Romantic New Year’s eve: how to celebrate together

Probably all of us have lined up plans for the New Year. Noisy gatherings with friends and family, dancing until the morning is all well and good. But sometimes you want to celebrate the New Year with your loved one so that he was romantic. Is it possible the new year’s eve to spend a special romantic? Yes, and the site will tell you how!

First of all, for a romantic New Year need to meet him JUST the two of us – and this is the main condition.

Create a romantic Christmas atmosphere

Create in the apartment a maximum of comfort and convenience. Consider the lighting, the smells… Candles, twilight, tinsel, spruce needles, soft music – all this will create the necessary atmosphere.

It is not necessary to turn on the TV – it is best if your communication with him will be limited to listening to the President’s speech and the chiming clock. In other respects it is like an energy vampire, chip away your energy on yourself, and it is necessary that you looked first at each other.

Preparing the Christmas table for two

What New year without a festive table? Even the most romantic of want to eat! Therefore romantic Christmas table should be rich, sophisticated, and yet easy!

With a stuffed belly – what romance? Then the dream starts to tend to, and not in each other’s eyes to look.

So: looking for more romance — no heavy dinner! You will need: a bottle of good wine, pair of lungs, but exquisite salads, lots of fruit, a little meat and maybe pizza – that’s all!

Dress up for Christmas

May you celebrate the New Year at home, and maybe even with her husband who saw you in all types, but the New Year is primarily a Celebration and to look DRESSY you have! Dress with deep neckline on the back, skinny pants, tube top, lace blouse… You need to impress! And yet – he has to want to undress you ?

Lingerie new year’s eve you should be the most-most-most! Can prepare some unusual set… and show it later ?

Of course, Christmas involves a Christmas makeover. And about the outfit, and the makeup will still be articles on the website

What a Christmas romance without sex?

That’s right – no! So after an exchange of gifts, greeting cards and a light dinner usually follows sex.

Sex in the new year’s eve should be special – imbued with the spirit of the holiday. So, it was a welcome gift, it is advisable to refrain from it at least a couple of days before the New Year.

New year sex you can allow yourself everything! All but quick sex is fun and pleasure to stretch on a little longer ?

As an option for new year’s sex: champagne for a Blowjob (type in your mouth and make a man a Blowjob is a very unusual feeling!), video – and photo-shooting sex under the Christmas tree, holiday sex in the bath drinking champagne or mulled wine, glowing condoms, and of course, Striptease!

Continuation of a romantic night

Of course, after “such” you can go to the noisy company, but I assure you – then, all your romantic vibes will disappear… So unfortunately, to combine all will not succeed.

From new year’s eve remained only romantic memories – without all the drunken faces and silly toast – spend this night alone with each other. Who said that you should (who should, by the way?) all the celebration of the New Year to watch the TV? Sleep in each other’s arms is for romance!

I wish this romantic New Year memorable!

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