Role-playing games have become too frequent?

“My husband seems to be a good relationship. But lately it too often before sex requires me changing. The nurse in a short skirt, a strict teacher, then a prostitute, then some kind of assassin. I was already really worried. Maybe I, as a person, he’s not interested anymore? We not so long married, to want so much diversity. What do you say to that? Vlad”.

Vlad, understand Your concern it is quite possible, but it is, shall we say, not exactly justified. Don’t worry! Let’s see why.

Sex and love

Don’t know whether You like it or not, but the fact is: men sex and feelings very often go together and do not overlap. Not always, I admit, but the analogy with the parallel lines – to a point.

If women in the sex, mostly, an important personality of the partner, men
sex is more physiological.
They are in this respect more primitive. Sometimes
even the appearance of the partner is not important, only the body was appropriate.

What follows from this? Your husband may love You. But zeal in sex in any case does not mean the weakening of his senses. It is better to separate sex and love, as strange as it may seem.

It is rather a plus

Vlad, my personal opinion that Your husband’s behavior – rather, it is a plus. Why not? He wants diversity, and what’s wrong with that? Eager to see You in other guises?

I guess if You he’s not interesting, it would have gone a different way. Would look for another woman.

The fact that he has so developed the tendency to role-playing games, does not mean that it will last permanently, without disguises would no longer have sex or that he will not be interested.

In General, in any case, everything is fine. It’s better than indifference, boredom, mechanical performance of marital duties. I hope you will agree that role-playing is even necessary, not only possible? It – variety.

To be ashamed of or to reject wrong, even dangerous. Thus You deprive your man a very important reservoir of his relationships with the opposite sex. And this is undesirable and can lead to negative consequences.

If You are still annoying

Suppose that, notwithstanding the advantages of such behavior of Your husband, it’s sometimes tiring. You know: RPG is a flash, the emotions, the equivalent of a holiday. And the holiday may not be every day or just very often.

What should I do? Sincerely speak to my husband. Somehow find a way to explain Your desires. Are you ready to go to meet him, even if he sometimes comes to You on concessions.

This is not necessarily to say that You are tired or irritated. On the contrary, You can say that You love that, too. BUT! To be more aware of Your communication in a form, You need it less often.

Give him the analogy of festive and everyday table. Explain that You really enjoy an unusual dish, only when varnish them every day.

And let him see You for who You are in everyday life, without any masks. His beloved. Believe that You will succeed. And to help You, me mascot:

Your lips taste like the sweetness of the honey pear!

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