Safe correct computer work: how to maintain health

The computer I have been working for quite a long time – more than 6 years, but I never thought about the recommendations that are given about how to organize their workplace.

Thought to until my eldest son started studying in the school of computer science. One day he came home from school and your question has me stumped. Lecturer in computer science asked homework about this: “How to use the computer”. I’ve seen publications on this topic, but believed that the recommendations did not concern me.

And here I had along with my son to tackle the homework. I have carefully read the tutorial on the computer, but all the text seemed to me not very convincing, especially for the perception of 9-year-old child. The main thing I have not found a convincing argument. This is what prompted me to write this article.

Why is it important to correctly use the computer, what is the impact on health has a wrong organization of the workplace?

Computer work for man was and still is an extremely strong irritant. Over the years the evolution of man until very recently, have not met with such aggressive environmental factor. Allow myself to further formulate the main sources of aggression.

A huge amount of information for the brain. Moreover, this information should not only be remembered, but every second to be analysed.

Further, after reviewing the information, our gray matter needs to take a decision and convey action (the control of keyboard and mouse while playing at the computer) to the brain (decision-making when working with your own site, business, etc.). All of these treatments for the brain is very energy-consuming.

How to deal with it?

Very simple – make every hour a break for 15 minutes. Look at the window, admire the nature, drink tea or coffee, smoke a cigarette, in the end (injury from Smoking – that’s another story).

Long stay in the same position for the body – for anybody not a secret that children can sit at the computer for hours. By the way, I have one friend. He’s my age, but, despite his age (30 years), capable of hours of “chopped” in different shooters, RPG, strategy.

Our spine is designed so that it in the norm there are so-called physiological curves – lordosis (bending anteriorly) and kyphosis (bending backwards). The most significant lumbar lordosis and thoracic kyphosis. If the spine long time without support, that the curves are bent. All heard about such disease as scoliosis – lateral curvature of the spine. Me in my surgical practice had to meet such extreme forms of scoliosis who needed surgery.

The main danger of scoliosis is not only and not so much in appearance (although it is “not Gud”).

Violations of posture, the different curvature of the spine lead to “abuses” of nervesthat emerge from the spinal canal. And compressions can cause and lead to long-term back pain, hypertension, ischemic heart disease, to impotence (in men) and frigidity (females), in the end!!!

To all these horrors to prevent it, all you need to choose a special so-called ergonomic (orthopedic) armchairs. The main difference between an ergonomic chair – special anchor points that are precisely matched to the physiological curves of the spine.

A long “looking” at the screen.

The main source of aggression in this case is the drying of the cornea. When working at the computer our eyes blink 6 times less than in normal conditions. The primary function of blinking is to hydration of cornea lacrimal fluid. Naturally, with rare blinking the cornea becomes dry, and is the main damaging factor for the organ of vision and may lead to sustained myopia.

What can you do?

Do special exercises for eyes. Turn away from the monitor, raise your eyes up, down, move eyes, “forcibly” is blinked. The more you do these exercises, the healthier will be your eyes.

And after enough motivation I want to offer an answer to the question “How to organize their time when working at the computer.”

Every hour take 15-minute breaks when working at the computer.

This will provide your brain a little rest, allowing it to maintain the resources of the brain for further work.

To work from choose your ergonomic (orthopedic) armchairs.

The seat height of the chair should be such that the hands laid on the keyboard was positioned horizontally. The chairs must be of armrests and a headrest. In addition, there must be the ability to adjust the chair to the peculiarities of your figure (height, body type, etc.). Feet should rest on a special stand or on the floor. Be sure to put on the seat massagers, a special type of applicator Kuznetsov (like a normal account) – this provides a massage of the pelvic organs to prevent sexual disorders.

Make sure to do as often as possible, special exercises for eyes.

Monitor (upper level) to be positioned slightly below eye level, the bottom of the monitor should be tilted at a small angle to the running (that is, located closer). This ensures optimum tilt angle of the visual axis, which will lead to less eye fatigue.

These are, from my point of view, very simple rules, following which you can protect yourself from the harmful effects of the computer and to keep health for many years.

In conclusion, I want to reiterate that sufficient motivation to execute a simple action for working safely at the computer will lead to understanding the necessity of these actions.

Author: Konstantin Rozhin, www.Hirurgam.NET

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