Pressure cooker or slow cooker – what’s the difference and how to choose?

Want to buy a wonderful machine that will stand in the kitchen and cook instead of you, but I can’t understand what is better – a pressure cooker or slow cooker? Well, then today’s article is on the website is useful to you. Today we compare both devices, we describe their advantages and disadvantages, so you can understand what exactly, pressure cooker or slow cooker is right for you. Today’s article will be useful not only to those hosts that have just decided to buy a kitchen assistant, but also to those who have long enjoyed the steamer and considering buying a slow cooker (because it has recently appeared on our market).

Steamer or slow cooker: what is the difference

Question: “pressure cooker or slow cooker?” stumps many, simply because nobody can distinctly explain, than they differ from each other. And like that, and the other looks like a saucepan with lid on a stand and the stand goes cord the mains. Both cooks itself with minimal input of labor by the hostess.

But the differences are still there, and they are significant. So, what is the difference between a slow cooker and steamer from each other? This:

  • the method of preparation;
  • functionality;
  • the amount of food that can be cooked;
  • the speed of cooking;
  • the usefulness of the courses;
  • cost.

And now, to help you choose the steamer or slow cooker – look at the difference carefully.

The distinction first: the method of preparation
Method of cooking – perhaps the main difference between slow cooker and steamer. Steamer, as you can guess from the name, could cook only with steam. Slow cooker can not only cook for a couple, but frying, baking, cooking and grilling.

Difference the second: functionality

That can make a steamer? It can be steamed, to heat food and defrost. Some models can shred cooked meals (the so-called “blender”, it is very useful for the preparation of infant formula). At the same time the possibility of a double boiler over.

The slow cooker can replace a steamer, and the skillet and the saucepan, the oven, and the stove and the fryer.

Basic modes standard slow cooker are: buckwheat, milk porridge, stewing, steaming, baking, pilaf. I think it is clear what is meant by each of the modes.

The third difference: the amount of food that can be cooked

The steamer can be equipped with one, two or three steam baskets of different sizes. Multivarki can be only one bowl for cooking, the volume of which can vary from 2.5 to 4.5 liters.

What follows from this? And it follows from this that the steamer you can simultaneously cook up to three different dishes, and slow cooker only one.

The fourth difference: the speed of cooking

The choice of any kitchen equipment (apart from the steamer or slow cooker) largely depends on the speed of the technology itself.

What is faster – a steamer or slow cooker? The website with all responsibility declares: the products are prepared in a slow cooker longerthan the steamer.

However, some crock pots have improved the function of roasting, allowing them “to float” products at the same time as the steamer.

Difference five: utility dishes

For many Housewives, it is very important how good a dish they have just prepared. And in this rival steamer is simply not: all the food is cooked for a couple, and this means that all the vitamins and nutrients stay in place.

To prepare useless (and even harmful) food steamer just can’t. The multicooker is also quite cope with this.

Therefore, choosing the “pressure cooker or slow cooker”, it is very important to decide for yourself just how important is the usefulness of prepared dishes.

The sixth distinction: the value of

Everything is quite simple: the slow cooker more. Usual slow cooker with average costs about three times morethan the steamer with the average.

However, there are some models of steamers whose value will leave far behind any slow cooker. The cost, as you know, is very dependent on the feature set, speed of cooking, the volume of the bowls and other criteria.

So, what is pressure cooker or slow cooker? This choice depends entirely on the needs of a family. If you care about your health, shape, metabolism, then, without doubt, you should choose a steamer with its cutlets, vegetables and steamed fish.

If the presence of carcinogens and fat, you are not scary, feel free to take the slow cooker – it is functional.

Decide just how important is the ability of simultaneous preparation of several meals – let’s say chicken, rice and vegetables. Remember that pressure cooker all it can to prepare itself, but a slow cooker will require assistance in the form of a plate as she can handle with only one dish.

Remember the time: if you even have to cook long, but delicious in the slow cooker.

Don’t forget about your budget – purchase does not have to ruin you.

And finally: whatever you chose, do not forget about how to use the steamer and a slow cooker to prepare tasty and not to harm anyone.

Author Pestova Vasilisa, site


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