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At this time the female readers of the site asked her numerous questions to the beautician and dermatologist.

Today’s expert Karina Vardanyan, dermatologist, PhD, European Medical Center.

How to treat spider veins on the face?

On my face spider veins. Tell, please, than to treat them, or at least make it not as noticeable? Olga.

Hello, Olya! Problem spider veins on the face associated with many external and internal factors. Unfortunately, external medicines (creams, serums) are not effective enough.

Today for solving this problem, there are different types of lasersthat are used in hardware cosmetology. We recommend You to consult a dermatologist for detailed examination and choice of treatment.

Facial wrinkles around the eyes

I am 31 years old, I had wrinkles around the eyes. Tell me, whether early? What to do with them? Is it possible to get rid of them forever? Julia.

Hello, Julia! The problem of wrinkles around the eyes may be associated with various reasons, for example: dryness of the skin, using the wrong means for skin care around the eyes, and with the first signs of skin aging. To understand the main cause of wrinkles around the eyes and find a way to solve this problem, I recommend You to go to the beautician, but better — to the doctor-dermatologist.

Enlarged pores on the nose

Are there any methods how to get rid of enlarged pores on the nose? Is there something radical? Terribly interfere with the lives of black dots, the nose looks bluish (( Alla.

Good day, Alla! The problem of enlarged pores on the face are often associated with increased greasiness of the skin. This issue may allow a competent selection of cosmetics and special cosmetic treatments. Dermatologist will help You to choose an individual program of correction of enlarged pores.

Dry skin acne: SC to care?

How to care for dry, but acne-prone and acne skin? I have such, I have several years with her suffering, yet the answer is not found. Anna

Anna, good afternoon. You first need to solve the issue with acne (acne) on the skin. I think You use a drying means, so the skin becomes dry. For proper selection of therapeutic agents for the treatment of acne, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive examinationwhich includes biochemical and hormonal analysis. Competent selection of medicines on the basis of the results of the survey and proper skin care will help to solve Your problem.

A mechanical cleaning of the face

How often do mechanical cleaning of the face in the beauty salon? And what types of cleansing, in principle, effective and what a waste of money? I mean here you come to the salon, you there face smear different musillami say — this face mask cleanses your pores. And she never cleans! Maybe homemade mask will clean your face better? Whether mechanical cleaning are the most effective? Lo.

Good day, Lo! Type of cleaning and its frequency depends upon the skin problem You want to solve. Mechanical cleaning is often better not to do, because they damage the sebaceous glands, which can lead to its inflammation. It is best to do so-called atraumatic cleaning of the face based on multi-fruit complexes, such treatments are available in salons and medical clinics. Depending on the problem, the dermatologist will determine the frequency of the atraumatic cleaning of the face and select the right cosmetics for home care.

The skin on the elbows

What to do with the skin on the elbows? It is clear that it is not necessary elbows on the table to bet, but if there is such a bad habit, and elbows then climbed? Oksana.

Hello Oksana! The problem of dry elbows can be connected not only with external factors but also internal factors. Deal with them and pick the right treatment will help You dermatologist.

There were moles

It was a hot summer I do not particularly tanned, and his arms and shoulders a lot of moles appeared. It’s too scary? What to do?

Moles or nevi often occur after increased solar radiation on the exposed parts of the body (face, shoulders, hands, décolleté).

The appearance of new moles are not dangerous, but under the sunlight of the mole may change. First of all it concerns their color, size, shape, and borders. Therefore, dermatologists recommend that the solar period to use a sunscreen. The choice of cream with a sun protection factor (SPF) depends on skin type. If You notice any changes in moles You need to consult a dermatologist. Dermatologist examine all moles by a special device — Dermatoscope, which allows you to painlessly and safely evaluate the changes in moles. This study is called Dermoscopy, and hold it for prophylaxis is recommended annually.

Vitamins for skin

Question about vitamins for the skin. What, besides A and E, it is necessary to take in pill form? I have problem and sensitive skin. Maybe for her there are specific vitamins? Veronica.

Good afternoon, Veronica! You are right, in addition to vitamins A and E, necessary for skin and other vitamins, especially groups, as well as various micronutrients such as zinc, selenium and calcium. Special vitamin complexes for skin dermatologist individually depending on the specific problem and a small survey which allows to identify the lack of those or other vitamins and minerals.

Question about cosmeceuticals

Heard about cosmeceuticals that this is no ordinary cosmetic and therapeutic. What it is, and it’s worth it to use if any serious skin problems no? Svetlana.

Svetlana, good day! Cosmeceuticals is a special dermatological (medical) cosmeticsthat are sold only in pharmacies. The basis of medical cosmetics — thermal water.

Cosmetic products designed to care for different skin types: normal, sensitive, dry and oily skin and anti-age tools and hair care products. Helps solve various skin problems and also improve overall skin condition and its external appearance. These tools are hypoallergenic, they contain no flavorings, preservatives, fragrance. Medical cosmetics is appointed by the dermatologist individually.

Let me remind you that questions to the dermatologist from readers answered Karina Vardanyan, dermatologist, PhD, European Medical Center.
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