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An interview with Irina Wolin, head of Agency of elite real estate “Slavyansky Dvor” on Patriotic action on Rublevo-Uspensky highway.

— Irina Aleksandrovna, the advertising campaign of the Agency “Slavyansky Dvor”, which You preside, caused stormy and controversial not only among the residents of the ruble, but also the users of the Internet. The debate continues around the slogans of an advertising campaign, though You are rather in detail told about them, and outlined Your stance, Patriotic views. But I would like to focus on the other — on the image You chose for your ad campaign. As a woman, I am very interested in Your outfit. Tell me about it.

— For a photo shoot advertising campaign, I chose the modern Russian traditional costume.

— Traditional and modern — is not mutually exclusive?

— There is no exclusion. How could it be otherwise? To assume that the story of the traditional Russian costume was completed after the revolution is a big mistake. Suit alive, more than that — it can be modern and even trendy. It all depends on who creates the fashion. In fact, fashion is secondary. It depends on a number of factors: ideological, economic, political, environmental. Fashion is not a standalone concept, it never stood alone. It’s part of our life, its decoration, important addition. Russian style is the trend today, but I chose it not for this reason.

— And for what?

— I love my country, love Russian costume. And when I wear this luxurious, beautiful outfit, I feel inspired, protected, that comes from the depths of our Russian traditions. Russian costume — a real work of art. Where else to find such exquisite embroidery so subtle gold embroidery? This decor is inherent only in Russian costume. And only in the traditional outfit he looks appropriate and not theatrical.

— You are wearing the Russian costumes in everyday life?

— Wear, but not as often as I would like. Understand these outfits need special atmosphere, special occasions. I am an Orthodox man, and on holiday I go to Church in a Russian outfit. Russian outfits I wear when attending events held by our Fund together with the “House of the Russian clothing Valentina Averyanova”. Such outfits I can choose for receptions in honor of state holidays, for any special celebrations. But in everyday life I prefer clothes appropriate to my mood and taste. If you have the desire and, again, the mood, you can choose the clothes with elements of Russian style. And the choice I have — everything I like, I can find collections of my favourite Russian designer Valentina Averyanova.

— Banner ads of the “Slavic yard” You are sealed in outfits by Valentina Averyanova? Please tell us more about them.

— Talk with pleasure. It is really outfits “Russian House clothes”, which is headed by a unique, incredible, talented woman, Artist — Valentina Averyanova. I want to note the color scheme of my outfit: they are not chosen by chance — it color collection “Renaissance”. They resonate with the colors of the Russian flag. In the decoration of these outfits used traditional Russian decor — textured embroidery, traditional fit. In the collection Valentina Averyanova have some clothes in detail, with amazing accuracy reproduces the traditional costume of the Russian nobility. There are more modern outfits, which, however, made in accordance with the canons of the Russian style.

— It would be interesting to know more about the elements of Russian costume. I have noticed that different pictures have different hats.

— You are absolutely right. The white along I have chosen modern headpiece is a crown. Although, if you delve into Russian traditions, you can see that the crown — headdress for unmarried girls. But in the photo my head in a crown covers the hood, so the traditions are not violated. The crown is made in a unique technique of gold embroidery. It is decorated with pearls, gems.

My blue suit is decorated with WPC handrail, traditional for the Russian outfit, a headdress, neckpiece. The red outfit is more modern, but with traditional elements of style are actually still in there. It details that simulate a mantle, and a head cover, and a matching headpiece.

Red outfit I would call versatile: it is equally well it will look on the red carpet, and as part of the evening image. I want to reiterate: outfit modern, but traditional in the Russian style.

— How strictly You follow the traditions?

— I find it difficult to answer this question. Rather, it is something intuitive. I love everything that has to do with the Russian style, and clothing is no exception. The image created on its basis, a very beautiful, feminine and family. Of course, the clothes in the Russian style can not be called casual. I chose her for the campaign, to demonstrate their civic position and believe that the selection was successful.

As always, Irina Volin leaves a strong, but always a pleasant experience. After a conversation with her, I caught myself thinking that not all the questions for me was resolved. How sincerely Irina Volin talks about his Patriotic feelings, love to the Russian traditions? Or is it, after all, talking about the next PR campaign, which is carried out on orders “from above”? Anyway, Irina’s image was strong, memorable, as well as the whole advertising campaign her Agency. And I definitely know: we all missed decent image of Russian Beauty. We managed to miss it, having got tired from the vulgar, flashy and blatant advertising. And this way we saw in Irene Wolin.

The author – Sofia Livitskaya

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