Questions to the gynecologist — 4

Questions to the gynecologist are an inexhaustible stream. And today especially for women’s website your questions are answered Cornelia Madan, obstetrician-gynecologist, European Medical Center and the doctor of the first category.

Today we will discuss the issues of contraception and issues, or otherwise associated with hormonal contraceptives. You will hear about the promised answer of the gynecologist to the question, is it possible to get better because of the hormones?

Took “Chloe”. There is a possibility to get pregnant?

I take the cure ”Chloe” cut 12 days, on day 13 had sexual intercourse, had unprotected sex. Tell me, is there a possibility of pregnancy? Anna

Anna! You did not specify when they began taking the drug. If this is not the first round, then pregnancy is ruled out.

If You were first in this series reception “Chloe” from the first day of menstruation — pregnancy is impossible.

If the drug is started for the first time in this series later — on the 5th day of the cycle, during the first 7 days of receiving the required additional methods of contraception. Given that the contact was at 13-th day of treatment, pregnancy is unlikely .

Is it possible to get better because of the hormones?

Is it possible to get better because of the hormones? And if so, for what exactly? Or due to some diseases? Sincerely, Irina.

To recover on a background of reception of hormonal preparations is possible. It is glucocorticoids, but the weight change depends on the duration of intake and dose.

If You mean hormonal birth control, it is possible slight weight gain when taking those drugs that cause fluid retention in the tissues. If you cancel the drug, the effect stops.

Today in the Arsenal of doctors there are contraceptive preparations that are devoid of this side effect.

Better perhaps also due to endocrine diseaseinvolving metabolic disorders. Overweight not endocrine pathology appears due to failure of the pancreas, liver, small intestine and colon or as a result of genetic disorders.

Than to protect themselves from pregnancy at the age of 16?

I’m not giving birth, I’m 16 years old. Live a sexual life already half a year. Terribly afraid of getting pregnant. Tell me, how to protect themselves from pregnancy? Maybe some pills to drink? And I’ve heard there are some shots of pregnancy. Thank you in advance! Inna.

Inna! According to who recommendations (world Health Organization) the most appropriate contraception at Your age are combined oral contraceptives.

In addition to high contraceptive effectiveness of combined oral contraceptives reduce the risk of inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs, have a regulating effect on the menstrual cycle. However, we must remember that oral contraceptives do not protect against sexually transmitted infections.

Only the dual method combined oral contraceptives + condom — allows combining contraceptive efficacy with protection from STIs.

Before you start taking combined oral contraceptives, it is necessary to consult a doctor in order to identify possible contraindications to the use of this method of contraception and pick up the required medication.

Now the question from me (Sympaty):

Cornelia, do You recommend a 16 year old girl oral contraceptives, but my GYN believes that they are at this age can still affect the growth of the skeletal system. Could You clarify this question for me and for the site in particular? And why combined oral contraceptives, but not condoms? Than one condom is wrong?

Not proven the effect of combined oral contraceptives on early closure of growth zones bones.

The Pearl index when using condoms — 12 , the use of oral contraceptives is 0.5 — 1.

The Pearl index is equal to the number of unintended pregnancies during one year in 100 women using a particular method of contraception and describes its contraceptive effect.

The lower the score, the more reliable method of contraception.

In adolescence recommended so-called “Dutch method of contraception, “of which I spoke: a combination of oral contraceptives with condoms which allows you to protect yourself not only from unwanted pregnancy but also from sexually transmitted diseases.

In any case, the optimal method of contraception for You, taking into account all contraindications You will be able to choose the doctor only after an appropriate examination.

Let me remind you that questions to the gynecologist readers answered Cornelia Madan, obstetrician-gynecologist, European Medical Center, doctor of first category
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