Quilted skirt: how to choose and what to wear?

When the cold is already being declare themselves, there are two solutions to the question “what to wear” or all winter to become a “gliding pant rack”, or pick up a warm skirt. Quilted skirt – just what you need!

How to wear this unusual thing – tell original women’s website “ToKnow365.top“.

What combination of different models quilted skirts?

That quilted skirt are different in cut and material, I think you already guessed. They are made of leather, thick fabric skirts are quilted padding polyester, etc.

As a General rule, these skirts are good with warm clothes: knitted, knitted, tweed, etc.

  • “Skirts-jackets” (with quilted lining) and winter model, they are worn with a sweater knit.
  • Skirts in quilted leather can be combined with a turtleneck, a sweater or a regular cotton shirt.
  • The skirt of quilted fabric will be good with the knitted “top”, as well as fur items – fur coats, vests.

Now let’s talk about what things are needed in order to create images with quilted skirts of different lengths.

What to wear with quilted skirt lengths mini?

Short skirt with stitch – a good option for those who like mini on the cold season. These skirts go perfectly with tights and stockings, high knee socks and knee socks.

High boots-thigh boots is also a decent way to insulate your feet to safely wear a quilted.

As “top” will fit sweaters, pullovers, sweatshirts. If you wear a turtleneck – add it with a fur vest, or knitted. Always topical combination with a quilted mini – jumper over the shirt, or shirt with a short jacket casual Chanel.

Please note that short skirt with stitch visually expands the hips. So it’s good to look it would be only on fairly slender girls.

Long quilted skirt: what to wear?

Quilted skirt length below mid-calf is a subtle thing. Of course, it’s warm and comfortable, but often looks heavy and “hollow”. One wrong move and you will look old-fashioned.

What should I do to avoid this?

  • Wear heel.
  • In any case, do not wear a jacket or a vest!
  • Let the “top” is big enough, volume. It can be a sweater tank, cardigan with sleeves “bat”, etc.
  • Try to leave open hand (below the elbow) and/or neck. This will give the image of lightness.
  • Enhance the image of major jewelry.

Quilted mid-length skirts: ideas combinations

There are two basic models of quilted skirts are in the length range from knee to mid-calf. It’s pencil skirts and skirts cut “sun” (i.e. lush).

Quilted circle skirt can be worn with a turtleneck, a shirt or a blouse (they are filled inside), with a jumper. If the top fitting, you get the classic silhouette of the “new look”, but in a stylish modern interpretation.

But you can do the opposite – wear quilted “flare” with a slouchy oversize sweater. This is an unusual combination, but it is worth remembering that it can afford only skinny young ladies.

Quilted pencil goes well with shirts and blouses, and jackets of velvet, wool or corduroy. If you want to wear a knitted thing – please, just prefer things with a length up to the hips (or even extremely short the jumpers to the waist).

Shoes to quilted skirts

Here is “taboo” — shoes with pointed toes and thin stiletto heel. No, this does not mean that a staunch lover of the heel will have to change their habits – but the heel needs to be thick enough sustainable.

But if you prefer shoes to go low, the quilted skirt is definitely your thing!

Because these skirts, regardless of length, is perfectly suitable for a variety of shoes, boots and ankle boots with wedges or low heels, and loafers and moccasins.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

Quilted skirt: how to choose and what to wear?

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