Sagged after breast feeding: exercise, massage, skin care

Today’s article website “” devotes the happy mothers of young children. Undoubtedly, the joy of motherhood is one of the most generous gifts. But there is a fly in the ointment.

For example, many women have to face various changes in shape, not pleasing to the eye. Consider a situation when the breast is sagged after feeding. Here what letter has come to the site ““:

“I had a baby and when I finished breast feeding, the Breasts become sad to watch. Limp and one longer than the other. Tell me what to do with this difference, how to recover? Thanks in advance”.

Causes of saggy breast

Lactation sensation of fullness of the breast creates milk. Under the weight of the fabric is quite stretch.

But once breast feeding is over, the milk disappears, the stretched tissue becomes quite easy and shapeless. And looks this chest, to put it mildly, not very.

Another reason for the sagging is the lack of strong support of the breast pectoral muscles.

We can not exclude a particular organism. For example, hormonal disorders, diseases, proper feeding affect how strongly sagged after breast feeding the baby.

Is it possible to return the breast to its former beauty?

For most women this is more than real. But! Immediately warn that the creation of a beautiful breast after the feeding is no easy task. And the main thing – do not be lazy and pay attention (at least 15-20 minutes each day).

Sagged after breast feeding. What to do?

First we will consider the most radical solution is surgery. Right after surgery, you can quickly become a beautiful and elastic.

However, encourages you to think carefully and weigh everything:

  • it is unknown what effect such an operation on your hormonal and overall health;
  • such an operation is quite expensive;
  • it is sometimes difficult to determine the specific clinics and specialists.

Also many women and themselves may be difficult to decide on such a radical method — stir doubt, uncertainty, fear.

If you clearly understand that you don’t want to go under the knife, you should consider more humane ways of “restoration” of the breast.


Regular exercise is one of the most effective solutions to the problem of “sagged Breasts after feeding the baby.”

Consider the examples of exercises.

  • In a standing position, stretch the hands forward and join palms at chest level 8 times.
  • In the standing position raise your hands with palms “in the castle” at chest level. Try as much as possible to stretch the chest muscles. Next, begin to pry open the palm of your hand 8 times. The closer the movements, the more noticeable will be the result.
  • In a standing position facing the wall. And begin as if to push back her shoulders. Do the exercise 8 times.
  • Rotate the arms extended forward and back 4 times.
  • Rotate shoulders forwards and backwards 4 times.

In principle, it is sufficient to only do the described exercises if the Breasts sagged after feeding. Moreover, if after exercise you feel tired (and the next day can be discomfort and pain in the muscles), you should stick to only these exercises.

The main thing – do not be lazy and run them regularly. Best through the day.

But if your body is used to a significant physical stress, it is possible to perform very effective exercises with dumbbells. For example, in a standing position raise the dumbbells from the bottom up (each hand 8-10 times). Or effectively to lift the dumbbells with both hands simultaneously in the supine position. The legs should be bent at the knees.

Importantly – in any exercise, you should feel load on chest muscles.

More tips from the “Beautiful and Successful” in maintaining breast shape through exercise, read here.


If limp after breast feeding the child, it is recommended to try a home massage jets in the shower. It should be done twice a day. And if you want you can massage your Breasts in the shower after gymnastic exercises.

How to do massage? You can use just the hose without a nozzle and pipe. A better alternate.

Running water under the pressure necessary to drive across the breast first clockwise 10 times, then clockwise 10 times. Will be very good if the spins you will change the water temperature and force of pressure.


3-5 times a week can make the active breast massage. With your fingertips you can:

  • quickly RUB the gel or cream;
  • Pat on the chest;
  • slight pressure on the skin.

Note — to make the chest rounded shapes and elasticity you can use makeup. Of course, the particular cream or gel you must pick up yourself. Note that the well-proven cosmetics from stretch marks the brand “Clarins”, “Sisley”.

For nursing moms

You are still in the lactation period? And you don’t want in the future to think about what to do if the Breasts SAG after breastfeeding?

Then you are advised to ensure that the baby received the same amount of milk from both Breasts. This is a kind of strong preventing sagging.

It is also very important to wear the correct bra. And preferably wear it regularly (even at night).

So, if you are concerned about what to do if the Breasts sagged after feeding, it is advised to use the above tips. We wish you, along with the joy of motherhood you feel still attractive and seductive.

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