Recipe sassy water: use for weight loss, contraindications, and reviews

The process of parting with excess weight for many of us it seems something supernatural and consisting entirely of ones limitations, demonstrate a fantastic of endurance, strength of character and iron will. The enemies of weight loss — lazy, unhealthy diet, lack of motivation, lack of physical activity and self-confidence. Leaving aside these weaknesses of modern man, start your way to a slim figure with potable mode. Moreover, nutritionists recommend to pay attention to the original recipe of water Sassi with the glory of the fat burning miracle cocktail.

Natalia Volkova, 22 Oct 2017522

The content of the article

  • 1 “Magic” quality
    • 1.1 What is the effect
    • 1.2 Characteristics of the composition
  • 2 to Whom and when contraindicated cocktail
  • 3 Recipes water Sassi: from the classics to the citrus delights
    • 3.1 the “Textbook” version
    • 3.2 Citrus mix
    • 3.3 For the impatient
  • 4 How to drink: 5 of the rules
  • 5 Plus diet program
  • 6 Reviews: “Cool water! The effect is very good!”

In the pursuit of miracle drugs for slimming girls sometimes get lost in the vast world promising proposals. To distinguish an effective means of “dummy” is sometimes difficult. So instead of healing, you can cause your body irreparable harm. Healthy drink, invented by the American nutritionist Cynthia Sassi and named “water Sassi” in her honor, has been successfully used to maintain good shape.

“Magical” quality

Regarding water, there are several Sassi evaluation of opinions. Some consider it an ordinary infusion such everyday ingredients as cucumber, lemon, ginger and mint. These components are valuable, as each separately and in interaction. Other for a storehouse of useful substances in the accept the water Sassi valuable vitamin-mineral cocktail. By far, this drink has the ability with its refreshing flavors to brighten up a diet routine.

What effect

First, this flavored vitamin drink without sugar fine saves from thirst, refreshes and invigorates. Fresh taste of water Sassi spicy thanks to the slight acidity. Second, it is known for its beneficial effects on the digestive tract. Useful properties of water Sassi confirm the effects that it has on the body:

  • metabolic — stimulates the metabolism, helps break down fats;
  • diuretic — removes excess fluid, eliminates puffiness;
  • normalizing restores the digestive tract, eliminates the unpleasant, and sometimes painful phenomenon of flatulence, fermentation, bloating;
  • cosmetic — water Sassi nourishes the body fluid, which has a positive effect on the health of the hair and skin.

The characteristics of the composition

Natural components of the ingredients included in the composition of the water Sassi, valuable in themselves. In combination their effectiveness is only multiplied.

  • Water. Every day you should get a sufficient volume of water. The adult norm is half to two liters. This component is vital for all systems of the body and is a vitamin cocktail Sassi.
  • Cucumber. This low-calorie vegetable consisting of 95% water, has an effective diuretic, choleretic and laxative effect. Rich in iodine, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, fiber, vitamins (C, P, B1 and B2). Sometimes called Sassi drink cucumber water.
  • Ginger. Natural components of fresh ginger have medicinal properties, favorably affecting the digestive system. In addition, ginger and mobilizes the immune system, improves blood circulation and supports heart function. Is a natural antibiotic, reduces inflammation. Ginger eliminates body fat: metabolism and stimulates the body to actively expend calories. As part of the water Sassi ginger has warming properties. Is to drink the first Cup of water, as the body spreads pleasant warmth. Relieves pain, especially effective against headaches.
  • Lemon. Yellow citrus for its tonic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory action is called the Apple of immortality. Its active substances have a beneficial effect on the organism, improve metabolism, stimulate bile production, a positive effect on the liver. Lemon generous in vitamins a, B, B1, B2, E, D, P. In citrus are sulfur, manganese, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and pectin, cellulose. One of the main useful components citric acid (it removes toxins, improves circulation and digestion, improves immunity). Lemon is a strong antioxidant.
  • Mint. This natural antidepressant activates the production of female hormones. Therefore, in the formulation of water Sassi mint is particularly indicated for women. But men, by contrast, do not abuse drink Sassi. Mint is useful for the gastrointestinal tract, gently relieves intestinal spasms, helps with flatulence, protects against fungi and bacteria affecting the digestive organs.

