Pleated skirt: what to wear this summer that were not supplemented. Top bows

Over the last century in the world of fashion pleated skirt repeatedly appeared in women’s wardrobes. She attended the art Deco era of the 20’s, the outfits of the post-war years and even in the “rebellious” 80s for Its signature pleats skirt required by Mariano Fortuny, but relevance in the new season – the fashion house Gucci. On the agenda an important question: how to wear a pleated skirt so she doesn’t spoil the figure?

The top options with a pleated skirt for a striking image

The trend of the skirt has three styles – mini, MIDI and Maxi, which allows to create an image in any type of shape. As for fabrics, for summer, the actual delicate silk and chiffon. In the same palette dominated by pink, blue, coral, ruby, green and gray, and also deep blue, hot yellow, white, gold, metallic.

Not to spoil the figure, the first thing is to find your length to “shorten” the leg: is solved only a few personal fitting skirts of different lengths. Of all kinds of lengths choose the one that is most complementary for your figure. And then listen to the fashion canons:

  • Maxi length and MIDI perfectly with a light shirt, creating a versatile outfit for the office, and city walk;

  • for an informal image, you can safely combine t-shirts and t-shirts with a skirt of any length.

  • when it comes to open-top or Kropp-top, prefer MIDI and Maxi;

  • long options are complemented by elegant jackets, jackets, denim;

  • best shoes for skirts pleated – pumps, however with Maxi and MIDI harmony sneakers, sneakers, loafers and graceful stiletto heel.

How to wear a pleated skirt curvy girls?

The correct way with the pleated skirt will allow you to skillfully hide those extra pounds, however I advise you to abandon the length of the mini and metallic colors. In the latter case, it is possible to obtain heavy, “heavy” bottom, which should be avoided. Here are some valuable tips for women with curvy figure:

  • women with unexpressed waist suit cut in half, and also low-rise;

  • you should avoid any horizontal lines and images that “work” on the width of the body;
  • vertical stripes elongate the silhouette and add slimming;
  • so as not to attract attention to a massive waist, it is not necessary to fill in a skirt t-shirts, shirts;

  • the top should slightly cover up the belt, so to abandon short tops, t-shirts, blouses;

  • do not buy styles with too much volume pleat, because it adds bulkiness;

  • low girls fits shoes with high heels, which makes the silhouette slim and fit;

  • jacket together with the skirt is a win – win.

How and what to wear with pleated skirt women over 50?

For this age group pleated skirt – one piece of clothing that fits perfectly, because it will look more impressive, more elegant, more slender. As for length, you should opt for the option up to the knee or just below. Trendy colors are divided into office and daily casual, however, there are some universal – milk, dark, white, beige and various pastels. How to choose the style?

  • at low height, so as not to seem squat, choose a knee length;

  • for the office dress code is perfect pumps, for walking – sandals and ballet flats;

  • this summer look good unobtrusive complement, so the ideal company for the skirt, clutch, soothing colors, top with a closed neck, neat blouses and jackets;
  • give up bulky folds, so as not to image a La “the librarian”;

  • and, most importantly, this age is the age of elegance, so cheap materials and poor tailoring in here.

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