroblasts, after the introduction of additional doses of plasma strenuously to secrete proteins that make the skin elastic and supple.

In other words, the introduction of a plasma helps to increase the amount of collagen and elastin – the cells that make our skin young and taut.

Under the PRP, the patient take blood from a vein – an average of 8 ml, placed it in a special, pre-machined tube and sent to a centrifuge, where the tubes rotate.

As a result of this procedure, the blood is separated into parts: white (it is enriched with platelets) rises, and the red (it contains red blood cells), sinks to the bottom. The substance that processed vials, prevents blood clotting, prevents mixing of the bottom and top, and also clears the plasma. 8 ml of blood is enough for the face, neck and chest area, if done plazmolifting face, which is in the article.

  • “The centrifuge is very small and reminded me of a regular poacher. Fit 2 tubes. It revolves 3800 rpm for 10 minutes, so I’m at the clinic said. During this time, the blood has time to split up. Marge”.

Plasmolifting: patient testimonials

If the facelift is more effective and affordable technology than this, PRP for hair, reviews about which you will find below really is considered a very good procedure that helps to revive hair. But with all the positive effect you should also note that this is not a method of hair extensions.

That is, after a course of PRP, for hair do not expect a luxurious head of hair, if you have never had before.

PRP stop hair loss, prostimulirujte their growth, improve existing hair due to all this will improve the General condition of the scalp.

  • “What are the only ways I have used to stop hair loss! But after 3 procedures plazmolifting hair stopped falling out, grow faster and improve their structure. Cristea”
  • “Plasmolifting, opinion about where I leave has not the correct name – my IMHO. No lifting effect here. But a therapeutic effect on the scalp is amazing. It has been 10 days, after I have done PRP for hair — reviews my positive! Decreased the number of outliers and improved their condition, was dry scalp. And after 4 weeks the result is amazing. I really see that the comb, no hair loss! I would call this procedure with PRP for oily scalp. Kira Aleksandrova”
  • “Those who decided on a plazmolifting, I’ll give a little advice. After the procedure on the face are small bruises and even hematoma, which take place in a week. So if you plan to do PRP, faces, read reviews, choose time, then mention this point. Svetik”.

Judging by the reviews, the procedure of plasmolifting is not very painful. Experts claim that the intolerable pain may experience only patients with very dry and thin skin (with the introduction of plasma tearing of the skin), or pain occurs in violation of the technology of plasmolifting.

The website advised to go to clinics that have the appropriate licenses, and look carefully, to get acquainted with the reviews of those who have completed the full course in this hospital. Although it can not be a guarantor of success, talking about negative reviews about PRP.

  • “I did the PRP, the scalp at the clinic, which had a license, signed by Ahmedovym. The pain was terrible, and even after the PRP began to fall. To say that the license is the guarantee of success, it is impossible. Because it is issued to all who took expensive training! Dissatisfied”

PRP, in combination with other procedures

PRP is a technology that require a medical practice. This service offering is not in every cabin.

Sometimes plasmolifting, reviews confirm this, combined with other techniques of rejuvenation.

  • “I did fractional thermolysis, and a week – plazmolifting. I got a wonderful result. Since the fractional thermolysis is well tightened skin, left her old layers start the process of formation of new cells. My beautician said that when the laser made microscopic incisions on the face. Leather slightly damaged. This is what triggers regeneration. But PRP, refers to a medical procedure, so he advised to go after fractional thermolysis. Introduction plasma helped my skin to recover, increased the regeneration of her injuries obtained during the laser resurfacing. Xenia”.

If you carefully read the reviews about PRP, you can be sure that this procedure cosmetologists combine not only with thermolysis, but with other methods.

  • “I did 2 treatments of PRP before laser resurfacing, and then 2 procedures after it. The result, as they say, “there!” It was young, skin glowing. Don’t know what would be the effect of a single grinding or the PRP, but my beautician said that if the scheme guarantees 100% result. Marisol”.

The price of plasmolifting: reviews

Dare to call plasmolifting procedure where a good idea to make money at this stage of its development. Because the course is not cheap – about 36 000 (one treatment is around $ 100). All because this is a new procedure, which “impresses” clients for their absolute “naturalness”.

After all, introduce their own blood, how can it be dangerous?

About the great effects of PRP, talking mainly on the websites of cosmetic clinics and salons, where you need to attract customers to recoup the cost of their education (expensive and short!) and apparatus for screening plasma.

No, this procedure has a positive effect on the skin, restores damaged cells, but it is overpriced. And a significant firming of the skin it does not.

  • “A PRP is not suitable for all indications. My skin didn’t fit. The result will be noticeable only on dry thin skin, so I’m at the clinic said. Well, at least honestly, and not offered to go through quite an expensive course – 30600 rubles, and it is at a discount! Housewife”
  • “I read the reviews about the PRP, and began to engage in the selection of clinics to be done. Phoned 4. Two immediately dropped, struck not the competence of those engaged in it. I could not even tell about the effectiveness of this procedure and how it differs from meso. Prices from 6 to 16.5 thousand for the area. In one of the clinics gave me recommendations before carrying out plasma lifting (the reviews of this clinic are wonderful), who helped me to prepare for the session. First, the procedure is carried out strictly on an empty stomach. In the second, contraindications for considered period. Before the need to take blood tests (for HIV, syphilis and hepatitis). I paid for the session (face, neck) 8500 rubles. Blood from a vein taken immediately, immediately, in front of me, separated in a centrifuge – isolated plasma. Added a little thin stream of the gel, the plasma clotting was injected into the syringe. Did everything very quickly are 2 doctors, as they say, 4 hands, so that the plasma does not have time to zapustitsya. The doctors were in protective masks like the dentists. Say still work with blood. In General, all tolerant and sterile. The result was me: out crow’s feet and slightly tightened nasolabial folds. On the lift, I did not expect. So, going to plazmolifting face, the opinion which I have shared with you, search for good specialists, then the result will be the one that promise! Sofia”

By the way, abroad, in hospitals you will not find such services, such as PRP, (reviews that say). They have more expensive procedure – PRP-rejuvenation (Platelet Rich Plasma), which translates as “platelet rich plasma”. Plasma was also separated, add a very expensive activators and then injected into problem areas to the patient.

Under the PRP, the developers (including the famous cosmetologist, practicing surgeon R. R. Akhmerov is the founder of this technology in Russia) – not recommended to add anything to the plasma.

The Internet is leaking information that soon will release a new beauty products – gels and creams, which will be made on the basis of human plasma.

Going on a plazmolifting, you should know exactly what to expect from the procedure not to wait for incredible results. Plasmolifting reviews, which you found in the article, is a procedure that regenerates damaged cells – repairs and updates. Therefore, after a course of PRP, you can expect to improve the color of the skin, reducing its greasiness, improve its elasticity and get rid of skin diseases (e.g. acne or dry seborrhea scalp) – that is, plasmolifting, first and foremost, a medical procedure. Facelift PRP will not do, and with deep lines can’t handle. Its main goal is to heal and restore damaged cells.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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