Keep in mind that the effectiveness of water Sassi will need to use fresh, not dried mint. Take care of pre – “mint” stock, freezing the leaves of terrestrial plants. The same goes for ginger. Scientisty root powder is preferable. In addition, please note that the lemon all the valuable nutrients concentrated in the pulp and in the peel. As for cucumbers, be careful when buying them in the early spring, when the vegetable is saturated with nitrates.To whom and when contraindicated cocktail

The use of water Sassi is obvious. However, the active ingredients of ingredients of mineral and vitamin cocktail, along with the “usefulness” have a number of contraindications. For example, ginger is able to provoke inflammation of the stomach. Peppermint affects the tone of the veins, inherent “ability” to lower blood pressure and aggravate varicose veins. With caution water Sassi should be consumed under the following health conditions:

  • allergic reaction or intolerance to components of the cocktail Sassi;
  • chronic kidney diseases, kidney failure;
  • cystitis;
  • gastric and duodenal ulcers, gastritis, colitis, enteritis (acute phase);
  • intestinal disorders (diarrhea).

Specific recommendations for water intake from Sassi during pregnancy and breastfeeding. According to the doctors, during the pregnancy and months of breastfeeding had better abandon the use of water Sassi. Separately and in reasonable amounts of the ingredients of the cocktail Sassi harmless for pregnant women. However, ginger is banned in the later stages of gestation. And also contraindicated in those women who have previously had a miscarriage.

Fraught with danger and seemingly harmless mint. In high doses it inhibits lactation in nursing mothers, and in the last trimester of pregnancy may even provoke labor.Recipes water Sassi: from the classics to the citrus delights

“Drink and lose weight” — that’s what the women’s feedback on the water Sassi in the discussion forums. Impressed by the stories and photos prettier and postroynevshaya ladies, you’ve decided to improve your figure and work of the stomach and intestines? Miracle cocktail Sassi will become an effective complement to a balanced diet and reasonable exercise. To get water Sassi in the home is not difficult and not very costly.

When preparing a beverage using a key, store-bought bottled or boiled cooled water.”Textbook” option


  • water — 2 liters;
  • ginger netherton — one tablespoon;
  • cucumber small size;
  • a small lemon;
  • fresh peppermint leaves — 10-15 leaves.


  • A glass container (jar or pitcher) filled with water.
  • Add in the ginger root, grated “gruel” immediately before cooking (peel or scraped or crumbled with her, carefully washing the ginger under running water).
  • Cut into slices or slices of a whole lemon with peel.
  • Cleaning the skin of cucumber and cut it into similarly — thin circles.
  • Mint leaves nagrevaem or finely chop.
  • In the evening put the mixture in the fridge and insist in the cold of the night (10-12 hours).
  • Citrus mix


    • water — 2 liters;
    • ginger — tablespoon;
    • a cucumber;
    • lemon, orange — one of each citrus;
    • Mandarin — two-three (the number depends on the size);
    • peppermint, sage, mint, lemon (i.e. lemon balm), lemon verbena, several leaves of each plant. The total number is not more than 15.


  • In a glass bowl add ginger.
  • Cut the cucumber with a pre-cleared skin.
  • Next, thin slices of a cut lemon.
  • Orange sliced with peel in the form of half rings.
  • Tangerines are divided into slices and pierce each with a toothpick.
  • The leaves of grass cut or tear the hands.
  • Pour all ingredients with water.
  • Bring it to the desired saturation level in the fridge, insisting until the morning.
  • For the impatient


    • water — 2 liters;
    • ginger root — big spoon;
    • cucumber;
    • lemon;
    • peppermint leaves — 10-15 leaves.


  • Cut into medium-sized peeled cucumber.
  • Along with the mint leaves crushed it in the blender.
  • Pour two to three tablespoons of water and continue whisking until smooth.
  • The diluted odorous mixture in water.
  • Squeeze in the juice of a lemon.
  • Add ginger “mush”.
  • Put in a cooler for an hour and a half.
  • Optionally infused with water Sassi can be strained, if you are confused floating in it pieces of vegetables, fruits and herbs.How to drink: 5 of the rules

    You can choose any recipe of water Sassi slimming. All three are equally effective. But to wait for the desired result, it is important to learn how to drink water Sassi. Five rules are as follows.

