Royal salad: recipes with chicken, seafood, with crab sticks and crackers

Royal salad – a dish with many variations. But as it is not ready – it’s delicious. Repeat recipe for salad “Royal” with the delicious ingredients for the feast, and the guests gasp. For daily menu choose the option with the available products, but cook more – household definitely will ask Supplement.

20 min 3 servings. Easy to prepare

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  • 1 2 popular recipe of “Royal”
    • 1.1 Classic gourmet…
    • 1.2 … and classic economical
  • 2 6 recipes
    • 2.1 Easy with crab sticks and vegetables
    • 2.2 Quick with croutons
    • 2.3 the Puff with mushrooms and ham
    • 2.4 Layered with chicken, beets and peanuts
    • 2.5 Gently spicy with pineapple
    • 2.6 Unusual orange
  • 3 3 tricks to make it even tastier

Salad “Royal” hostess came up not so long ago. Hard to say what was the original recipe, but the idea is obvious from the name – you need to use gourmet ingredients. Seafood, red fish, red caviar – fits all that appears on the desktop just for the occasion. Over time, were invented and budget options of salad expensive products hostess was replaced with chicken fillets, mushrooms, crab sticks. We can say that the salad “Royal” is a flight of fancy.

2 popular recipe of “Royal”

Among the variety of recipes, salad “Royal” difficult to navigate what is considered the most classic. The most popular two choices of salad with salmon and chicken. These recipes are traditional, and I think, many other “variations on a theme.” Both dishes are tasty, you can safely choose the option, focusing on their taste preferences and budget.

Popular options include that the salad will puff. But not necessarily follow the canons: you can just mix the ingredients in a deep bowl.Classic gourmet…

Features. To repeat the recipe of salad “Royal” with caviar, fish and seafood, will have to spend on gourmet ingredients, but spending more than compensates for the delight of guests. Salad will adorn the festive table.


  • shrimp cooked frozen – 200 g;
  • squid – two small carcasses;
  • salted salmon (can be replaced with trout);
  • onion – one small head;
  • boiled eggs – three pieces;
  • any hard cheese – 150 g;
  • pickled mushrooms – Bank;
  • red caviar is one of the Bank;
  • mayonnaise – to peremanivanie “levels”.


  • Boil the seafood. Five minutes is enough.
  • Finely macrosite yolks and whites.
  • Slice the seafood cubes, salted fish as well, mushrooms – slices, onion – half rings.
  • Grate cheese product on a grater.
  • Lay out the components of the dish in layers: fish – onions – eggs – seafood – by-turn- mushroom – cheese shavings. Do not forget to grease each layer with sauce.
  • On top lay eggs.
  • Fish for salads, you can pickle your own. A large piece of good salt and put under pressure. If desired, fish can be pepper, season to your liking. After two days of salted trout will be ready!… classic and economical

    Features. Royal salad with chicken is suitable for festive menu, and for everyday. In a dish using available ingredients so you can delight delicate salad of the household often. The cooking process takes a minimum of time, special culinary skills are required.


    • boiled chicken meat (better to take a fillet) – 250 g;
    • onion – two small heads;
    • corn is one of the Bank;
    • eggs (boiled) – four pieces;
    • mushrooms – one small Bank;
    • salt on the eye;
    • mayonnaise for refueling.


  • Cut the meat into small cubes, onion – half rings.
  • Fold the bottom of the bowl the chicken on top of onions, grease with mayonnaise.
  • Cut mushrooms. Place smooth ball at the ingredients that are already in the bowl. Don’t forget the mayonnaise.
  • Make the next layer is corn and mayonnaise “mesh”.
  • Grate eggs (preferably on a coarse grater). Put in a salad bowl. Lubricate liberally with mayonnaise.
  • You can decorate with greens, mushrooms, grated egg yolk or as prompt fantasy.
  • Is boiled chicken, you can get smoked brisket. Dish immediately gain a “hint” of spice. Some hostesses also add prunes: spread it on the meat.6 recipes

    To prepare salad “Royal” in different ways. There are a thousand and one recipe of this dish, and is continually expanding with new interpretations. You can create your own recipe: just think, what ingredients to be “sound” together, and not be afraid to experiment. Don’t forget the main rule: the more components in the salad the better: he and “Royal”. Do not dare to experiment in the kitchen? Repeat one of the recipes, invented by experienced Housewives: the result will not disappoint.

