Proper skin care teenager: how to get rid of acne

Acne and pimples on the skin at a young age can not only spoil the appearance of a teenager but also to shake his nerves. How can we not worry?

Age of first love, first sympathies, and those hated pimples on the face! Who is nice?

For me this question is very relevant because my middle daughter is 12 soon and I should be the one to teach her the basics of proper skin care at her age. About what needs to be skin care facial teenagers, we will tell on the women’s website ““.

The main steps of the skin care in adolescence

If the adolescent skin is not problematic (no acne and rashes, acne, for skin care just three, but compulsory steps: the skin should be clean, moisturize and protect.

Better than clear skin Teens?

  • Washroom

It should be noted that to wash with plain soap is not recommended, neither for the teenagers, or women. Soap is very dry skin, removes its protective layer, does not trap moisture. It is best to care will use a special cleanser that can be in the form of foams, gels, milks, etc.

  • Tonic

Also required for the skin care in adolescence should become a toner after cleansing.

Skin type

Before you start choosing for a cleanser (cleansing), it is necessary to determine the type of skin of a teenager. It is of 4 types, as in adults: normal, dry, oily and combination.

  • If the teenager has a normal skin, no visible defects, it is enough to wash the gel or milk cleanser and tone the skin.
  • Dry skin is a boy or a girl says that she doesn’t have enough moisture. So buy your child a special gel or milk cleanser for dry skin. Do not use products with alcohol. So you only desiccate the skin.
  • Teenagers often have oily skin. This is due to hormonal changes in the body. Learn more about why Teens get pimples and how to treat problem skin, will tell below. Wash teenagers with oily skin also recommended a special products for problem or oily skin.
  • With combination skin (chin area, nose and forehead has signs of fat, and the cheeks are dry) should be selected special funds, and in any case do not use soap for washing, so as not to overdry the skin even more.

It is important to teach the teenager to complete the process of cleansing and wiping the face with tonic (lotion). This step will not only help to cleanse the skin before the end, but will give her extra hydration.

Thus, the binding means to care for the skin of a teenager – umyvalka and tonic.

Whether you need to moisturize the skin?

Many mothers of adolescent girls reflect, whether you want to buy any moisturizers for skin care teenagers? Because the skin at a young age elastic and smooth. Could this cause any harm to the skin creams?

As they say beauticians, young skin creams can cause harm. But this will happen only if they are chosen correctly.

Moisturize the skin the Teens need! Therefore, it is important to help parents purchase the correct moisturizing cream for skin care of a teenage girl and boy. This will help keep the elasticity of young skin and soften it after washing.

  • If the teenager has a normal skin, you can use any moisturizing light cream, which is composed of sprouted wheat, honey, yeast, olive oil, etc.
  • Oily skin also needs moisturizing, because the treatment of acne dries the skin. Pick up creams with chamomile, calendula and yarrow.
  • Adolescents very rarely dry skin. But if you notice that your child’s skin is often scaly, pick moisturizers with natural oils (e.g. tea tree oil). Do not buy creams with collagen or hyaluronic acid. They are suitable for skin after 20.

The teenager also important to monitor the drinking regime and consume enough fruits and vegetables so that the skin is getting enough moisture.

Do I need to do masks for skin teen?

As the skin of teenagers, the young, simple mask on the yogurt with fresh fruit or clay, will serve as an additional means to care for the skin of teenage girls. Before applying the mask the skin should be cleaned of dead skin layers with peels (dry skin) or a scrub (oily skin).

How to protect your skin?

On Sunny days the skin on the face need to be protected from direct rays. It is better to use sunscreen with an SPF of 15. How to choose sunscreen, women’s website told here. Also for protection it is possible to apply light creams for young skin.

In cold weather the skin of a teenager, too, need to protect. Fit special tools that need to be applied to the skin in the cold season. They are also produced by many cosmetic companies.

If the skin is problematic

Care for problem skin of a teenager is different from caring for normal skin. It is important to correctly care for the skin with rashes to prevent complications.

Besides, set up yourself and your child to quickly get rid of acne on teenage skin impossible. It takes time – 3 to 6 months.

Where to start?

It is important to begin to determine how hard sprinkled the skin with acne. Helps in this very simple test: you need to count the pimples on the face.

  • If they are little (up to 10) – a mild disease.
  • If they face up to 40 – this middle stage.
  • If there are more than 40 – difficult stage.

At different stages requires different skin care teenager.

To understand the nuances of care for problem skin of a teenager, you need to understand why her pimples.

How is the pimple?

The skin contains hair follicles, which are surrounded by sebaceous glands. Of these glands secretes fat, which is good effect on our skin if it is little.

  • In adolescence the body boys and girls strenuously produces male hormones.
  • These hormones in turn stimulate the production of sebum. It begins to produce in excess, and he begins to look for exits on the skin.
  • In the same period, changes occur in the top layer of the skin. He rogoway and compacted. Sebum can’t be released and begins to accumulate under the skin — inflamed sebaceous gland. Around her (sebum) begin to multiply of harmful bacteria.
  • On the skin formed bumps – pimples on the face of a teenager.

As you can see, everything is interconnected. And if it is wrong to fight the acne in adolescence (e.g., squeeze out or dry them), can greatly damage the skin.

We, the parents, it is important to get Teens the information and to teach, what should be the care of the skin in adolescence.

If acne little

Cleansing remains a mandatory part of the care of problem skin of a teenager. Select the specific gel cleanser (for oily) skin. Wash your face 2 times a day.

The face wipe with a disposable paper towel and throw away. Not the same towel to use for the face 2 times. You will spread germs all over his face.

If the acne more than 20

Cleansing leave unchanged. It is a must!

After the face is cleansed, for it 1 time a day (at night) with a thin layer use a special cleanser for acne that contains substances that fight acne. Their action is directed to the opening of the sebaceous duct and soften the upper keratinized layer. The most popular medications Differin, Zineryt, Kelentit, Matt and their analogues.

  • It is important to explain to Teens that the drug is applied not only on the problem area, but all over the face. This is the first.
  • Second, and equally important: the treatment lasts 3 to 6 months! This is because the skin is renewed every 28 days. In order to completely get rid of acne, the skin needs to be updated 3 to 6 times.
  • Another important aspect of the treatment cannot be interrupted, even if you notice that the acne disappeared and the skin became clean.

The third (heavy) stage

Skin care teenage girls is different from skin care for teenage boy. If teenage girls a lot of pimples on the face, the treatment should include external supplementation with antibiotics and contraceptive drugs inside.

Yes, no matter how it sounded, but teenagers dermatologist will recommend contraceptives to decrease the body production of male hormones. Don’t forget that they can be the cause of a large number of pimples on the face of the girls.

Even the instructions for contraceptive drugs provided that they are prescribed for the treatment of acne. Guys this regimen is not suitable!

We focus your attention on the fact that treatment in this case selects only specialist. We won’t mention the name of hormone pills and ointments with an antibiotic for the treatment of acne in adolescence. Assigned to the only specialist.

Today, almost all cosmetic companies manufacture special equipment for the care of the skin of a teenager. Sets include and the can and and tonics, and preparations for moisturizing and nourishing the skin. If the skin little pimples, then these funds enough to care.

Leaders series for teenagers are considered to be of the firm Mia, green Mama, Mirra, Natura siberika, La Roche Posay, Clearasil, Vichy and others.

Let’s teach our children to properly care for your skin from a young age.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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