Rice diet

Today women’s site sympaty.net tells about one of the most popular diets – rice. After all, the rice diet is considered to be one of the most proper and gentle. Thanks to her weight loss consistently and permanently.

What are the types of rice diets exist at all? What rules should comply with a rice diet? Based on what useful properties of rice? All these questions are answered by experts in the field of weight loss. You can also see the method of rice Breakfast and learn more effective ways of cleaning the body.

Based on what useful properties of rice?

Rice is a unique product that has a truly miraculous properties. He is healthy, nutritious, able to absorb (absorb) and to rid the body of toxins, salts and other harmful products of metabolism. Thus, following the rice diet, you are not only great to lose weight, but cleanse your body and improve your health.

That is why the rice included in the menu of many diets. It makes it possible rice diet to stand on a par with others, the most popular and favorite ladies (buckwheat diet, Japanese diet, kefir diet, diet, etc.).

Another important advantage – every woman can find a way to lose weight, which will be most convenient for her. Someone will fit tighter variant (three-day rice diet), some more soft and comfortable (seven days).

The types of rice diets

There are several types of rice diets:

  • 1. Three-day rice diet. Cooked Cup brown rice (no spices, and salt). Then it is divided into several small portions, over the entire day, eaten and washed down with orange or Apple juice. And so 3 days.
  • Very strict dietthat is not recommended to observe more than 3 days! If you want to pass a repeated course, then wait at least a month. This mode is ideal for a fasting day.

  • 2. Seven-day rice diet. Boiled 0.5 kilograms of rice and added fish, lean meat, fruits and vegetables. Of vegetables and fruits to cook very much.
  • That is why such a diet never stale, it can be made very varied and tasty. It is important to follow only one rule – the total amount of additives should not be more than 200 gr. (per day). Are allowed to eat 0.5 kg of fruits and drink natural unsweetened juices (the juice of green apples – the best option), green tea without sugar, plain water or mineral water without gas. Second course may be held no earlier than 2 weeks.

    Rules of the rice diet

    Choosing any of the rice diet, it is important to adhere to the following rules:

    • figure it is best to use untreated. It contains large amounts of b vitamins.
    • you should also take potassium supplements.

    Body cleansing with rice Breakfast

    Rice Breakfast prepared by a special technique, preferably from whole grain brown rice (this is a balanced high quality product containing starch, a compound of potassium, iron, sodium, protein, b vitamins, etc.). If there is none, you can take a plain rice with dried wheat bran (3:1). This will add the missing biologically active substances and to make the absorption better.

    Rice for Breakfast is one of the most effective means of cleaning the body. It improves metabolism, promotes the excretion of toxins. Helps to normalize weight, and how excess and missing. Facilitating the work of the kidneys and liver, it reduces swelling. Thanks to it you will be able to excrete harmful products of metabolism, clean it from the various deposits in the joints, tissues and blood vessels.

    Method rice Breakfast is in the consumption of Breakfast soaked rice and limit the total intake of salt.

    For soaking of the washed rice component, which forms mucus in the body. It becomes porous and easily absorbs a variety of harmful education (the excess of cholesterol, bile, mucus, microorganisms, etc.).

    Rice for Breakfast you have to prepare a glass container. Then fall asleep in it as much spoons of brown brown rice, how old you are. Well-washed rice and put it in cooled boiled water.

    The next morning, drained of water, take 1 spoon of rice and boil in a little water (not for long, to obtain a conventional liquid porridge). Many people prefer to eat rice raw, it is edible after soaking. Moreover, raw rice has been credited with anthelmintic effect.

    The remaining rice then pour the water and leave until the next morning. All your Breakfast needs to fit in 1 spoon rice porridge. Nothing more. 20-30 minutes prior to Breakfast be sure to drink a glass of water or green tea (can be herbal).

    Important: after Breakfast, 4 hours can neither drink nor eat. You can have lunch after 4 hours. And is everything to a minimum by limiting the intake of salt (the less salt, the more effective the cleanse), sour and spicy. Alcohol should not be consumed. Otherwise, the rice will output only alcoholic poisons.

    Contraindications to the rice Breakfast no. The course should be held 2 times a year.

    The proper and effective you diet!

    Author – Yulia Maximenko, website www.sympaty.net – Beautiful and Successful

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    Rice diet

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