Salad “Delight”: a classic recipe with Korean carrot and variants with smoked chicken, oranges, mushrooms

Salad “Delight” (or “Orgasm”) is one of the most popular and in demand on the holiday table. Such a “loud” the name of the dish was not just. Recipe salad “Delight” consists of simple and accessible ingredients, but their harmonious combination and an unusual taste unforgettable.

45 min. of 5 servings. Easy to prepare

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  • 1 What to consider to make it tastier
  • 2 Recipe of salad “Delight”: 9 options
    • 2.1 Classical
    • 2.2 With smoked chicken
    • 2.3 orange
    • 2.4 With mushrooms
    • 2.5 With prunes
    • 2.6 With pineapple
    • 2.7 liver
    • 2.8 With crab sticks
    • 2.9 With eggplant

“Delight” is known in the circle of Housewives, so there are plenty of options for its preparation. Using basic products and guided by the core technology, it’s easy to turn a standard dish into a gastronomic masterpiece. Experiment with the ingredients is not prohibited.

What to consider to make it tastier

Immodest companies salad has an intriguing name “Orgasm”, which in itself testifies to the spicy taste of the dish. Cooks give four tips that can help to “open” the appetite and heighten the pleasure of tasting.

  • Feed. Puff make salads immediately before serving to have a presentable appearance. But if prepared in advance then do not remove the serving ring before serving.
  • Carrots. Salad with Korean carrots be careful with spices as a savory snack too many of them. Also, don’t forget to chop the carrots into small pieces. So it will not disrupt the overall look of the salad, and it can be easy to get Cutlery.
  • Dressing. If you add in the mayonnaise salad, Korean carrots, drain the liquid. If the mayonnaise in the recipe is not provided, the question of what to charge, should be spicy marinade are easy to replace refills.
  • Salt. Accidentally added too much salt into the dish? Add the cucumber or boiled egg. They will absorb the excess salt without ruining the taste of harmony.
  • Recipe salad “Delight”: 9 options

    Wondering how to surprise your guests during the holiday feast? Just choose one of nine delicious dish called “Orgasm”, prepare for step-by-step recipe.


    Features. The classic version of cooking hearty and festive dishes. Salad “Delight” with Korean carrot laid layer, is of excellent flavor, appetizing appearance and an alluring scent.

    What is:

    • chicken fillet ― 400 g;
    • oyster mushrooms ― 350 g;
    • carrots in Korean ― 250 g;
    • cucumbers ― two pieces;
    • mayonnaise ― 200 g


  • From the breast, remove the skin, boil until tender. Then finely chop the meat.
  • Oyster mushrooms and slice the onion, fry in a saucepan until soft.
  • Cucumbers chop into strips.
  • Take a flat dish, brush the bottom with mayonnaise is the first layer.
  • The second layer put the browned vegetables, apply a thin grid of mayonnaise.
  • On top of the mushrooms place the brisket, season again.
  • The fourth layer make Korean carrot, she put the fresh cucumber.
  • Top of the lettuce gently and spread with mayonnaise, clapping a spoon so that the ingredients lay smoothly.
  • For more spectacular feed arrange salad “Orgasm” (or “Delight”) in certain portions kremanki.With smoked chicken

    Features. Spicy salad “Delight” with smoked chicken has a light flavor of smoke. Juicy and vivid, it will decorate the holiday table will be a nice variety among the classic dishes. Smoked meats for salad should be juicy in appearance, having reddish color. The skin from the chickens should be taken away, because when smoked it accumulates carcinogens.

    What is:

    • smoked chicken – 400 g;
    • boiled eggs – three pieces;
    • corn – Bank;
    • hard cheese ― 150 g;
    • tomatoes ― three pieces;
    • garlic ― two cloves;
    • mayonnaise ― 150 g


  • Smoked meat chop.
  • Slice the tomatoes in cubes.
  • Eggs and cheese on a fine grater.
  • Garlic squeeze through the press, mix with mayonnaise.
  • The ingredients are ready, lay out the layers in this way: smoked chicken, corn, tomatoes, eggs, grated cheese. The top decorate with fresh herbs.
  • Orange

    Features. The “highlight” of this salad lies in the combination of sour-sweet fruit, spicy carrots and chicken. Salad recipe “Delight guests” orange is simple, requires no cooking skills. Top of the lettuce can be decorated with walnut kernels, they will give the dish flavor and light bitterness.

    What is:

    • chicken fillet ― 400 g;
    • orange ― two pieces;
    • the egg ― four pieces;
    • carrots in Korean -300 g;
    • Russian cheese -150 g;
    • mayonnaise -150 g.


  • Chicken RUB with spices, bake under foil in the oven for 40 minutes. When the bird is ready, cut it into neat slices.
  • Using a special ring, put the chicken first layer on a dish. This and all subsequent layers apply a small amount of mayonnaise.
  • With Korean carrot, drain the liquid, send it behind the chicken.
  • Oranges cut into neat cubes, lay out the third layer.
  • Russian cheese and boiled eggs grate on a coarse grater in different capacities.
  • Crushed eggs, add a fifth layer.
  • Cover all the ingredients grated cheese. Remove the serving ring.
  • With mushrooms

    Features. Salad recipe “Delight,” with mushrooms – a great starter for fans of pickled mushrooms. Slightly astringent taste and a pleasant aroma are the final touches to the dishes. If you use cucumber to prepare the salad “Delight” at home just before serving. Otherwise, vegetable wet ingredients juice, turning the products into “mush.”

