Rude men: why musichini rough and whether it is necessary to suffer

“Love me tender” — remember this romantic ballad by Elvis Presley? But you’re shacking up or never got to hear it, or very “finely floats” in English! Otherwise it definitely wouldn’t hurt to bite your ear “joke”, wouldn’t call your boss “bro” and sat down to drink beer and herring at the time when you’re with a friend drinking tea with cakes.

What should I do? To tolerate men’s rudeness or to give it a decisive rebuff? Advises!

Tram ham or brutal macho?

Of course, not always rude men shocking us on the spot, but some of the brutality of the man adds a certain charm! As you know, boys from a very early age pull girls pigtails and instigate a fight between them – and that’s okay! And when a man becomes an adult, these pranks just move into a different phase, instead of pulling pigtails he can slap you on the “fifth point”, and as the school fights come together with a view of Boxing, football or just “beer talks”.

So what are the symptoms of male rudeness is considered normal?

  • Sharpness of movements, the habit of walking rapidly, occasionally hug or a handshake… we Just arranged them in different ways, and sometimes the man is difficult to trace, that he abuses “silushka heroic”. And then you just say, “let’s go slow down, I’m in heels” or even just “Oops!”. A normal guy will understand, apologize and next time, perhaps see their actions.
  • “Neestetichno” behavior. If a woman usually understands and monitors the elegance of his postures, movements, appearance, etc., then most men won’t say it. They did not “directing” every gesture and deed. Sleepy in socks – “what’s the problem, are you in socks?”. Wanted sweet stretch in the company of guests – “so what’s the big deal, you’d think I was the only one!”. If this behavior is a direct violation of the rules of propriety, this rude men be forgiven!
  • Inattention to beauty. Not all men are able to give competent advice on the choice of shoes to the dress, pricked a card with kittens or sigh over the bitter fate of the heroine of the melodrama! It is the prerogative of girlfriends, mothers, sisters…
  • “Unparliamentary expressions”. In the most extreme cases, in a purely male company! And don’t tell me that your “God dandelion” and their know — knows!

What are the manifestations of rudeness, a man does not paint?

  • Rudeness. That is shouting and swearing in response to minor annoyances, offensive remarks without constructive complaints, etc.
  • Vulgarity. Jokes “below the belt” in the presence of women or just in “decent society”, it sends compliments in the early stages of Dating, etc.
  • Assault. It is appropriate only in the gym for martial arts! In the modern world, any conflict can be solved verbally!
  • Bad manners. If the guy’s childhood is not accustomed to shake hands with neighbors, not to pick your nose and give the lady a coat of the re – it will not be easy, because he may or may not notice their mistakes at all, or assume it is absolutely not shameful.

I don’t know what to do with this trouble…

And how to fight effectively against men’s rudeness? recommends that — first of all, when you are so rude let the man understand that you’re hurt and offended. Even if the rudeness was not addressed to you – let the man realizes that you are ashamed of him!

You can do it even slightly exaggerated to increase the effect: for example, if he dared to punch you in the heat of an argument (even “symbolically”) – then shut up, sit down and start gently palpating the point of impact, portraying physical pain. Even though he was for a moment afraid of you, you will feel what a fragile and defenseless! Potent, but not replicable by the means of women’s tears.

And later, when man begins to repent for his sins, clearly and without insults explain to him that it hurt you and why it should not do: “I know that you are stronger! Let’s just talk, you are a reasonable man!”.

Rude men may be a consequence of the standard of behaviour in his environment, family upbringing (or lack thereof), the consequence of staying in the army or, God forbid, “places not so remote”…

If you decided on a relationship with a man whose normal behavior is a continuous chain of acts of rudeness and arrogance, then think carefully before you associate with him his fate! To rehabilitate such a man can only women with iron patience and willpower, and then not always! Are you ready for this? Not easy to find “ready,” quiet and intelligent man?

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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