Salad “Daisy”: recipes with chips, chicken liver, how to make

Today it is no surprise salad “Olivier”, “fur Coat” or “Capital”. Housewives try to come up with original and unusual snacks. And there was the recipe of salad “Daisy”. The dish has an interesting design. “Fancy” appetizer will be a real decoration of the table. And you can make and one “flower” and the whole “field”.

35 min 6 servings. Easy to prepare

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  • 1 Recipe of salad “Daisy”: experimenting with ingredients
    • 1.1 chicken
    • 1.2 With chicken liver
    • 1.3 With sausage and chips
    • 1.4 With crab sticks
    • 1.5 With canned fish
    • 1.6 With carrots in Korean
    • 1.7 With beets

“Daisy” is a collective name for appetizers, which vary with its composition and method of delivery, but have common features. The hostess decides for itself which products to use in cooking. The main ingredients are boiled vegetables and eggs. They are complemented by different varieties of meat, mushrooms, fish and even seafood.

The snack spread in the shape of a flower. Do layers or slides or just mix all the products and make the petals already on top of the dish, for example, with greens and chips, egg yolks and egg whites. For salad you should choose a flat big plate. If this puff will fit and deep transparent container portions kremanki.

The dish is known under such names as “Chamomile field”, “Daisy meadow”. On the top layer decorate as one large or several small flowers.Salad recipe Romashka is: experimenting with the ingredients

Snacking does not have a strict recipe, so the filling for her choosing based on personal taste preferences of those products that you have in the fridge and on the kitchen shelves. You can prepare a “Daisy” or a diet more nutritious. In the first case we select a low-calorie meats, use lean fish. Conduct heat treatment: bake, fry or boil.


Description. Hearty and inexpensive enforcement option. Salad recipe “Daisy” chicken interpret as we want. Take variety of vegetables, greens for decoration. Doing less nutritious snacks instead of store add mayonnaise, low-fat sour cream.


  • chicken meat — 200 g;
  • one or two of pickled cucumber;
  • three eggs;
  • half of the follicles;
  • one or two of the potato tuber;
  • mayonnaise or sour cream — 200 ml;
  • one teaspoon of vinegar;
  • spices;
  • greens.


  • Eggs, potatoes boil.
  • The meat is boiled or roasted.
  • If the bow with bitterness, then pickle it. Shinkuem thin rings, pour boiling and then cold water. To the marinade add the vinegar, spices. Insist five minutes.
  • Potatoes cut into cubes, cucumber sticks, three eggs (reserve a part for decoration).
  • Mix products, dress with the sauce, sprinkle with spices. Previously the sides and bottom of the bowl, wrap with cling film.
  • Turn over capacity with the mixture on a large, flat dish so as to obtain the shape of the cake.
  • From the remnants of egg whites and yolks on top making the flower. Made in the shape of daisies: carefully cut out proteins from the petals and put them in a circle, and in the middle add the chopped yolk. It can be easy to crush with a fork. The stem of the onion do feathers, leaves from the parsley sprigs.
  • Before serving, keep the dish in the cold, to steep and got soaked.With chicken liver

    Description. Salad “Daisy” with chicken livers — a delicious combination products. Goes well with side dishes such as boiled potatoes or rice. Will compete on the Christmas table is already bored dishes.


    • chicken liver — 350 g;
    • mushrooms — 350 g;
    • two onions;
    • three eggs;
    • one tablespoon of vegetable oil;
    • cheese — 150 g;
    • five tablespoons of mayonnaise;
    • greens;
    • spices.


  • First boil the liver. Throw it in salted water and cook for no more than 15 minutes, otherwise it will become hard and dry. Let cool and cut into strips.
  • To shorten the cooking process for dishes you can take the mushrooms, since they do not need to boil. Cut into small slices and together with chopped onions, fry until cooked. The pan should not be liquid.
  • Leave one egg for decoration, and the other three.
  • Sequence: liver, onion-mushroom, egg, cheese layer. Each of them impregnated mesh of mayonnaise, sprinkle with spices.
  • Decorate the top of the Daisy from the egg whites and the yolk. The stems and leaves make green.
  • With sausage and chips

    Description. This “Daisy meadow”, thanks to the original layout of the petals of the chips on the table looks very nice and festive. To design the best fit of large chips of the same shape in the form of petals.


    • sausage — 250 g;
    • cheese — 150 g;
    • two garlic cloves;
    • two tomatoes;
    • three eggs;
    • five tablespoons of mayonnaise;
    • greens, chips for decoration;
    • spices.


