Poor school performance is not a death sentence!

How often we hear from parents: “So badly! I just don’t know what to do with it!” Dear friends! Poor performance – not a sentence, it is a problem that can be solved. There are several reasons of poor academic performance in school, and now we will try to understand them with the female website sympaty.net .

The first reason: low self-esteem of the child

In the family from an early age should be taken a special way to respond to cognitive activities of the child is always to endorse and encourage the actions of the child to freedom of expression and development. This is especially important in the early years of life and preschool age.

If parents miss this wonderful chance to raise your child’s self — esteem before school, in school teachers will make it almost impossible, and can result in bad performance in school.

A good self-image is very important! In fact, it is the Foundation for the construction of the individual. “ToKnow365.top” was devoted to this important subject in a separate article.

For a child it is very important that parents understand and approve of him.

For example, the boy paints a very strange picture, at first glance, they are too dark, lacking harmony. The plot of this picture can be caused by personal feelings associated with rejection by peers, inability to lead others and low self-esteem. Mom or dad will be alarmed by what you see in the picture skull, black clouds, a mountain of bones, etc.

What can you suggest for this? The best Board will be the approval of the picture no matter what.

You may notice that the plot is original, well chosen colors and the skull is depicted with amazing precision.

Approval is not just a supportive gesture, is a powerful incentive to raise the child’s self-esteem.

On the other hand, never allow yourself to scold the child so that he concluded that he is incompetent, incapable, flawed, bad or mediocre performance in school is his cross to bear.

Eliminate from your speech the negative particle “not”, explains politely, not degrading the little man. When strangers say: “It is just not understood the job”, “He tries to look at the situation,” etc., even in small things.

The second reason: lack of development attention

The development of attention is also very important to solve the problem of poor academic performance and future school success. Parents preferably with early childhood to shape your child’s ability to concentrate. There are a lot of simple exercises they can perform together every day in the form of games.

Will fit any game on the development of intellectual abilities, and they are now selling a lot. Parents only need to find the time to care for and show love to the baby.

Be aware that the attention can be developed, and this is a serious step to success.

Such great games like chess, table bingo, puzzles and crosswords, Scrabble, quizzes, the child never refuses to play with the parents!

The third reason: the desire to be first

Every kid in the team aims to be first – the fastest, the smartest, the most clever. This desire is inherent in the nature and called the desire to lead.

If the child could not be first in any competition – not a problem, help him to find a task in which he will show his leadership qualities. This will help him to fight the bad grades and reach the success in other school subjects, because he will know what he’s capable of, he can succeed.

We return to the fact that you need to communicate more with your child to understand his strengths and weaknesses and help him to determine the interest in learning and in life.

Poor or mediocre performance should not spoil your relationship with him.

You just have to be friends with him – and succeed!

Reason four: the negative expectations of the teacher

Unfortunately, quite often the teacher in advance, as if expecting from your child’s negative actions and poor academic performance. The reasons are different – for some reason your son or your daughter did not like the teacher created about a negative first impression.

And the child is the mirror for adults, what is expected of him, and it turns out in the end. This is a very serious problem in our schools.

Flee from such teachers, even if you agree with him, the child will not change an appropriate attitude to learning and will struggle with poor academic performance.

Teacher for children is a leader, strong authority and leader, especially in elementary school. Therefore, parents need to look closely at the teacher.

What are the expectations of the teacher in relation to your child? In any case, you will understand it only after some time. If you see that the expectations are negative, draw conclusions.

A bit of personal experience. I translated for my son a few times and have no regrets. In the end, he meets a teacher, which I am eternally grateful, and my son of the Trinity became a great student!

I wish your children a great achievement!

Author Maria Novikova, site ToKnow365.top

Poor school performance is not a death sentence!

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