Possible long-distance relationships?

“A week ago found out that we loved a long separation. Six, maybe more months. Before they are, say that we all endure, and alone crying, tears can’t stop. Don’t know whether it makes sense to continue the relationship, I doubt we have enough strength, though, and I love him very much. Please answer, if possible long-distance relationships and how to save them? Help me with advice. Looking forward to the answer, Irina!”.

Dear Irina, we are unable to pass your request, the more the problem of long-distance relationships are concerned not one of You. So today women’s site “ToKnow365.top” answers to questions, how to keep distance relationships and how to maintain them so they are not faded?

Possible long-distance relationships?

Yes, it is possible! Sympaty.net believes that people have a right to exist. They can be both bad and good, to have a happy ending (marriage and three children), and not (the gap, the pain of loss). In any case, the separation will change your relationship, it’s a serious test, which will affect you both. The main thing is to be willing to change and give up all doubts (if you really love that person).

Think of it as a kind of test of your feelings. If you can survive it without significant losses will pass this test, you will know that this is Your man. In fact, according to psychologists, for the terrible separation, and long-term cohabitation (life and various life problems “eat” all the senses).

I truly believe that true love can overcome any distance and obstacles. Remember the words of Alexander Kuprin “the Garnet bracelet”? If not, let me remind you: “Separation is to love what wind to fire: little love she puts out, and big inflates even more!”.

The main thing is to love, to trust and to believe only in good. Be an optimist, positive infect your mate and do not be afraid. But how to maintain such relationships, I will tell you below.

How to keep distance relationships?

To maintain this relationship? it is necessary to follow the following rules:

  • To believe that the relationship can withstand separation.
  • Keep a positive attitude and not to fall into despair.
  • Support relationship with a loved one.
  • How to maintain distance relationships?

    The most important is communication. You should support him by all means (fortunately, modern technology provides an incredible number of types of virtual communication): phone calls, texting, emails, video conferencing software webcam ICQ, standard mail, finally ? (it’s so romantic).

    Make your slogan: “Communication, communication and again communication!”. And how exactly and how often – it is purely individual and depends entirely on your capabilities. The main thing — do not overdo it ? and not to sit all day on the phone or in ICQ.

    Then you need to experiment and find your own version, the most suitable and convenient for both. You called him in the morning and wished a good day? Great, make it your new tradition. This will not only improve the mood of you and your spouse, but also give a sense of security, stability and confidence in each other.

    Will help you and the ability to adapt to different circumstances (not always pleasant). Often, due to lack of free time (work, service, mode), there is absolutely no way to find the time to communicate with a loved one. Be tolerant, move the conversation to a more convenient time.

    Trust, mutual understanding, willingness to compromise and enter the position of the partner that will help keep your relationship and feelings.

    How to avoid quarrels?

    Unfortunately, and maybe fortunately (quarrel make a relationship strongerand give the opportunity to show his beloved their anger and unleash pent-up emotion) distance relationships are not devoid of banal reasons for quarrels, typical of the conventional tandems.

    This kind of dialogue becomes heavier by the fact that you do not see the eyes of the partner and his facial expressions when talking. You have the option to judge his feelings only by spoken and written words (often understood by different people in different ways). So often there are misunderstandings and doubts. How to be?

  • To listen to the intonation of his voice during a telephone conversation. Well, she certainly will not disappoint!
  • Use a web camera – native face very close, his emotions as the palm ?
  • When corresponding use of smileys. Like a trifle — ? , but nice!
  • But if the quarrel could not be avoided, only you have the power to enter into a mutual truce. Discuss all your grievances and complaints, talk about what bothers you, ask that torments him and try to find a solution that will help to avoid such quarrels in the future. The main thing here is to talk!

    And finally

    Definitely, long-distance relationships are difficult. But in normal it is necessary to invest a lot of effort. Just try to remain part of each other’s lives, share most intimate secrets, discuss all you care about, love and wait for the meeting! And believe: it will be unforgettable!

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    Possible long-distance relationships?

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