Russian cuisine – what is the use of traditional Russian dishes

We often love to indulge in pizza or sushi, often assuming that the food that you eat daily, not too interesting. However, it should be noted that Russian cuisine is highly appreciated all over the world. And there are my legal grounds. What — will gladly tell you the site ““.

A long way to popularity

Today Russian restaurants can be found in many large cities of both Europe and America. They serve national dishes of Russian cuisine — soup, pancakes, soups, snacks, and the number of visitors in these restaurants is never small.

But, like any other, formed the Russian national cuisine immediately. Appearing in more than a thousand years ago, the main meals were varied and improved, adopting the secrets of French cuisine and at the same time has acquired more and more of its identity.

For example, various soups played an important role for the Russian Desk since the 15th century.

For liquid hot dish in a Russian family would eat almost a kilogram of rye bread, but white bread until the early 20th century in Russia did not recognize at all, and then he has long been the prerogative of the wealthier segments of the population.

What is a Russian cuisine?

Today the dishes of Russian national cuisine are staggering diversity. The particular advantage of Russian cuisine are considered a variety of hot and cold first courses: fish soup, cabbage soup, rassolnik, Solyanka, okroshka, botvinya, and not only.

Speaking about Russian cuisine, not to mention various dishes of meat and of course fish.

As in the Russian rivers the fish were found in great abundance, and is now widely used recipes from bream, tench, pike, carp, sterlet, sturgeon, walleye and beyond. With meat and fish dishes on the table, traditionally served with a condiment – radish, garlic, onion and horseradish.

In Russian cuisine widely uses vegetables and herbs, and also any other gifts of nature – mushrooms, nuts, honey, cranberries, cranberry, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry and much more.

Despite the abundance of meat dishes, Russian cuisine is perfect for vegetarians. As the number of meatless days in a year traditionally reached two hundred, and Russian dishes that exclude meat, eggs, butter and even milk, more than enough.

The Russian cuisine?

We know firsthand about what is the Mediterranean diet. But really, dishes of national Russian cuisine is no health benefit in itself does not carry? Fortunately, it is not. Russian cuisine is simply overflowing with different dishes, about the useful properties of which we do not even know.

For example, are striking in their usefulness of different sour and acidic foods – apples, cabbage, and not only.

The fact that the pickling – natural preserving products in which they retain all their vitamins. For example, sauerkraut is one of the best sources of vitamin C, and none of the overseas oranges even with her not standing next to.

In addition, among the dishes of Russian cuisine can be found a record number of recipes for various soups. And about the benefits of liquid food hot – cereals — on-the-stomach even to say nothing.

Do not neglect and dairy products, which is so rich Russian cuisine. Yogurt, fermented baked milk, varenets will clean your colon, enhance immunity and improve skin condition.

And because the site wants you to eat good and useful and enjoy your favorite food regardless of whether it is exotic or native and familiar.

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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