Reviews how to care for graft eyelashes

After appearing on your face, captivating beauty, there are many questions. Is it possible to wet the lashes? How to use makeup, and how? How best to extend their life? And in General, how to care for graft eyelashes? Reviews of cosmetologists and our tips will help you to find the answers!

Immediately after the procedure, your eyes may make tears. Beauticians laugh: it’s from joy. But in fact, their appearance cause of the fumes produced by the glue. So before going to the master along with a fan. He will become your best friend in the drainage eye to the coming months.

Basic rules of care

Not to ask your esthetician questions why lashes fall away quickly, you should observe some rules:

  • Do not RUB! And not only with power, but does not touch the eyelids. Mechanical pressure and load to cause fracture of the hairs, which fall off, leaving ugly “bald”spots.
  • To implement the recommendations of a cosmetologist. Immediately after the procedure, he will tell you how to properly care for graft eyelashes. Special attention is given the first night of their socks: 3 hours eyelids can not be wetted with water.
  • Not to cry. A good excuse to look at life with optimism! Adhesives used for building, sensitive to the composition of tears and collapse under the action of salt. So the lashes of the sea is required to give up dives or dive only in the mask.
  • Regularly wash with plain water. To the cilia prevent accumulation of dust, immediately after coming home Smolenice face with water. How to wash graft eyelashes? Very simple: collect water in the palm and wash face. Make sure that the water is not too hot, and the fingers did not touch the eyelids. After washing DAB face with towel, and dry the lashes like a fan.
  • Do not visit saunas and baths. Care of beauty of your eyelashes require to abandon steam, where the temperature exceeds 80oC, as it is detrimental to the adhesive.
  • Sleep on the back. So you not only save the skin fresh, but save cilia from accidental damage during sleep. The pose on the belly is the most dangerous for your lovely eyes, and on the side to rest, only waking day.
  • To remove only in the cabin. Often attempts to remove extended lashes at home over loss of private or serious inflammation of the eye.

Interaction with makeup

In most cases, you will want to abandon the usual cosmetics, as often women use them on a fat basis. Optimally suitable means water-based and cream with a minimum fat content.

Artificial cilia do not use any cosmetics. They do not need to smear or paint, what is more, the less you touch them the better.

From regular makeup wearer of spectacular beauty are not as the eyes and look so luxurious. The exception is evening makeup for special occasions, when using the shade. It is better to choose funds not based on fat.

Popular questions

— Can I apply mascara on extended eyelashes?

With its long and thick lashes with intense color this is not necessary. But if you must, use a special mascara of your lashes. Ordinary you banned.

— How many keep lashes?

Normal is considered the time from building up to a correction in 3 weeks. If the hairs began to fall away before then, violated the rules of building, or care. Ask the esthetician how long do false eyelashes. An experienced master will give a guarantee of at least 14 days, the Amateur will talk about the individual aspects.

— How long can you wear the lashes?

Cosmetologists recommend to give your eyelashes a rest, so every 4 month artificial must be removed for about a month. But here all individually. In some women the procedure causes deterioration of your lashes, others not. In the latter case, wear of the spectacular beauty to be longer.

— Compatible with lashes and lenses?

Many estheticians refuse to perform the procedure, women who wear contact lenses. And they do it very reasonably, as lenses greatly increases the risk of allergic reactions and the development of inflammatory processes. In case of accidental contact with eyes, means for increasing or removing the eyelashes, the consequences can be dire and irreversible.

— There you allergic to lashes?

From it nobody is insured. The first signs of the reaction (if it is) will appear already in the office of a cosmetologist. This will give the specialist the time to remove the glue and do the hair. If the same reaction was manifested a few days, most likely the cause mechanical discomfort (tingling of the individual hairs). To resolve it, please see to his master.

That’s all the rules of caring for false eyelashes. Follow these recommendations and wear them with pleasure!

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