Romantic makeup for Valentine’s Day: photos and ideas

On 14 February we are concerned about several issues. What to wear on Valentine’s Day, already told, but that’s about makeup for Valentine’s Day we mentioned only in passing. Today’s article on the “Beautiful and Successful” will be dedicated to romantic makeup.

Rules makeup for Valentine’s Day

  • The most important thing – your makeup needs to please men! If you are getting ready for a date with your beloved, and only, be sure to mention it tastes! General rule: men like the natural colors, and bright acid and flashy colors, they are rather scare. Therefore hundred times think before to draw on the face of something extraordinary.
  • The complexion must be perfect, no matter what makeup you do, day or evening. However, the effect of “plaster” should be avoided. Corrector, concealer, perfectly matched Foundation or BB cream, powder, various silky and blush a natural shade – here is what you need! And no trace of tiredness on her face.
  • Eye stress and allocated. Even if the focus on the lips, we can do it with the arrow keys or the dim eyeliner. With caution use bright colors – especially pink eye shadow. But false eyelashes would be very helpful!
  • Lips. The best solution here – pink lipstick + gloss (or translucent pink lipstick and lip gloss). The worst – tight dark or beige lipstick. And don’t be surprised if a man says he likes your perfectly painted red lips, but to kiss you are not committed – he’s just afraid to get dirty!
  • And of course, the best ornament of the person of the day is Smile!

Makeup ideas for Valentine’s Day: photo
Fresh makeup

Favorite makeup of all men! The emphasis on glowing skin (get bins of all sorts of military, shimmer, shimmering powder, meteorites…), use pink blush, lightly paint the eye.

The General scheme of shining romantic makeup like this:

  • Prepare the skin with primerto tone went smoother (optional).
  • Masked by concealer under eye circles.
  • The masked proofreader pimples and redness of the skin.
  • Apply the tone.
  • Take a pink blush with a natural shade and round brush apply a little on the apples of the cheeks.
  • Now it is the turn of highlighter (or you can take the perfect light shade). A suitable brush and apply it under brows, on inner corners of the eyes, a tick above the upper lip on the protruding part of the chin.
  • Take a wide brush and apply the shimmer on top of the cheeks and a little above the eyebrows (you can do the same highlighter, if it has shimmering particles).
  • Brush for powder apply all over the face a thin layer of meteorites (can be replaced with any shiny powder). They would smooth color transitions and give the makeup a naturalness and transparency.
  • Go to the eyes. To start summing eyebrow. To describe the whole process will not, because each of us has his own.
  • Make soft eye makeupusing suitable colors. Pay special attention to the eyelashes: they can be pre-curled, you can use the primer, apply several layers of mascara. If you have false eyelashes — take advantage of them.
  • Make lips naturally pink. If you want to be added to the drop center of the lip gloss and slightly shaded her.
  • Arrows Of Cupid

    Shoot straight to the hearts of men! You can make them regular (“daily” hands for work done on the century, painted a dim flickering shadows), but can be a little creative! And here all means are good! For example, do yourself arrows some celebrity. Yes, at least double arrows Yana Rudkovskaya.

    Depending on the situation, choose a color of lipstick or gloss.

    Makeup with hearts on February 14

    If your lover’s not sick from the abundance of hearts on February 14, you can try to confess feelings for him, depicting hearts right on the face! Ideas for this are many:

    • arrange the hearts around the eyes (you can draw, and you can use the rhinestones in the form of hearts),
    • draw a heart on her cheek
    • and even on the lips!

    Smoky eyes

    Smokey — almost a win-win makeup for a night out on Valentine’s Day. The main thing — to choose the right color intensity: the darker eyes, the darker could be the color. Kareglazka you can try black, and for blue eyes suitable soft Smokey.

    Pink and purple makeup

    Favorite in the world of romantic make-UPS! It can be made translucent for day release and a bright, intense for evening. To avoid the effect of “tearful eye”, use a black pencil or eyeliner. This romantic makeup perfect for brown eyes and blue.

    Starry eyes

    February 14 is still winter, so it is not forbidden to Shine like snow under the rays of the sun (but make sure your man is to taste).

    Try to use for eye makeup bright sparkly shadows, just be sure to rest the eye and apply several layers of mascara to make your eyes look big. Do not forget to apply the shadows and into the under eye area.

    And some advice

    • Before Valentine’s Day it is advisable to sleep well. Council banal, but, nevertheless, the actual ?
    • A fresh and rested appearance of the face will lend masks and patches of swelling under the eyes.
    • For a day or two before February 14, you can do a fasting day, drink fresh vegetables, fruits, or choose some other kind of detox. Drink plenty of clean water. It is noticed that the skin becomes fresh and radiant as if from within.
    • If the skin is imperfect (and perfect it units), use a base under makeup.
    • Never experiment with new tools before an important event. Sometimes, things they do with our face! — and the remake, alas, there is no time. When a new super-face mask covered in a rash, and the new super shadow did not want to rastushevyvaet is a problem…
    • If there is a possibility or you doubt yourself, rehearse with selected romantic makeup in advance.

    And what would a makeover on Valentine’s day you choose, remember that true beauty comes from the heart! Love and be loved!

    The author – Olga Sympaty, site

    The article used photos from (Linda Hallberg) and (Celina Clausen)

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