Safe folk remedy for heartburn during pregnancy

Women’s website “” again returns to the theme of pregnancy and motherhood. Today on the list of issues of concern to the mother, discuss another, very necessary for good health — “what remedies for heartburn in pregnancy is allowed?”. Let’s talk first, which is why there is an insidious burning sensation in the chest in an interesting position.

Causes of heartburn

The main reason of heartburn is the constant increase of the uterus. The heavier your baby becomes, the greater becomes his “temporary warm home”. Accordingly, the increased pressure of the uterus on the intestines and then the stomach.

Pressure slows down all the activity of the gastrointestinal tract. First and foremost, the slower the food enters the stomach, worse more slowly digested and passes into the large intestine. The remains of the late digested food sometimes comes back up into the esophagus, causing an insidious burning sensation.

Also hormonal changes or the body is not a suitable food can cause discomfort.

How to adjust the diet of the expectant mother and what folk remedies for heartburn during pregnancy she can apply?

Review the diet

Of course, during pregnancy you need to very carefully monitor their diet and quality products. Preferably with a doctor to make a menu, through which your body receives all the required items, pregnancy will occur correctly, and the baby will develop normally.

Let’s eliminate from this menu, all the dishes, which can trigger heartburn. This:

  • fried;
  • very fat;
  • sharp;
  • marinated.

Also be sure to note individual preferences regarding specific products. Especially dangerous is that food stimulates increased production of hydrochloric acid and, as a result, heartburn.

But preference should be given to the various dishes:

  • steamed;
  • boiled;
  • baked.

For example, in the diet of pregnant women can include:

  • lean meat;
  • sour cream;
  • soft-boiled eggs;
  • vegetables;
  • fruit.

These products possess alkaline properties that are normally absorbed and literally “pleasing” stomach. Their regular consumption than a natural remedy, help for heartburn during pregnancy?

Eat often and little

The website already told you about fractional power. So, if you have heartburn during pregnancy, people’s ways of dealing with it, among other things, include eating foods that are fractional.

For starters, try eat small meals often. Break between meals should be no more than 5 hours, of course, with the exception of sleep time.

You must also carefully and slowly to chew food. The smaller the food pieces are, the easier the stomach to do its work.

Finally, after a meal should not lie down to rest. On the contrary, it is desirable to be in a vertical position, so that undigested food doesn’t return to the esophagus.

Folk remedies for heartburn during pregnancy

Consider the most simple means.

Immediately say, that all the medical remedies for heartburn in pregnant women can be taken only after approval of a physician.


Jelly – a nice drink, quick and effective way to eliminate heartburn during pregnancy. What can you advise when it is received?

  • First, do not drink store-bought jelly. They can be dyes and other harmful additives. It is advisable to cook jelly independently from fruit, berries, sugar and starch. But first make sure that no allergies to any ingredient.
  • Second, as soon as the heartburn makes itself known, it is desirable to drink a glass of jelly. No less! In this case, the insidious burning sensation will disappear pretty quickly.

Milk and almonds

If you often suffer heartburn in pregnancy, you can use this folk remedy. In warm milk (1 Cup) you need to stir grated almonds (a few pinches). This drink is advisable to drink in small SIPS.

The herbs

It’s pretty effective. But first, you need to ensure good absorption of specific plants.

For cooking you need to mix equal quantities of chopped yarrow, ginger, marjoram and Basil. A mixture of (1 teaspoon) pour boiling water (1 Cup). The tool must be stand 15 minutes. Then it is necessary to strain and take small portions for 10-12 hours.

Products that help with heartburn

Drinks for getting rid of heartburn we understand. Now pay attention to the food. Some products are perfect to help cope with the debilitating burning sensation in the chest. This:

  • sunflower seeds;
  • hazelnuts;
  • cereal.

Seeds and nuts are good enough to chew in your mouth and swallow. But cereal it is recommended to chew quite a long time and carefully. And most importantly – do not stop at one serving.

For example, cereals can be chewed several times a day or several days in a row in the morning. By the way, in addition to deal with heartburn chewing the cereal has a soothing effect on the nervous system of the pregnant woman.

Finally, many pregnant women heartburn helps a few SIPS of cold non-carbonated mineral water. Maybe you too are one of them?

Also with heartburn you can drink a pill of activated charcoal or Gustav. However, without the intervention of a doctor the tools to take often is not recommended.

Take care of yourself, do not be nervous, listen to your body. If you have heartburn often during pregnancy, natural home remedies have to help and soon you will feel better.

Light you pregnant!

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