Prostration: where and how to get rid of it?

In order to be Beautiful and Successful, you need to be energetic and active. But it can also happen that the energy level drops. You feel listless, do not want to communicate, to work, to do them. Extreme degree of this condition can develop into a long prostration. The most unpleasant in this state is a sense of guilt for “aimlessly lost days”. What are the symptoms and causes of prostration how to get out of this unpleasant and painful condition?

In a state of prostration of the people might go after experiencing great stress, for example, a sudden loss of a loved one. Here to advise anything would be wrong because such States, when they completely lost the meaning of life, should be dealt with by a qualified technician.

We’ll talk about prostration, which occur seemingly “out of the blue”, and about how to deal with it.

How to describe the prostration?

The state of prostration is often compared with the language – people can sit for hours in one position, to look at one spot and feel nothing. In complex cases, disappear physical reflexes, such as the desire to eat, the need to observe hygiene, etc.

You feel lack of energy and indifference to what is happening around.

We can say that prostration is different from depression complete depression: no bad mood – you don’t feel anything at all.

Add here speech and motor retardation, and you’ll get such a zombie that does not understand it exists.

Prostration – exit the darkness

The person in prostration, need strong emotions.

Psychologists say that this “La Sonnambula” you need to either be very surprised or very angry. Where to find the impressions – you better know (for example, go on show magicians and ask for a volunteer to you “disappeared” or “sawed” :)) advised to prefer the first option because anger is a negative emotion, is fraught with broken relationships with others.

Turn off the conscience and sleep

People in a state of prostration, say a constant desire to sleep and that “to them in a dream more pleasant.” So the body and indicates that he needs a break.

Sleep is a great drug from many health problems. In the case of prostration – especially since the reasons according to which there is a condition doctors call physical exhaustion and extreme fatigue.

It is best to use for otsypana weekend, but if you have a working and home environment, take a rest in the middle of the week and sleep as much as you like.

Most importantly – don’t blame yourself for things undone. Prove yourself to those that still benefit from you like this no. But then I can commence duties with increased energy and a clear head.

To give and to take

A good way to get out of prostration – to force yourself to care about someone, especially if for yourself to do anything you do not want.

You can’t sit idly by if someone is home sick? Want – not have to get out of prostration, to cook broth, to call a doctor, go to the pharmacy.

To do something useful, enjoyable or help the needy people is a way to change the situation, break the pattern and get positive emotions at the same time.

It remains only to find such a person.

Change the scenery

The makeover, hairstyles, hair colors, shopping, travel to another city – also known cure for the apathetic state. But in the case of prostration that you need to want to get up, get out of the house…

In General, you need to do something, and that is not desirable.

So start changing the world with all possible details: the reshuffling of small furniture, pots of flowers, changing mats or bed linen.

Change the diet, drinks, the workplace, the usual view outside the window. In General, do what in your power in your “disassembled” state.

Remember the order

Take a paper and pen and write down ten answers to the question “why me out of prostration?”. Can enter plans for the next weekend or five years – no difference.

See how you have only good things ahead, and sooner or later will be the motivation to get out of bed and start to implement it.

People in the know when symptoms prostration suggest also to pay attention to other aspects of everyday life: the level of iodine, hemoglobin, amount of oxygen and the sun, and even then, do you communicate with the energy vampires ? All this can affect the level of activity and vitality.

A state of prostration should not last more than a week. Otherwise, it is better to visit a specialist, but don’t try to self assign yourself antidepressants or other medications.

Short-term, “healthy” prostration take a break in your life – you have every right to it!

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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