Reasons of completeness: why full – this full

Recently on the women’s website “” the article was published full Why people don’t like? Really full of people sometimes not to be envied: and with the attitude of others they have problems and health.

And let’s face it, why complete people – such full? What are the reasons for their completeness? And whether completeness = laziness?

Disease – the cause of obesity?

Indeed, often the cause of of fullness and obesity various diseases, most often endocrine in nature. But there are people suffering from the same diseases, but not suffering from fullness. I personally know plenty of such examples.

My friend suffers from a complex endocrine diseases, which if left untreated will cause the body to literally unravel toad. But no, she keeps herself in the hands! Trying is only permitted foods, a feasible gymnastics – and only slightly overweight.

The reason for the fullness # 1: Overeating

Let’s face it: almost all of us love to eat. Some of us even love too! And if there is food, many do not limit yourself. Exactly. And overeating is the reason of completeness.

One of my friends (“once there was a nice lady – looking- quite square”) lives with his mother. My mom loves to cook all sorts of Goodies. And my daughter loves to eat so much that she often becomes ill after eating the Goodies just don’t fit in the stomach, and his stomach – having to clean out. Yes, the method of “two fingers in his mouth”.
And then what? Like what? The stomach is empty, that means we need to feed him!

A hearty Breakfast, the snack is too dense, after which many of us have not want to night sure. But no – next is lunch, Big Man, after it – afternoon snack of a Big Man, and why is dinner a Big Man (well, not to go to sleep hungry!)

And this diet physical activity usually minimal – as all the energy the body takes to digest food, to move do not want to. And the mood is forever drowsy. To lie would be…

And where do they go to calories eaten? It is clear where!

The reason of completeness No. 2: Incorrect distribution of food throughout the day

Plumper and some people really want to lose weight. And choose your system weight loss – fasting or a strict diet. It looks very enchanting:

Morning — fresh start: we are going to lose weight! A Cup of coffee without sugar and at work!
Lunch – watery soup or salad of healthy vegetables (hunger manages a little down). Lose weight, maintain our reputation!
And here – the long-awaited arrival home. Unbearably hungry. Ah, screw it! Where is my cherished pounds of ravioli?! And the whole pack in the pan – Boo! Yes, with butter, with some bread! Delicious!!! No, you don’t think the whole dinner is dumplings. They are only the beginning of the dinner party! ?
Well, the morning is, of course, is not desirable. All lose weight again!!!

You probably already understand what happens to the body in this case. Every day he experiences the stress associated with fasting, and takes the decision to “stock up in case of hunger strike”. Here it is, the reason for completeness: fat is stored the fact that “losing weight” eating for dinner. The evening unbearable hunger makes “losing weight” a woman to pounce on the first available products – and instinct usually leads to high-calorie, fatty, sugary.

It turns out that useful not eaten almost anything and diet no and pounds grow treacherous, and self-esteem persistently falling.

The reason of completeness originates in childhood, because we copy the behavior of parents. And parents usually are trying to feed us more, and tastier, and often!

The reason for the fullness # 3: Meals are too high-calorie foods

Oddly enough, fat people have strange cravings for very high-calorie products. Of course, it’s not in vain for the figure and health in General.

Now very common in the hotels “all inclusive” buffet, where everyone puts his plate what you like. So it is very easy to watch what you eat full, and that – slim people. My observations this summer are: most overweight people tend to be very high in calories and not at all helpful products. From the variety of dishes in our hotel they chose French fries with sauce, fried chicken wings, liberally smeared with mayonnaise salads, huge pieces of cake, beer and snacks for him. Their plates were full of food! Slender somehow didn’t cast him so much food. Needless to say that the beach is full of people mostly showed little physical activity?

Even if you eat not so much, but I prefer high-calorie foods, this can cause your complete. Consider whether you need to consume so many calories? If you are involved in fitness, if your work is physically demanding – why do you need so much? After all, over this “wealth” stored in problem areas!

Part of the reason that we abuse high-calorie foods is the dominance of advertising. On billboards, on screen, in magazines – delicious, rosy, inviting, attractive… How can you resist?

The secret lies in reading labels. Calories, and the more widely advertised products are usually not the most useful. They contain many sorts of food additives, hidden fats and very little of what goes on our body good.

This is similar to the extraction of gold from piles of stones. Gold is metaphorical nutrients ? In kilograms, say, ravioli, very, very little. And to get a sufficient amount of gold, the body has to process a huge pile of “stones”. So why feed the body obviously “lean ore“? Buy him “rich”!

The reason of completeness No. 4: too Lazy

Mind you, laziness is not on 1st place, but only on the 4th ?

“Oh, I can’t lose weight” — how often do you hear similar complaints from friends and acquaintances! But when the question of what exactly was done in order to lose weight, it turns out that especially nothing was done – so, a couple of days “starve” a couple of times shook the press, and that attempts to lose weight ended. But now it is possible to justify its entirety with the phrase “I tried to lose weight, but nothing happened.”

Don’t forget that to lose weight from magic pills, from exercise and from a week on the diet – it is impossible!!! Yes, weight loss is a long and complex process, and if you do nothing at all in order to lose weight, then the cause of your fullness – too lazy!

The reason of completeness No. 5: Binding stress

“When I suffer, I begin to eat everything,” complains my friend. It is full, very full. She has a lot of problems, grief and evil – all we need to jam!!! Friend aware of the feature, but… not trying to change anything! And the problems it can find 10 times a day, and sticking to them is a natural cause of its completeness!

You met such people who always have something to complain about? And according to Eric Berne, they all play the game “Yes, but…” — that is, always find justification for their own inaction in addressing these problems.

What do you think, is it possible to solve the problem, treat yourself with something tasty?
That’s what it is! It’s time to come up with a more reasonable way of getting rid of stress.

The reason of completeness # 6: self-Pity, but low self-esteem

Here is an interesting combination of self-pity and low self – esteem co-exists in most people.

Self-esteem is low, because for the completeness do not love yourself and hate. A pity because it is a pity to torture this fat body exercise and proper nutrition, because it’s scary to change something in life. Hence, probably, the reason of completeness No. 5 — binding stress!

And what is your reason of obesity?

It is important to realize that is your reason for fullness. But her awareness is only the first step towards the cherished goal of weight loss. Many get stuck on this step.

But consider this: you can live with this body ALL my LIFE!!! Don’t you want it? Unless the food can replace everything? And isn’t it time to begin to change something in your life?

Where to begin losing weight? Answers to your basic questions you will find in the section “lose Weight!” “Beautiful and Successful”. Go for it! I believe You will succeed!

The author – Olga Sympaty, site – Beautiful and Successful

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