Preventive Oncology: how to live, not to get cancer.

One of the most pressing problems of humanity today is the annual increase in cancer cases, the women’s website “” I decided today to tell my readers about which activities should be prevention of cancer.

Every modern man knows: virtually any disease can be prevented. This fact also applies to cancer. In order to prevent its occurrence, you must at least in General terms, to understand why he may appear.

Causes of malignant tumors

Scientists today have been able to prove that cancer is caused by several factors.

  • Mutation. At some point the cells of the body instead of die after fulfilling its function, relentlessly begin to share, resulting in a neoplasm.
  • Carcinogens. Under this name hides a group of substances that provoke the emergence of cancer. Carcinogens can be chemical and physical. The first group of substances enter into human body through food, water and household chemicals. So one of the main preventive measures against cancer is proper nutrition. Physical carcinogens – a radiation and UV radiation and tobacco smoke. Radiation in large doses, fortunately, ordinary citizens never get. But under the southern sun willingly fry their skin every year, almost all the inhabitants of towns and cities which since the Soviet times, remember the benefits of sun, air and water. Alas! The sun on the seaside beach of today has lost its usefulness. Such procedures cause the body great harm, since ultraviolet waves have become very aggressive. Of course, the rejection of sunbathing as a measure of cancer prevention is meaningless, if you continue to smoke. To date, this addiction leads to cancer more often than other reasons.
  • Free radicals. About these particles, too, have heard very many. Radicals selected from the cells electrons, making them defective. In order to neutralize the effect of these aggressive particles, it is necessary to enrich the diet of foods containing antioxidants.
  • Tissue homeostasis, or a violation of your pH balance. Acidification or alkalinisation of the body that causes disruptions in metabolic processes and provokes the beginning of many diverse diseases.
  • Reduction antitumor and overall immunity. In the human body daily formed a certain number of cancer cells. However, our immune system recognizes these tumors and destroys them before they become a serious threat. So immune support is one of the most important moments in the system of cancer prevention.
  • A psychological factor. Oncologists say that the process of formation of malignant tumors is triggered by stress.
  • The virus of cancer. Scientists have managed to prove that some types of cancer causes a special kind of virus that makes possible the implementation of such preventive measures of cancer, like a vaccination.
  • Based on the foregoing, it can be concluded that the prevention of cancer consists primarily in the observance of rules of healthy nutrition and active lifestyles. However, the website hurries to warn his readers that the diet for the prevention of malignant tumors has some features, which are healthy food enthusiasts know, not all.

    The prevention of cancer: food

    All the media of the Earth for decades to tell the inhabitants of our planet that a proper diet is a key to good health and longevity. This approval is based a number of television shows, documentaries and programmes. So today, even younger students are well aware of the dangers of fast food, coke, sweets, smoked meats, marinades and fried foods. But, it turns out that for the effective prevention of cancer this knowledge is not enough.

    Those who wish to better protect themselves from a collision with a frightening diagnosis, one should also take into account the following facts:

  • The main sources of danger of cancer – carcinogens. They are rich in all types of sausages, foods that contain E-additives (except for some of them), smoked. It is important to know that carcinogens are toxins of fungal origin. Molds secrete aflatoxin, a substance deadly to humans. Mold quickly especially affects products such as peanuts and sprouted seeds of wheat. Therefore, cancer prevention involves reducing consumption to a minimum.
  • A significant role in combating the spread of cancer plays cancer prevention folk remedies. It involves the use of various herbs in the form of decoctions, infusions and tinctures. Medicine knows many cases when people’s recipes helped to not only prevent cancer, but also coping with an already existing tumor. For example, an antitumor effect has a fresh birch SAP, and tools made from leaves and buds of birch, rose hips, leaves and fruits of black elderberry, hawthorn fruit, flowers, buckwheat, etc. prevention of cancer folk remedies can be used as a complementary treatment to medical therapy for this disease. However, the website warns that any medications, even seemingly perfectly harmless should be taken only after prior consultation with your doctor.
  • There is also a list of foods for cancer prevention, the use of which significantly reduces the probability of occurrence of tumours. These include: Royal jelly (more about its wonderful properties “” has already been told), blueberries, grapes, seaweed, tomatoes, green tea, garlic, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, greens, mushrooms and citrus.
  • People who don’t want to get cancer, you should not get involved in alcoholic drinks. While every day you can enjoy a glass of red wine because it is rich in flavonoids – potent antioxidants.
  • Cancer primary prevention: basic measures

    In medicine there are also the concepts of primary and secondary prevention of tumours. Secondary applies to those people who are at risk. Primary covers everyone who cares about their health, and includes the following measures:

    • Carrying out of preventive medical inspection twice a year. This measure is considered especially important for the prevention of cancer in women.
    • Twice a year cleansing program of the body. Periodically remove toxins and wastes from the digestive tract, lymphatic system, blood vessels.
    • Holding antiparasitic program twice a year.

    The psychological factor is a major one in the fight against cancer

    All oncologists agree with one thought: the main measure of cancer prevention and control of the disease is the mental attitude of the person. No wonder cancer is called the “sad disease”. When a man can not realize himself when he falls into despair when he lives in the offense, constantly tormented because of dissatisfaction with yourself or others, when he longs for a different life-he is diagnosed with cancer.

    And how it will change the mood after the staging of the terrible diagnosis depends on the result of treatment. No-art techniques will not help if the patient is psychologically resign themselves to death.

    Doctors who have great experience of cancer treatment, believe that its prevention should include the following psychological factors:

    • Understanding that cancer is not an incurable disease and that it does not need to be afraid of panic.
    • Maintaining optimism and self-love in all situations.
    • The desire to realize your potential and to live fully every day.
    • Faith in their own strength, the philosophical perception of the world and the realization that life is a great gift that is sure to rejoice every day.

    Thus, our main protector against cancer is a sincere love of life. So to all my readers of the website “” wants to stay happy and healthy to a ripe old age!

    Author – Pelageja, site

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