Prepare the dough for dumplings, not to seethe

If you ask the hostess what the dough easier to cook, she is likely to say that pelmeni. This is truly one of the most unsophisticated types, but over time there was a lot of recipe: came up with the dough for the dumplings to fall apart, or is so thinly rolled out, but not eager, buckwheat, ghee…

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It is believed that the correct dough for dumplings should be the color of snow. And this requires certainly flour. It has a lot of gluten, which gives the finished product a beautiful color, and in addition, the “bonds” components and does not allow the product to soft after boiling in boiling water.

Classic dough recipe for dumplings

Now the classic dough for dumplings is rolled out well, and that it like need when mixing to achieve compliance: do not “too cool”, hard. Then the rolling will be as thin as possible to form the dumplings will be easy, and while eating you will not have the feeling that you can not find the stuffing.

The version without eggs

Classic dough recipe for dumplings and probably the oldest, even without the eggs.

You will need:

  • water — 1 Cup;
  • flour — 3 cups;
  • salt — 1 tsp.


  • Form a mound of sifted flour.
  • Selling a depression in its top, put the salt and water.
  • Knead the dough smooth, pliable, not too tight, but not “sprawling”. When cutting traces on the knife should not stay, and the right cut is smooth and glossy.
  • Wrap the dough in a bag and leave in the room for half an hour.
  • The consistency depends on the flour quality, the presence of a certain amount of gluten. You may need more or less.The option of eggs

    This method is also considered a classic, but to prepare it is with egg.

    You will need:

    • flour — 0.5 kg;
    • eggs — 2 pieces;
    • vegetable oil — 1 tablespoon;
    • water — 1 Cup;
    • salt — 0.5 tsp.


  • Pour the flour on a work surface in the form of slides, make a shallow hole on top.
  • Break a hole in the eggs, pour in water, oil. Mix thoroughly.
  • Knead with your hands until you sure that you got the absolute homogeneity and sufficient elasticity.
  • Vegetable oil is optional, but it gives the finished product a more delicate texture.

    You can find the opinion that the ideal dough for ravioli without eggs. But it’s a matter of preference and solid practices. Here the final choice belongs to you, as it may seem that the dough is too dense (like pasta). In addition, moulded by hand can be time consuming, and the finished product is unevenly cooked. There is such a danger that the dumplings when cooked will just fall apart. If you do not want to use eggs, just add before mixing plenty of water.

    Other options test

    Since tastes differ, we can safely say that the best dough for dumplings is that you like it all the characteristics and feel of working with it, and properties. If you need a less familiar recipe, we recommend you to try the original variation.


    Interesting recipe of dough for ravioli with the addition of buckwheat flour — the key to a rich flavor and unusual color of dishes.

    You will need:

    • white flour — 1 Cup;
    • buckwheat flour — 1 Cup;
    • eggs — 2 pieces;
    • water — 0.5 cups;
    • salt — 1 tsp.


  • Mix and sift the two kinds of flour, give it the form of slides.
  • Place it in the recess of the other components.
  • Pour water little by little last but not least, (manufacturers have different properties, so for your flour water, may need less).
  • Knead, achieving uniformity.
  • Ghee

    Gentle dough for dumplings is very tasty. A special delicacy gives him ghee.

    You will need:

    • white flour — 700 g;
    • melted butter— 1 tablespoon;
    • eggs — 2 pieces;
    • water (not cold) — 1.5 cups;
    • salt — 1 tsp.


  • Carefully sift the flour.
  • In mixing container pour the eggs, add salt, pour melted butter and pour the flour.
  • Knead the dough to make it elastic.
  • Leave the dough for 1 hour in a bowl under a damp towel or put it in the package.
  • Custard (hot)

    Many are those who will tell you that this is the most delicious dough for dumplings. Its secret is that it is not ordinary water, and like water, which gives him a great softness. And it rolled with no problems and no tears, even if the seam turned out fine.

    You will need:

    • white flour, highest grade — 2 glasses;
    • vegetable oil — 3 tablespoons;
    • boiling water — ¾ Cup;
    • salt — 1 tsp.


  • Pour into a large bowl of just boiled water and then oil.
  • Tilt the flour and knead very quickly.
  • Move on to sculpting (you can not give him to settle).
  • How to make dough for dumplings in this way? It is important to mix at once with decent speed to not have lumps. You can use a bread machine, a food processor with appropriate attachment or immersion blender.The exact proportions of dough and minced meat

    If you would like to have a certain amount of dough for dumplings 1 kg of meat, to excess, on the assumption that 370 grams of dough need 450 grams of meat filling. And again, if you need to reduce the consumption test, try to cook dumplings with the help of pelmennitsa (it also speeds up the process).

    Tip: to avoid the accumulation of “waste” and to reduce the time of preparation of dishes for cooking, form the dough into long “sausages”, cut them across into pieces and roll each into a pancake.

    We all have our secrets, how to prepare the dough for dumplings. Surely you have a “signature” recipe. However, in order to diversify their culinary masterpieces, you can adopt other ways — from the traditional to the extravagant. The choice is yours!

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