Salad “Chafan”: recipes with beef, chicken, marinated and fresh vegetables, vegetarian options

This snack refers to food designers. You can assemble the salad on a plate of those components that match your individual taste. Colorful blank allows you to experiment with sauces, methods of presentation, decor. In fact, the recipe of salad “Chafan” is neat, colorful succulent meats and healthy products.

30 min 5 servings. Easy to prepare

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  • 1 Classic recipe salad “Chafan”
  • 2 6 adaptations
    • 2.1 chicken
    • 2.2 With sausage
    • 2.3 cheese
    • 2.4 With carrots in Korean
    • 2.5 With the green radish
    • 2.6 With pomegranate

The origin of the dish and today a matter of controversy for cooks. Some believe that snacking has Eastern roots. “Cafe”, “citing” from Chinese translates as “food.” What would be the state belong to the primacy of the salad creation, interest in it this does not become less. Dish punctually prepare cooks in many countries.

Classic salad recipe of “Catan”

Features. The meal as simple as possible — vegetables, meat and sauce. A classic recipe salad “Chafan” includes beef. Other meats are used in the interpretations. As for vegetables, there are simply no restrictions. You can dream to infinity. Decided to add seasonal ingredients that are available in the house.


  • 200 g beef;
  • two potatoes;
  • 300 g white cabbage;
  • carrots, beets, onions on one piece;
  • greens to choose from;
  • two garlic cloves;
  • 60 ml vegetable oil;
  • 50 ml lemon juice or vinegar (3%);
  • mayonnaise;
  • spices.


  • For the marinade take water and vinegar in the ratio 1:1, a pinch of sugar. Fill them with the onion straws. Pickle until, until you prepare the other components.
  • Wedges of potatoes, fry until Golden brown.
  • Can speed up the process by slicing the carrots and cabbage is not a knife (bread sticks), and rubbing on a coarse grater or crushing a special attachment grinder. Same way grind the beets.
  • With beef removed all streaks and other unwanted parts. Meat strips to cook on the pan.
  • On a flat big dish formed by the slides so that the beef was in the center.
  • Sprinkle with a little sunflower oil, sprinkle with chopped herbs and spices.
  • Somewhere on the side put the bowl with the mayonnaise.
  • Before serving, you can hold the salad “Chafan” beef in the cold no more than 30 minutes. Longer is not necessary, as the products will lose the attractive appearance. See to it that the starter is not filled with extraneous smells, so in the fridge, put it under the hood. Sectors spread, as it is convenient. Can alternate products with bright pale.6 adaptations

    In addition to classical performance, you can prepare salad “Chafan” not only fresh but also pickled, boiled vegetables. To prepare the marinade, you can take low-concentrated vinegar (9%) and olive oil. The proportions are chosen taking into account the number of salad mix. Add a little salt and sugar, chopped garlic, marinade ready.


    Features. Salad recipe “Chapan” chicken can be modified at its discretion. Not necessarily to use the following vegetables. Select those products that are on the kitchen shelves. If preparing the dish for guests, consider their food preferences.


    • 50 g cabbage;
    • 50 g of beet;
    • 50 g carrots;
    • 100 g of potatoes;
    • 100 g chicken fillets;
    • 100 ml vegetable oil;
    • 50 ml olive oil;
    • two garlic cloves;
    • greens;
    • vinegar, lemon juice;
    • spices, seasonings.


  • Pickling shredded vegetables. Add to them salt, pepper, sugar, chopped garlic and vinegar. Pour the heated sunflower oil.
  • Seasoned meat strips fry, set aside to cool. Before laying on a dish, and pour out the fat rests.
  • Cook the potato strips in the deep fryer.
  • Spread the ingredients slide or triangles, sprinkle with lemon juice and olive oil, sprinkle with chopped greens.
  • If the bow with bitterness, get rid of it before marinating. A straw placed in a colander, pour over boiling water. Immediately rinse in cold water. You can save time and buy the sweet red vegetable. On the dish it will look prettier.Sausage

    Features. Salad “Chafan” sausage can act as a separate meal on the table. Also it is very convenient to take with you on nature. Arranging a picnic in advance prepare all the components. Do the layout already in place.


    • 450 g sausages;
    • one beet;
    • one bulb;
    • two fresh cucumber;
    • one carrot;
    • three potatoes;
    • one tomato;
    • mayonnaise;
    • herbs, seasonings, spices.


