Questions on breast augmentation plastic surgeon

Breast enlargement by surgery is a topic that concerns many women. Few of us are completely happy with the shape and size of the Breasts – the rest somehow thought about plastic surgery on her quivering body parts.

And today to the questions of readers of the site “” meets Samartsev Viktor Ivanovich — a plastic surgeon with 30 years of experience in plastic and reconstructive microsurgery.

What you need to know about the surgery mammoplasty

“I really want to enlarge Breasts, but do not know how to choose a plastic surgeon for this and what the implants look? Anna”

Anna, when choosing a plastic surgeon, first and foremost, you need to pay attention to the experience of the surgeon in this area. Unfortunately, in Russia the system of postgraduate training to become a plastic surgeon immediately after graduation. And it’s not quite right.

If the surgeon has extensive experience, positive reviews, then your choice should be done only after communication with the surgeon.

There are many manufacturers of implants in the world. I prefer firm Mentor with more than 15 years and have not yet encountered any problems. Besides, they are the only manufacturer that gives a lifetime warranty around the world.

“What now is the operation for breast enlargement? Olga”

Olga, the price range for the surgery for breast augmentation is very large. I think you need to focus on the average level of prices. For example, in our clinic mammoplasty using the best implants with lifetime warranty is 220 thousand rubles. To decide after consultation.

“Good day, plastic surgeon! I have almost no Breasts, all bras with foam too big for me (don’t fill the Cup), even the smallest. I want to put implants, but it will probably be immediately apparent that fake Boobs? Irina”

Irina, of course, if the girl wants a small size chest size 4-5, professionals never do plastic surgery of the breast so that the Breasts looked real. Roughly speaking, the more tissue covers the implant and the more it is picked up, the more natural the result looks. And of course, we need technology to comply with proper installation and it can be done only by an experienced plastic surgeon.

“I would like to know what new technology appeared in the breast augmentation surgery. Olya”

Olga, plastic surgery is not in place. Developed new methods of surgical interventions, improved technology in the manufacture of implants. Plastic surgery is rapidly evolving for the better.

Restrictions and rehabilitation after mammoplasty

“And how long is the period from surgery to a comfortable life with the new Breasts? Katya”

Catherine, the rehabilitation period after surgery lasts one month. In the first two weeks should be seen by a doctor 2-3 times a week. The main rehabilitation is to wear a special bodice for 4 weeks. Later you can return to normal life. The only long-term restriction — for years, you must be very careful to physical stress on the chest.

“Ready to move in, and even money saved up, but I’m afraid of the restrictions associated with a new chest – on her stomach, no sleep, injuries are avoided in the bath not to go etc. What do I do? Maybe the medicine has stepped forward and all this is possible? Yana”

Ian, of course, as after any surgery, there are limitations. All that you have listed, is the time constraints, and after 4 weeks, you will easily be able to go to the gym, pool, sauna, sleeping on the stomach.

This time flies by quickly! But then — a full life with new impressions, wardrobe and Dating. It’s worth it!

Common fears associated with breast implants

“I have 5-th breast size, and I want to reduce it, but the photo on the Internet before and after breast reduction scaring me, because it appears the scar under the breast. Is it possible to do without it? Tanya”

Tatiana, the scar under the breast remains in the reduction of very large Breasts. This so-called reverse (inverted) the letter T. But there is now a method, so-called vertical seam. When using this method the seam under the breast is missing. Sign up for a consultation, and the surgeon will tell you in detail about the existing alternatives.

“I’m afraid of surgery and breast enlarge want. Maybe there are some other methods? Exercises? Creams? Folk remedies? Just to reliable! Alice”

Alice, I can only feel upset! Mostly supplements and folk remedies work on hormones, and getting hormones in the body can lead to tumors. Well, the gels and creams for breast enhancement – simply flip: women pay the money, use it, and the breast does not increase. Breast surgery is a reliable and relatively safe method.

“Is the operation for breast augmentation is not associated with the risk of cancer and any tumors? I am afraid! Katya”

Catherine, in America and Europe have conducted very serious research for the past 25 years. The conclusions are clear: the risk of breast cancer in patients with implants is exactly the same as in women without them. Ie implants in any way do not provoke breast cancer.

“I am nulliparous, I have heard that after the plastic do not breast-feed. Is it really so? Verochka”

Faith, many of the implants produced around the world, allow you to breast-feed after surgery for breast enlargement. Plus modern technique involves placing implants under the pectoralis muscle. In this setup, the implant is irrelevant to the functioning of the breast.

On questions of readers of the site answered Samartsev Viktor Ivanovich — a plastic surgeon, doctor of higher category, member of the society of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons of Russia (charge). Experience in surgery for more than 30 years, specialist in plastic and reconstructive microsurgery. Phone to record for a free consultation: +7 (495) 6695333.

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