Pregnant women how to dress stylish and comfortable?

In ancient times, a woman waiting for the kid customs ordered as little as possible to appear in public, sitting at home. Fortunately, in our time, future moms have the opportunity to lead an active life, to go out and even work.

And, of course, even with a large belly you need to keep a image of “cool stuff”! How to dress pregnant – will tell the site ““!

How to dress pregnant to hide or visually reduce the stomach?

In fact, the desire to hide the growing bump, while it is somehow possible – a relic of the dark past. Somehow, until now, many women subconsciously perceive a pregnant figure as ugliness, a temporary lack of appearance…

But it is not so: after all, pregnancy is not a disease and not even completeness associated with excess weight, and natural health and a very happy time for the expectant mother! So why be awkward and drape your new figure with all sorts of hoodies?

However, if you don’t want before the inevitable time to demonstrate their position to the public, you can resort to the help of clothes!

A good option – long Empire-style dresses and tunics. Don’t want it Empire style – prefer style “a-line” (e.g. with American armhole).

If you choose a top or blouse, look at nepremennym models with ruffles. A great choice how to dress pregnant – loose sweater in the winter or loose “flying” blouses and tunics in the summer.

Has a value and choosing the right colors of things.

It is best to mask the increasing volume of small colorful prints – flower, peas, small geometry, etc. Strip (longitudinal and transverse) on the contrary, emphasize the shape changes. The classic method of visual deception – something bright in the middle with the dark inserts on the sides – she “Judith” figure.

Serve the same purpose sets two things like turtlenecks and parks thrown over top, cardigan or long vest: vertical lines of clothes to hide the tummy.

How to dress stylishly pregnant?

The website “” recommends to adopt all pregnant style “oversize” — deliberately three-dimensional, like the wrong size, things. Don’t think oversized is the only hoodies that fit the belly in the ninth month (though, of course, on the big period a couple of these hoodies will not prevent)!

It coats and cardigans with a “disproportionate” sleeves, slacks, three-dimensional “Granny” sweaters knit, etc.

In short, the oversized is oversized, not just a forced change of size “too large” in the image should be something else than the stomach – wide sleeves, voluminous scarf with long ends hanging down to the knees, large wooden or plastic jewelry, big bag, etc.

But still, don’t overdo it – you’ll be stylishly dressed pregnant if bulky items in the image will be combined with form-fitting: oversized cardigan with leggings, dress, hoodie with botfortas narrow, wide t-shirt with short trousers-chinos, etc.

Good for pregnant women and ethnics – it also provides a wide range of spacious tunics, pants, trousers, loose sundresses and long skirts.

Pregnant how to dress?

But if everyday wardrobe for a pregnant still seems feasible, the necessity of choice of outfit for the solemn occasion plunges into a panic. Many women even refuse social life before birth because of the complexity of the selection of dresses – but in vain!

So, a few solutions from the website

First, the indispensable Empire! Beautiful quality fabric dresses, length, ankle or floor, open the chest area with a luxurious necklace and the way for the release of ready! So dress up pregnant stars on the red carpet!

Another option long evening dress – loose top, fitted at the hips (with a belt-the chain on the hips, for example). The top can be, for example, “bat”.

And what about cocktail length? Very simple – don’t be frightened of styles for the figure!

For example, you very well may look great stitched with the expectation of tummy sheath knee-length. Bodycon dress with wrap-draping on the chest is also suitable! You can also find interesting options of cocktail dresses with train cropped front.

Now you see that nicely dressed pregnant is not a problem?

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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