  • Boiled vegetables cut into strips. They do the same with sausage.
  • Bow with the bitter taste of pre-pickling in a weak solution of vinegar, shred half rings.
  • Lay out slides so that the sausage was in the middle. Sprinkle with spices, seasonings, herbs.
  • Separately put in a bowl the mayonnaise.
  • Can prepare any salad dressing what you want. Spicing mayonnaise, adding the chopped garlic and dill, a pinch of white pepper. Gentle get the sauce, you can mix the mayonnaise with sour cream in equal proportions. Be sure to put it in a greens.Cheese

    Features. To make the salad “Chafan” it, laying out all the ingredients one slide. Sprinkle top of cheese. Another option is the placement of the components separately.


    • 450 g beef;
    • one beet;
    • one carrot;
    • two red bulbs;
    • two fresh cucumber;
    • three potatoes;
    • one tomato;
    • 150 g of cheese;
    • the pot of mayonnaise;
    • sunflower oil;
    • spices, condiments and herbs.


  • Boiled carrots, potatoes, beets cut into strips, onion — half rings.
  • The cubes of beef fry to get crispy.
  • Put foods on a plate. Sprinkle with spices, seasonings, herbs. Separately in a gravy boat put mayonnaise.
  • Potatoes not only taste, but also to fry. Do this in two ways. In the first case, the vegetable is cut into large slices and cook in small amount of vegetable oil. For the second option choose frying in deep fat. Onion half-rings dip them in flour and also cook in the pan. They get crispy and have a Golden hue.

    With carrots in Korean

    Features. Sour-spicy taste of Korean carrots perfectly complements the potatoes and meat. Cook it yourself or buy at the store. Choose meat based on their personal taste preferences — fatty or dry.


    • 350 g pork;
    • three potatoes;
    • two beet;
    • 200 g Korean carrot;
    • one bulb;
    • mayonnaise;
    • herbs, spices, seasonings.


  • Fry the meat strips.
  • Boiled potatoes, beets cut into strips.
  • Pickle half rings of onions.
  • Spread food — meat in the middle, and vegetables, including carrots with Korean spices in a circle.
  • Separately put the mayonnaise.
  • The snack can used not only boiled, but fresh vegetables. In this case, they are flavored with spices, a small amount of olive or vegetable oil, vinegar. While the potatoes fry large pieces or strips. Adding Korean carrots, ensure that it was not excess fluid.Green radish

    Features. Salad recipe “Chapan” with marinated vegetables allows you to serve a delicious dish designer. Guests will choose those components that are like. Very convenient, as well as those who are dieting, fasting or not consume products of animal origin, prefer vegetable “slides”.

    An appetizer turned out delicious and the most useful choose right vegetables. The juiciest, most vitaminized carrot is small in size and bright orange color. It should not be soft spots or cracks — signs that the core is damaged. If you want to beet bright colors without white bands, buy a vegetable with a reddish, thick skin without any damage.


    • 450 g beef fillet;
    • one beet;
    • one red onion;
    • one carrot;
    • one radish;
    • 350 g white cabbage;
    • three young potatoes;
    • three garlic cloves;
    • 65 ml vegetable oil;
    • 60 ml vinegar;
    • 70 g of sugar;
    • ground pepper, salt.


  • Cabbage, carrots, beets and radish grate and pickle.
  • For marinade: mix vegetable oil with vinegar, add sugar and other spices.
  • Meat and potato wedges fry.
  • In the center of the dish spread the meat and sides sprinkle with onion half-rings. Other products — in a circle.
  • Pomegranate

    Features. Ruby grain rich in iron and vitamin C, which is especially important in the winter. You can prepare a vegetarian option without meat. Vegetables without it will be equally delicious and nutritious.


    • 400 g beef tenderloin;
    • three potatoes;
    • 250 g of cabbage;
    • one beet, radish, carrots, onions;
    • grain with half of the pomegranate;
    • 65 ml sunflower oil;
    • 65 ml of vinegar (9%);
    • 60 g of sugar;
    • one and a half teaspoons of salt;
    • spices, seasonings.


  • Prepare filling mixture: mix sunflower oil with vinegar, salt, sugar, spices.
  • Pickle vegetable sticks individually.
  • Fry the potato strips.
  • Fry the meat steak. Then cut into small cubes.
  • Lay out all the components individually triangles. In the middle of the track — meat.
  • Sprinkle with pomegranate grains on top, or too put separately.
  • Suggest another option, how to cook salad “Chafan” and serve it beautifully. On large platter arrange the salad leaves in the quantities in which the products are presented. Each component is placed on a separate, green cushion. You can decorate with sprigs of cilantro, parsley, dill. On the edge of the dish lay flowers made from the same carrots and beets.

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