    Easy with crab sticks and vegetables

    Features. Recipe salad “Royal” with crab sticks will help out when guests are on the doorstep. The dish is cooked for ten minutes. The main thing that there the right ingredients. The salad comes out light, tender and incredibly tasty.


    • crab sticks – 200-Gromova packaging;
    • a cucumber or two medium vegetable;
    • tomatoes or three medium tomato or seven cherry;
    • eggs (already boiled) – three or four pieces;
    • green onions – ½ bunch;
    • mayonnaise/sour cream – for the filling;
    • salt, pepper, other seasonings – as desired.


  • Crab sticks cut into arbitrary way – the feathers on the diagonal or diced.
  • Slice the vegetables. Watery mid is better not to use, otherwise the dish will quickly drain and become unappetizing.
  • Finely chop eggs, onion.
  • Prepared ingredients, move into a deep bowl. According to your taste and season. Mix.
  • To this list of components, you can add a green Apple. This dish will only benefit – will become even more tender, but the taste will appear nice acidity.Quick with croutons

    Features. Royal salad with crackers usually do the “spicy” garlic, but if desired this element can be omitted. Crackers are easy to prepare on their own: cut into cubes bread and “dry” in a skillet or in the oven. I do not want “to fool”? Purchase crackers also works. Take those that do not have a strong taste.


    • crab meat – 200 g;
    • cheese product (hard grade) – 250 g;
    • crackers – 100 g;
    • eggs – four large;
    • garlic – two cloves;
    • lemon juice – from half of the fruit;
    • salt, ground pepper – on the eyes;
    • mayonnaise or sour cream for the filling.


  • Eggs boil. Finely dice them.
  • Cut the crab meat in a random way.
  • Use a large grater to make cheese flakes.
  • Prepare the filling: add in mayonnaise or sour cream, pressed garlic and lemon juice.
  • Mix the prepared ingredients and sauce in a deep bowl.
  • If you do not plan to serve the dish on the table immediately after cooking, do not add the croutons. Otherwise, they will soften with mayonnaise and turn into unappetizing “mush”. The perfect solution – pre-mix all ingredients in a bowl, but apply a La carte and top generously sprinkle with croutons.

    Puff pastry with mushrooms and ham

    Features. To repeat the recipe of salad “Royal” with mushrooms, you need fresh mushrooms. But you can experiment: take pickled mushrooms or fried oyster. Salad it’s filling due to a combination of mushrooms and meat component.


    • fresh mushrooms – 200 g;
    • ham/salmon – 150 g;
    • grated cheese chips – 150 g;
    • potatoes pre-cooked three medium tuber;
    • onion – one medium onion;
    • boiled carrots – two large;
    • boiled eggs – three pieces;
    • vegetable oil – for frying;
    • mayonnaise – to paremski layers;
    • spices – on request
    • any greens.


  • Finely slice the mushroom, shred the onion. Fry them in a frying pan.
  • Pre-cooked vegetables grate.
  • Will macrosite finely eggs, ham cut into small strips.
  • Put the ingredients in a salad bowl levels: potato – onion-mushroom – egg – meat – carrot – cheese. Each layer paramasivam sauce.
  • Garnish with chopped herbs, if you like “grass”. You can sprinkle grated yolks.
  • Instead of ham you can use boiled beef. The replacement ingredient dish “sparkle” in new ways.Layered with chicken, beets and peanuts

    Features. The “punch” lies in the unusual combination of simple ingredients. The dish can be safely fed to the holiday guests are sure to appreciate.


    • potatoes – three middle of the tuber;
    • carrots – two pieces;
    • beets are one big;
    • chicken breast (boiled) – 200 g;
    • peanuts – a handful;
    • eggs boiled three;
    • mayonnaise and sour cream – either for refueling;
    • salt – to your taste;
    • green is not for everybody.


