Queen of the beach: how to do breathing exercises

The dream of many women is to become slimmer without strict diets, grueling workouts, and other hard limits seems feasible. But this is not true. In fact, simple ways to get rid of the extra pounds exist.

For example, it is breathing techniques. “ToKnow365.top” today, introduces his readers to one of them. This respiratory system “Queen of the beach”.

Breathing exercises “Queen of the beach”: the method

In fact, the method is very simple:

  • Stand up straight, do not strain.
  • Slowly inhale through your nose for 4 accounts. Keep used not superficial, “chest” breathing. When you inhale should inflate your abdomen.
  • Hold your breath and count to 16.
  • Now you can do it exhale slowly through your mouth for 8 accounts.

That’s basically the whole system. The secret of its magical action is that during apnea, the body suffers from a lack of oxygen, and the blood starts to circulate faster. The result is faster metabolism. While during the slow exhalation you will help the removal of toxins from the body.

To do exercise “Queen of the beach” is recommended three times a day, 10 reps at a time. It acts especially effective if performed immediately after ingestion.

The beauty of this system in the fact that for its implementation does not need any special space, or other equipment. It can be done at home and at work, at rest and during the execution of household chores. As simple as possible!

The author pam grout says that by regularly practicing this system, you not only lose weight but also become more energetic, healthy and even boost your intellectual level. Now this method of breathing actively popularitywith Marina Korpan within the respiratory system slimming occisis.

And here the Queen of the beach?

Agree to meet even the most useful exercise under the simple account is not so interesting: it is a bit annoying.

But you can make it much more fun and more effective if you add a small auditory training. For example, what’s wrong with the phrase “I am the Queen of the beach!”? Sounds nice and really motivates to become one!

Therefore, instead of depressing to count to 4, then to 16, then to 8, is it not better to say to yourself that “magic” formula: “I am the Queen of the beach – again, I’m the Queen of the beach – two…” etc.?

The fact that this sentence just pronounced on four accounts. Thus, on the inhale it must be repeated 1 time, breath-hold – 4 times, and exhale – 2.

In the end, no matter what phrase you say. Choose one that you think is most inspiring, for example: “I’m beautiful and slim again” or something else. It could be a line from your favourite song or poem, as long as it fits on two main criteria:

  • It should be pronounced 3 account (the fourth account is the ordinal number of phrases to not forget how many times you said it).
  • The phrase should inspire you.
  • If you decide to practice breathing “Queen of the beach”, remember that the main condition is the observance of the formula 1:4:2, ie, breath-hold should be 4 times longer than that of inhalation and exhalation — last 2 times longer than inhalation.

    Thus, you can take on 4 accounts, and 3, then hold your breath will have 12 accounts and exhalation will last until you count to 6. Of course, in this case, the phrase should be different, and you wouldn’t lose your rhythm.

    And, on the contrary, perhaps in the process of training you will want to increase the duration of breath-delay-exhalation, then pick a longer phrase, for example “I’m beautiful, look at me again…” or something else. It is important to stick to the formula.

    Breath “the Queen of the beach” reviews

    May seem incredible that such a simple technique really helps to lose weight.

    Well, “ToKnow365.top” gives the floor to women who exercise the “Queen of beach” reviews, which are found on the Internet.

    • This year, I strongly recovered: by as much as 10 kilos! Was ready to do anything to lose weight, and tried this exercise, with not too much hope on the result. I must say that I was shocked when I found that my waist had decreased in volume by 3 cm in just a week! In that moment nothing else I was doing, then helped me is this technique. Continue to breathe in the morning after waking up, after each meal and before you go to bed. Lyubov89.
    • Exercise “Queen of the beach” is just 5 minutes, and the results are truly amazing: in just a couple days my hips have decreased by 1.5 cm to Admit, did not expect such a “speed” effect! Will continue definitely. Tatyanka.
    • Tried the technique on myself. Share the results: for the week dropped 1.5 kg, tightened all the body, even, it seems, cellulite has become less noticeable. And increased energy and strength, and to curb the appetite has become much easier. Smile.

    As you can see, the technique of “Queen of the beach” really works, you only need to not be lazy, and the result is sure to be!

    The author – Elena Matusak (Lanberri), site – ToKnow365.top

    Queen of the beach: how to do breathing exercises

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