Popular dances – bellydance, break dance, Latin, club dance, hip-hop, rnb

Belly dance, break dance, Latin, club dance, hip hop, rnb… Which style is closer to you — depends on your personality.

Belly dance (bellydance, bellydance)

This is a women’s dance, with great therapeutic benefit. Recently there has been rampant worldwide craze that spread through their sexuality and usefulness.

Belly dance is a set of isolated movements of muscles, “main effect” which, according to the famous dance teacher Mohammed Gadafi — sexual excitement by contemplation of a mobile and flexible waist.

From a medical point of view, the dance is very useful for the female body: increasing blood flow to the internal organs of the pelvis, it acts as a good prevention of gynecological diseases. Developing the muscles of the pelvis and pelvic floor, it greatly facilitates the delivery. In addition, belly dance is a recognized means of treatment and prevention of cellulite.

Break dance

The dancing part of world culture hip-hop. He was born in new York in 1969 under the name “Good Foot”, when James brown showed the public his famous dance “Get on the Good Foot”.

Break dance is a spectacular dance part of hip hop culture. In English — broken dance. He says on the Botton (lower, breaking) and Top (upper). The first is very traumatic and requires good physical preparation includes difficult acrobatic elements: rotation on the head, jumps on his hands with the change of support, momentum on the hands or on one hand on a 360, 720 degrees or more, the rotation of the legs around his body, drawing on hands, etc.
The second requires more advanced plastics and artistry — for example, waving simulates waves passing over the body and its parts, and in the same style as king tut between the body and arms, shoulder, forearm and wrist only is permitted angles.


Incendiary club dance, synthesized from many Latin American folk and standardised European ballroom dancing.

Latina — fashion modern dance club audience. It is adapted to popular music. Includes the most vivid sexual movement, Cuban Rumba, a cheerful tilt of Samba, the famous rhythm of the cha-cha-cha and other elements of popular dances of South America. In addition, the Latin includes the movement of the Spanish Paso Doble dance, imitating the bullfight. There is in her swing and gaiety of superfast American Jive.

From naturally erotic Latin American dance Latin inherited sexual in nature, and the aesthetics of the club have done really very energetic. So playful, provocative dance, he quickly subdued the youth dancing and has become an integral part of music pop culture.

Club dance

Derived from different contemporary dance practices that allow to move to any club music.

Musical eclectic mix of styles emphasized the necessity of dance that cleverly would be in the variety variable pace and rhythms of contemporary music.

Club dance is several sets of specific movements in a particular style (hip-hop, locking, house, funk, R’n’b, etc.) with the possibility of self-writing, improvisation. Club dance — this fashionable universal ability to seamlessly dance and house party, and disco, and in the elite night club; it is based on knowledge of the latest dance techniques.


The most fashionable dance in the West, the dance component of the show-business stars such as Jastin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, Shakira, B2K and others.

Rnb — rhythm and Blues, dance spectacle, popularitymore MTV culture. It is based on the techniques of hip-hop, funk and jazz, but has its own specific movement, a so — called “image”.

“Image” rnb recalls the frivolity, ostentatious manners in an urban Negro aesthetics of the United States. Technically, the “image” is called isolated tension of the abdominal muscles, while other muscles are relaxed and give the impression of abandon, carefree dancer.

Hip hop

Movements to the music, along with break dancing speakers dance Foundation of modern culture hip-hop.Since 1981 hip-hop exists not only as a popular youth craze, but as a competitive dance discipline. Cheerful and energetic, aggressive dance.

Characterized by a variety of hopping motion, springs (“hip-hop” — jump, small jump), subordinates intense bat. The permanent integration of musical styles, the technique hip-hop is in continuous development: absorbs elements of neighboring dance practices (top break, disco) and striving for more expressiveness and freedom in spite of the fierce attachment to the rhythm.

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Popular dances – bellydance, break dance, Latin, club dance, hip-hop, rnb

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