    What is:

    • chicken breast ― 450 g;
    • marinated mushrooms ― 400 g;
    • carrots in Korean ― 200 g;
    • cucumber ― two pieces;
    • mayonnaise ― 150 g;
    • greenery ― 30 g


  • Chicken breast with skin, boil with salt and onion. Then disassemble the meat fiber, send to the plate. Grease with mayonnaise.
  • With pickled mushrooms, drain the water, cut them into halves. Put the mushrooms on the second layer, press down with a spoon to lie flat. Season.
  • Slice cucumbers into strips. They cover the mushroom layer. Again grease with mayonnaise.
  • Korean carrot complete display of salad. Bright top decorate with greens, and enjoy.
  • With prunes

    Features. Recipe salad “Delight” with prunes gives an intriguing sweetness taste. Roasted nuts give the dish a spicy flavor. But the interesting part is the delicate egg pancakes. Try it, you will not be able to stop at one serving.

    What is:

    • chicken thigh ― 500 g;
    • quail egg ― six pieces;
    • walnuts ― 100 g;
    • prunes ― 100 g;
    • garlic ― two cloves;
    • corn (vegetable) oil – for frying;
    • mayonnaise ― 200 g


  • Thigh boil. Then cool the meat, separate it from bones, cut into small pieces.
  • Whisk eggs, season with salt. Heat the pan, pour on it part of the egg mass. Fry until Golden brown on both sides. Make so six egg pancakes on a drop of corn oil.
  • Pancakes cut into thin strips.
  • For soft prunes pour for 15 minutes with boiling water. After soaking, finely chop the dried fruit.
  • Walnuts grind in a blender.
  • The cloves of garlic skip through the press, add mayonnaise.
  • Mix all ingredients, season.
  • With pineapple

    Features. This recipe combines beef tongue and pineapple, making it particularly rich and juicy. And the preparation steps will take no longer than 30 minutes.

    What is:

    • language canned ― Bank;
    • pickled onions ― 200 g;
    • pineapple ― Bank;
    • eggs ― three pieces;
    • carrots in Korean ― 200 g;
    • cheese “Edam” ― 150 g;
    • greens ― 30 g;
    • mayonnaise ― 150 g


  • Open the jar of tongue, cut it into thin strips.
  • Eggs boil, chop.
  • With pineapple, drain the syrup, cut them into cubes.
  • Cheese “Edam” grate.
  • Components prepared. Lay on a flat dish of grated eggs, grease with mayonnaise.
  • Then put thin strips language. Season.
  • The chicken cover with half rings of marinated onions. Apply a mesh of mayonnaise.
  • Add a layer of pulp of a pineapple. Season.
  • Finish the salad with a layer of grated cheese.
  • Garnish with sprigs of parsley and dill. On the sides place the remaining pineapple slices.
  • An appetizer turned out neat and smooth, use it to make serving a special ring.Liver

    Features. Budget, simple and tasty dish. Perfect for a family dinner in a circle of family members. And the bright colors of the salad will lift your mood during everyday meals.

    What is:

    • chicken liver ― 400 g;
    • onion ― one thing;
    • carrots ― one thing;
    • cucumbers ― two pieces;
    • the egg ― four pieces;
    • mushrooms ― 300 g;
    • mayonnaise -150 g.


  • The liver is cut into thin strips and cook.
  • Carrots, mushrooms and slice onions, saute until tender.
  • Pickles chop sticks.
  • Eggs boil, chop.
  • Mix all ingredients in a salad bowl, add the Korean carrots and mayonnaise.
  • Mix again. Optionally garnish with fresh herbs.
  • With crab sticks

    Features. Delicious and quick to prepare dish. The salad features a spicy combination of sweet corn and spicy Korean carrot.

    What is:

    • crab sticks ― 250 g;
    • the egg ― four pieces;
    • carrots in Korean ― 200 g;
    • cucumber ― two pieces;
    • corn ― Bank;
    • mayonnaise -150 g.


  • Chop crab sticks. First cut lengthwise, and then finely crosswise. Pour the mix in the bowl
  • Eggs boil, peel, chop cubes. Send them after crab sticks.
  • Cucumber slice thin strips, pour in a salad bowl.
  • Korean carrot send to the other ingredients, drain excess liquid.
  • Open the can of corn, drain the marinade, pour the grain in a salad bowl.
  • Mix all ingredients, adding mayonnaise to taste.
  • With eggplant

    Features. This version of the salad called “Summer delight”. Easy and delicious, it will not leave extra inches on your waist.

    What is:

    • eggplant ― two pieces;
    • bell peppers ― two pieces;
    • cherry tomatoes ― nine pieces;
    • garlic ― two cloves;
    • lettuce;
    • greens;
    • sesame oil ― 30 g.


  • Eggplant slice in circles, place in a bowl with salted water for half an hour. This trick will help remove the bitterness from the vegetable.
  • While eggplant is soaking, cut into large cubes bell pepper and cherry, send the vegetables in a salad bowl.
  • The eggplant saute, let cool, cut into cubes.
  • Finely chop the herbs and cloves of garlic, tear lettuce leaves. Put all the ingredients in a bowl to rest.
  • Stir contents of the bowl, add salt, add sesame oil to taste.
  • Crispy and flavorful crackers will emphasize the taste of this snack. Sprinkle the baguette slices with your favorite spices, toast them in the oven for 15 minutes and add before serving.

    Salad recipe “Rapture” has many variations. Having mastered the basic steps of cooking, you go to experiment in the kitchen. Create your culinary masterpiece to the festive table, guests enjoyed the combination of flavors.

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