Provence style in the interior – French simplicity and elegance

Fashion interiors is slower than, say, clothes: it’s not the dress that is worn more than a few seasons. Even “refreshing” repair is usually enough for good pagesecurity, and the carefully designed interior can serve as at least a whole generation of inhabitants of the house! If you want to create in your home is such a “family nest”, where all will be cozy and comfortable, I advise you to pay attention to the Provence style in the interior – a style that never goes out of interior fashion already… a good half century!

What is Provencal style in the interior?

About the French province of Provence, you know, of course, everything. This is the area where is still preserved the charm of historic small towns where residents know a lot about good wines and tasty stunning kitchen, which came (and come) for the inspiration of artists and writers, and time there flows much calmer than in the bustling metropolis.

And yet Provence is the sea! And all this is felt in the style of “Provence”.

In this direction mixed “urban” and “rural“, the elegance of vintage and Antiques with the simplicity of natural materials. This style was originally created for a rural lifestyle in a typical provençal house certainly has a veranda for tea parties with family and guests, and the kitchen is not a “utility room”, and a very important place in the house, where there are all sorts of culinary wonders!

In such houses was dominated by calm bright colorsto the interior was filled with light and air, and natural materials – wood and wicker furniture, linen textiles, stone walls, etc.

A modern version of Provence style in the interior can be reproduced not only in a country house, but in an ordinary apartment.

The main thing — to follow the pastel color scheme and style.

The walls, floor, ceiling

If you decide to create an interior in a Provencal style, the first thing you have to think about is the finishing of the premises. The basic rule – the simpler and the more natural it will look, the better!

The walls in the village houses Wallpaper is not papered – the best choice would be plaster or painting, can effect craquelure, artificial aging. Shades – of course, bright, fit even just white!

If you have the opportunity and desire, you can decorate the walls with a tile “under a rock” or “brick”. Also make the wood paneling (it will look good, for example, in the hallway or on the porch).

The ceiling is bright. Sometimes, if the ceiling height allows, for contrast attach ceiling beams, painted in dark brown color.

Paul – of course, the tree! In the village doing plank floors, but in the city it can be parquet or, in modern terms, laminate flooring.

Furniture in Provence style

Provencal style in the interior is difficult, perhaps, is the selection of furniture. Regarded high-quality, well-made furniture, albeit rough, “rustic” looking. Is is handmade or vintage.

Material — of course, the tree: it’s painted in light shades, “sostarivayut” the painted surface, sometimes covered with floral paintings in a rustic style!

In this interior will not find a wardrobe and high chest of drawers – things are proposed to be stored in low cupboards, tables, buffets, special “chip” can be a large chest or trunk. And if still insufficient, appropriate will be the mezzanine.

In addition to chairs, couches and sofas, in the interior Provencal style are appropriate wooden benches, tables or stools (for example, the kitchen). The center of the interior is undoubtedly the table: often it is round or oval.

Wonderful Supplement heavy wooden things will be a wicker chair, a delicate wrought-iron floor lamp or coffee table. Wrought iron can also be the legs of tables, headboards, etc.

Textile in style

Fabrics in the provençal style, the interior lot is not only upholstery but also curtains, numerous cushions, mandatory tablecloths and napkins

The main print is floral.

It can be a lot, and in the interior you can combine different floral fabric. It is also possible bleached linen, plain fabric pale, as if sun-bleached, colors, and a wide strip of (usually white-blue, as a reminder of the invisible presence of the sea). Welcome lace, ruffles, ribbons, embroidery, patchwork (patchwork) — all handmade.

Decor and cute little things

At first glance, the interior in Provence style is very full with all sorts of decorative knick-knacks, but it is important to remember that the main principle of style is to keep a sense of lightness, metagranodiorite room! It is especially important to remember this if you create the interior of this style in the not very spacious for a city apartment better something to give, than to receive in the end, “the Museum of unnecessary junk”!

As interior add-ons are a good bouquets (preferably fresh, but can be made of dried flowers) – they will continue the theme of floral prints. You can add a touch of vintage – wrought-iron candle holder, figurine, photo in vintage style or vintage postcards in the respective frames.

Will look good crafts – patchwork bedspread, or pillow in the technique of patchwork, crochet napkins, embroidered cloth, etc you can Also recall the marine theme – figures flying seagulls, seashells and sea stones too can find your place!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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