Questions to the gynecologist

Published on the women’s website “” in early August, the article “Questions to the gynecologist” has caused the most logical response — a new wave of questions ?

All the questions raised by you, we gave the specialists. Today your questions will be answered by Olga Loginova, gynecologist, European Medical Center. The questions were related to various infections, delayed menstruation, and virginity.

The gynecologist issue 1: Delay in menses after childbirth

I am 16 years old, I recently had a baby, but before baby I had problems with my period, constant delays. Gave birth, after birth I got my period after 2 weeks, then there was a delay of 2 months, now again a delay of 6 days, but below the belly aches. Tell me what to do!?

A: Good day! After birth within a few months may be scant bloody discharge (lochia), which are blood clots, mucus, remnants of tissue from the uterine cavity. The first menstruation after childbirth can come in for the first 4-6 months after birth or may not come at all in the period of breastfeeding (if the woman is nursing), so-called lactational amenorrhea. Therefore, irregular menstural after childbirth during the first 6 months is perfectly normal, You have no reason for concern. If You are concerned about abdominal pain, we recommend You contact your gynecologist.

Gynecologist question 2: does it ureaplasmosis pregnant?

My husband and I live 2 years, but to have a child does not work, doctors say it was due ureaplasmosis. My husband and I were treated (not slept) for six months, but no no. Please help me is there any strong treatment?! Now I drink ”main”, I think, it can help to get pregnant?! How to cure a ureaplasmosis?

A: Good day! The ureaplasmosis does not apply to infections that can lead to infertility, to treat anaplasmosis in most cases not necessary. We do not recommend You taking any drugs for “self-treatment” of infertility. To determine infertility, couples need to go to a gynecologist for a comprehensive examination of the woman and sexual partner. And only after receiving the results of the survey, the pair offered one or another form of assisted reproductive technology to achieve the result – of pregnancy.

A question to the gynecologist 3: Pain sex from chlamydia?

Hello. I had chlamydia, as it turned out, more than a year. Then I was 17 years old. Then I cured him. I know that there is a strong possibility of adhesions of the fallopian tubes, which threatens to infertility. During sex in some positions can often feel a pulling pain in the abdomen. And everything is fine. Do I need to be tested, or are these due to the physiology of pain and uncomfortable posture?

A: Good day! Indeed, a history of chlamydia can cause adhesions in the pelvis and obstruction of the fallopian tubes.

Pain during intercourse can be associated with uncomfortable posture , or to be manifestations of different diseases, to avoid that we recommend You to consult gynecologist for examination.

If you suspect adhesions in the pelvis can carry out the procedure of hysterosalpingography to determine tubal patency. The need for this procedure is usually determined by the gynecologist after a comprehensive survey of women.

Question the gynecologist 4: a Virgin?

Hello! When we with my young man were engaged in first time sex I was a virgin. But no discharge of blood. The second time, too. Could this be due to the fact that I was quite well relaxed and did not obstruct the intercourse? When the first time we tried to have sex, then I was very tensed and was in great pain. The guy couldn’t get me to relax, and that was it. Is there a way to verify the virgin I or not?

A: Good day! The hymen is a fold of mucous membrane with a hole, covering the entrance to the vagina between the internal and external genitalia. During their first sexual intercourse it is usually (but not always) destroyed. Its destruction can also occur due to some sort of injury. So You do not need to worry if after the first sex You had bleeding. Perhaps this is due to the fact that she was already somewhat destroyed to sex (trauma, using tampons, etc.). Or it could be due to the fact that the hymen is very elastic, and its walls did not explode after a few sexual contacts.

As You have already had sex, You are no longer a virgin. You may have partial walls destiney hymen, but she completely destroyed soon after birth.

Let me remind you that on the questions of the readers answered Olga Loginova,
gynecologist , European Medical Center,
telephone center: +7 (495) 933 66 55

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