  • Step by step preparation products. First and foremost, do not cut them too finely, as the flavour of each ingredient should be felt clearly.
  • Coarsely grated cheese, press the garlic and add it to the mayonnaise, boiled eggs and tomatoes cut into slices or cubes, sausage cut squares.
  • The components are mixed, dressed with garlic-mayonnaise sauce, sprinkle with spices.
  • Decorate the top in the form of one large flower. The center of the top fall asleep with grated protein, or yolk, and the edges spread the petals of chips.
  • Leave to chill before serving.
  • Salad recipe “Daisy” with chips suggests a degree of continuity in the decor. Chips spread at the edges of the dish just before serving. Otherwise, they will lose their crispness.With crab sticks

    Description. Filling snacks known to many Housewives. The combination of Chinese cabbage and crab sticks very common. Tandem turns fresh, delicate and delicious.


    • “pekinka” — 250 g;
    • crab sticks — 150 g;
    • four eggs;
    • olives;
    • three tablespoons of sour cream;
    • one teaspoon of lemon juice;
    • spices.


  • Shinkuem cabbage, RUB it with hands to make it softer and let some juice.
  • Crab sticks and two eggs cut into cubes, olives — quartered or halves.
  • The components are mixed, dressed with creamy lemon sauce.
  • Spread on a dish to make a smooth slide.
  • Mash yolk with a fork and put it in the center of the top. Around it are the “petals” of the protein.
  • Make a salad “Chamomile” more colorful will help additional vegetables and herbs. For registration, take the Basil leaves, sorrel, sprigs of parsley and dill, slices of bell pepper, green olives.With canned fish

    Description. Take any canned in oil. It can be sardines, sprats. Fish is rich in trace elements, so the snack will not only tasty, but also useful. It is laid out in layers and somewhat similar to many famous Mimosas.


    • boiled rice — 300 g;
    • the banks of the salmon — 150 g;
    • three cucumber;
    • two onions;
    • one carrot;
    • three eggs;
    • mayonnaise;
    • spices;
    • greens.


  • Boiled carrots coarsely grated, cucumbers cut into half rings, onion — diced.
  • Sequence: boiled rice, fish, onions, carrots, cucumbers. All layers except the last, to impregnate mayonnaise grid.
  • Share cooked yolks in halves, and the whites stripes. Decorate the top.
  • In food you can use fresh vegetables, not boiled. But this dish is not for everybody. Not everyone likes raw carrots.With carrots in Korean

    Description. A snack served alone or in combination with hot dishes. A distinctive feature of option is that you can create salad “Daisy” not only layers but also groups. Just need to put it separately in the form of a flower.


    • two potatoes;
    • pork (carbonate);
    • cheese (hard variety) — 200 g;
    • Korean carrot — 300 grams;
    • four eggs;
    • mayonnaise — 300 g;
    • two onions;
    • greens, lettuce;
    • spices;
    • vegetable oil.


  • Boil meat (cooled in the broth), eggs, potatoes.
  • Chopped onion saute.
  • Cheese, potatoes coarsely grated, meat cut into cubes.
  • On a flat dish lay out lettuce leaves. Next comes the meat, onion, potato, cheese, carrot layer. Each of them impregnated with mayonnaise grid.
  • Have boiled egg whites cut into large julienne, and mash the yolks with a fork. First component to make the “petals”, from the second to the middle of the flower.
  • If salad “Daisy” Korean carrot running slides, add not boiled and fried potatoes.With beets

    Description. The list of products can change, given their own tastes. With meat and beets are well blended mushrooms. Are best pickled or fresh mushrooms. They do not boil, and immediately fry.


    • one beet;
    • one carrot;
    • meat (pork, beef) — 300 g;
    • one bulb;
    • French fries — 150 g;
    • half a tin of canned green peas;
    • mayonnaise;
    • spices.


  • Beets and carrots use fresh. Along with meat they grind cubes.
  • Potatoes cut into strips and fry in deep fat.
  • The drained peas with the liquid.
  • On a flat dish lay out the products slides, sprinkle with spices. In the middle pour chopped diced onion. Watered it with mayonnaise.
  • Show imagination in the design. Instead of egg yolk we take canned corn, cooked carrots. The “petals” made of chips, lemon wedges, slices of radish.

    Not afraid to experiment. Added to the appetizer not only different varieties of meat. You can experiment with walnuts, pineapple, turnips. Prepare a gourmet meal in the French manner, where the Apple combine with cheese, egg, red onion. Salad “Daisy” is the perfect solution for beginners who can start their culinary journey with cooking simple meals. To spoil it is almost impossible.

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