  • Boil vegetables. Grate them or cut into small cubes.
  • Slice the meat and eggs.
  • Fry the peanuts.
  • Connect the mayonnaise with sour cream. This sauce should be smeared levels of lettuce.
  • Divide all components into two equal parts. Create a layered salad: potato – beet level – peanuts – carrots – eggs – meat.
  • Repeat the levels in reverse order, changing potato and beet layer places: in chicken eggs, then carrots, it peanuts, potatoes and final – beets. Each level you need to lubricate the sauce.
  • As decoration use chopped fresh herbs.
  • This dish is often prepared with cheese “notes.” Lay out all the components according to the recipe, and on top – the cheese shavings. Ideal hard varieties with a nutty aftertaste.

    Gently spicy with pineapple

    Features. Make a salad “Royal” this recipe is easy. Cooking will not take more than ten minutes, if the refrigerator is already boiled meat, and fresh mushrooms to substitute canned. Pineapple rings are “responsible” for the delicate taste, the mustard gives a spicy – food lovers will be delighted.


    • fresh mushrooms, a pound;
    • boiled chicken fillet – the same;
    • pineapple rings in syrup – Bank;
    • mayonnaise and plain yogurt in equal quantities for filling;
    • mustard – teaspoon;
    • lemon juice four teaspoons;
    • dill – a small bunch;
    • salt, pepper and other seasonings to taste.


  • Thoroughly rinse mushrooms. In the water, which will cook the mushrooms, add salt, lemon juice. Do not boil more than ten minutes.
  • Pineapple, boiled meat, mushrooms cut into medium cubes.
  • Chop the dill.
  • Combine yogurt, mayonnaise, mustard and dill. This is the gas station.
  • Pour the ingredients in a salad bowl, add spices to taste, sauce, mix.
  • The greenery gives freshness to the salad: it is better not skip this component. Don’t like dill? Instead, you can take any greens.Unusual orange

    Features. The unusual taste of the salad will definitely surprise guests. Nutty and citrus notes combined with garlic “slight kick” will give an unforgettable culinary experience.


    • crab sticks – pack of 200 g;
    • eggs boiled two;
    • corn – Bank;
    • walnuts (kernel) – a handful;
    • orange is one fruit;
    • garlic – cloves;
    • mayonnaise for refueling.


  • Crab sticks and eggs finely chop. Add to the ingredients corn, pre-drain the liquid.
  • Very finely macrosite nuts. Garlic – is similar.
  • Remove the peel from the citrus, remove the white fiber. Fruit divide into slices. Carefully cut the flesh in small pieces.
  • Connect all components of the dish, season with mayonnaise, mix.
  • Crab sticks you can substitute any seafood: they go perfectly with citrus. The option of seafood – perfect for the festive menu. Gourmet ingredients and unusual flavor combination – it so fits the title “Royal”.

    3 tricks to make it even tastier

    Trying new recipes every woman wants to be pleased with the result. But sometimes the taste of food is disappointing. It seems the ingredients well together, and the recipe is seasoned, but the lettuce does not cause delight. Remember the three tricks that will help to prepare a delicious “Royal” salad.

  • Pickling onions. If you plan to add in a salad bow, it is better to pre-marinate. Otherwise it can taste bitter, than you will ruin the dish. For the marinade you need to mix a tablespoon of vinegar with salt and sugar (usually I take a teaspoon without slides) and to dilute it all a small amount of water. Chopped onion fill with fluid and leave for ten minutes.
  • Cook vegetables separately. Vegetables for salad should not cook in the same pan. Only cooked separately they will preserve their taste. So lettuce get the glory!
  • To leave time for impregnation. Salads, dressed with mayonnaise or sour cream, it is not recommended to serve immediately after cooking. Need to wait a couple of hours, so that all components are soaked with sauce. It will be much tastier! This is especially true of puff options: there definitely needs time to soak.
  • Not in a hurry to use store-bought mayonnaise. The salads are absolutely delicious with homemade sauce. Besides, this is way more useful. As an option – sour cream or thick yogurt. They are used in place of the sauce or mix evenly with the mayonnaise.

    A salad is a dish where you can experiment to infinity. For example, altering the classic recipe salad “Royal” with one component, you get a completely new dish. Replace the chicken liver and make sure that. Tastes change, even if just to mix the ingredients for the puff pastry with a salad bowl. Turn on the imagination and will be able every time to surprise guests with new incredibly delicious.

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