  • The course and the scheme. Recommended (and the best) course duration is 36 days. The scheme is simple: a four-day start-up phase — a four-day break — four weeks stage. Then one week break and repeat the course again.
  • The daily rate. To drink healing “dvuhlitrovuyu” Sassi you need for the day.
  • The expiration date. Unspent balances pour without regret, leaving the next day. A new batch of a vitamin drink Sassi pour in the evening.
  • Portions. Do not try to drink all the water infused with the Sassi a couple of times. Besides the immense burden on the kidneys and heart, you will not get a different result. The daily water ration for convenience divided into equal eight glasses.
  • Mode. Water is the first thing is to get the body in the morning, so the first glass of water Sassi drunk on an empty stomach. Water is not needed Sassi food. Take it in between meals (one hour after meal and half an hour before meals). It is not desirable to drink water Sassi later than half an hour before bedtime. The best option is to drink a last glass after one hour as we had dinner.
  • To avoid side effects and possible problems, observe the prescription of proportion, do not break the uniformity of water Sassi, do not ignore contraindications. Also pay attention to the rules of storage of the beverage. Water Sassi should be protected from sunlight, the effect of high temperatures. Also it is not accepted to store in plastic containers.

    Plus diet program

    During the intake of water Sassi observe the “limit” in food: calorie content of meals should not exceed 1000-1400 kcal per day. Also connect the active sports sessions. Try to completely avoid fried, spicy-salty foods, baking, sweets, alcohol, shop products, home conservation. Refrain from coffee and tea. Green light — the dishes cooked and baked, salads dressed with olive or Flaxseed oil, low fat cottage cheese and kefir. Allowed a little bit of dried fruits, nuts.

    For reviews, if you stick to this rather “soft” diet, in about five to seven days “melt” at least a couple of extra pounds, and the waist will be less than 5 cm, But even if you are not mentally ready to change your usual diet (often wrong), still two weeks to the use of water Sassi you will lose weight at 500-700 g. will ease, and the bowel will start to work almost by the hour. You will also notice improvement in the condition of the hair and skin.

    For the human body, there are many useful and miraculous elixirs. Many of them have their roots in ancient Rome and Greece. Water Sassi slimming, against the background of numerous analogues, is one of the most affordable and easy means. Adhering to General recommendations for its use, never exceed the maximum four-liter normal drinking water. But for accuracy, please refer to the special calculation formula. For this you need a weighting method to figure out your weight and then multiply it by the coefficient of 0.03. The resulting figure is required daily volume of water in liters. Multiplying their weight by a factor of 0.04, you will learn the maximum amount of liquid that you can consume daily.

    Reviews: “Cool water! The effect is very good!”

    I really like this drink. Because it not only helps to lose weight, and so refreshing. Better than any energy invigorates. There’s also ginger. Moreover, as already mentioned, it is very useful. But this one drink will not get far, unfortunately. And as we would not want or would have something else to do. Either diet or exercising. And best of both. I drink the Sassi is not for a specific system or courses. I just sometimes use all. Not tracking, not every day, just for fun, you might say. Perhaps, if it is drunk, as here recommended, he will bring even greater effect.

    Raisa, Moscow,

    From personal experience I can say that indeed the effect is like drinking just water in General. But there is one “BUT” I like my mom after 2 weeks of drinking this water was having some pains in my stomach. People who have any stomach problems are advised to reduce the amount of ginger, because it is an irritant! And the water is cool! Perfectly cleans the body!

    Yuliya Ryazanova,

    The drink is quite pleasant to the taste, it doesn’t compare with fresh celery, this effect is very pleasing. After replacing the normal liquid water Sassi feels cheerfulness, and to eat far fewer.

    Mary V., 32,

    Water Sassi I tried recently, and the effect of it I really liked. What attracted to make a drink is easy and simple, no there are practically no restrictions, all products are available and there are no rare delicacies. Start to count calories, at first I thought that will be hard enough: I love good and plenty to eat, and in this my trouble, but the appetite is not going anywhere. I thought that I would suffer from hunger, has already prepared all his willpower, but… for some reason hunger have not tortured. I think just water dulled appetite, and I started to want to eat, you only subtract an interesting recipe or hear the delicious smell, but now I do. For the first (and only) month drinking water Sassi, threw only 3.5 kg. But I think this is a good result, because I ate everything the same as always — just smaller portions, and thus also did not experience hunger. Was such a diet without a diet — very much.


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