Salad “Hedgehog”: a recipe with step by step Korean carrots, croutons, chicken, mushrooms + fruit snacks for kids

On the festive table looks spectacular salad in the form of a hedgehog. Creative design snacks touches adults and babies from such a surprise, is overjoyed. Recipe salad “Hedgehog” is not only a fun way of presenting, but also an unusual combination of products, a variety of variations.

50 min. of 5 servings. Easy to prepare

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  • 1 Recipe of salad “Hedgehog”: 8 options
    • 1.1 With Korean carrot
    • 1.2 With walnuts
    • 1.3 With smoked meat
    • 1.4 With corn and chips
    • 1.5 With pickled cucumbers
    • 1.6 Fish
    • 1.7 From chicken liver
    • 1.8 With beets and carrots
  • 2 Sweet fruit “small animal”

Salad refers to puff pastry appetizers. Delicious and juicy dish is obtained by the harmonious combination of layers. Based include a variety of ingredients: chicken fillet, smoked meat, mushrooms, pineapple, pickles. But the classic option is the recipe of salad “Hedgehog” with Korean carrot.

Recipe salad “Hedgehog”: 8 options

Snack is prepared simply and quickly. For registration it is better to take a flat dish, to gently put on his layers. The muzzle of the beast is decorated with green olives, black olives or grapes. And “needles” made from sunflower seeds, almonds, crackers. There are many options how to cook salad “Hedgehog”. Each has its fans. Consider eight of the most popular recipes with step by step instructions for registration.

With Korean carrot

Features. Snack with a clear contrast of taste. Salad “Hedgehog” with chicken and mushrooms turns orange due to the “thorns” of shredded carrots.

What is:

  • chicken fillet ― 400 g;
  • mushrooms ― Bank;
  • eggs ― three pieces;
  • carrots in Korean ― 350 g;
  • onion ― one thing;
  • olives ― half a tin;
  • mayonnaise ― 150 g


  • Chicken breast boil, cut into slices.
  • Slice mushrooms and onion, one mushroom, leave the “prickles”.
  • Fry the ingredients in a dry frying pan until the liquid is evaporated.
  • Chopped fillet put on a plate in the form of drops. Apply a mesh of mayonnaise.
  • On the chicken put onion-mushroom fried, this and all subsequent layers, cover with mayonnaise “grate”.
  • Clapping the layer with a spoon so that the ingredients tightly lay.
  • Eggs boil, RUB on top of mushroom layer.
  • The yolks put cheese crumbs.
  • Fill in the body of the animal “needles” made from carrots, muzzle, leave out the cheese. Eyes and nose indicate olives.
  • On the bright pelt put mushroom. And the sides decorate a dish with branches of green, circles of fresh cucumber.
  • This salad is not necessary to put on the table for very young children. Spicy carrots can cause sharp abdominal pain in babies.Walnuts

    Features. The original salad tender chicken and pineapple lovers of spicy taste. To make the dish extra sweetness, the olives can be replaced with grapes.

    What is:

    • chicken -300 g;
    • pineapples ― Bank;
    • cheese “Edam” ― 150 g;
    • eggs ― three pieces;
    • walnuts ― 100 g;
    • olives ― Bank;
    • garlic ― two cloves;
    • mayonnaise ― 150 g


  • Start with the filling. Walnuts dry in a pan, then grind in a blender. The cloves of garlic skip through the press, send it to the mayonnaise. There also add the walnut crumbs, salt and mix. The sauce is ready.
  • Chicken fillet boil in a saucepan, sprinkle in the spices for flavor.
  • In parallel, boil the eggs.
  • Bird disassemble the fibers, place the first layer on a dish. Miss fueling.
  • Pineapples cut into cubes, put on the chicken. Season.
  • Now grate them in a salad cheese “Edam”, season. The same actions spend with eggs.
  • The final stage – execution. Three olives let the eyes and nose. Cut the remaining stick into the top layer of the salad in the form of “needles”.
  • With smoked meat

    Features. Salad “Hedgehog” with smoked sausage instantly shatters at the holiday table. The snack has a light flavor of smoke, and canned pineapple complement its sweetness and juiciness.

    What is:

    • smoked sausage − 300 g;
    • ham − 100 g;
    • eggs − three pieces;
    • cheese (preferably Parmesan) − 150 g;
    • pineapple − Bank;
    • oyster mushrooms − 250 g;
    • onion − one thing;
    • carrots boiled − one piece;
    • vegetable oil;
    • mayonnaise − 150 g


  • Smoked sausage and ham slice neat strips.
  • The canned flesh of the fruit cut into small cubes.
  • Boiled eggs chop with a knife.
  • Individual containers grate the Parmesan cheese and cooked carrots.
  • Mushrooms saute with the onions for a couple of drops of oil. Cool.
  • Components prepared. Now start to assemble the salad.
  • The first layer sausage then mushroom zazharku of onions.
  • Third layer — ham strips, followed by the pineapple and finish the appetizer grated eggs.
  • Do not forget each layer is applied a thin mesh of mayonnaise.
  • Decoration: decorate the body of the hedgehog carrot, muzzle made of cheese.
  • Eyes and nose will replace half of the olives.
  • For a more spectacular design pitch about hedgehog meadow of greens or lettuce leaves. For contrast, take bell pepper, Apple slice, decorate them “a grass”.With corn and chips

    Features. Who doesn’t like to eat the chips while watching your favourite movie? And if the chips to make a salad in the form of a hedgehog, a dish will get a new taste note will be an original decoration of the festive table.

    What is:

    • chips ― medium packaging;
    • ham chicken ― two pieces;
    • crab sticks ― pack;
    • corn ― Bank;
    • quail egg ― seven pieces;
    • cheese ― 150 g;
    • carrots ― one thing;
    • garlic ― two cloves;
    • dill ― 30 g;
    • onion ― one thing;
    • mayonnaise ― 150 g;
    • olives ― for decoration.


  • Make the dressing. Garlic cloves, crush, chop the dill. Now mix ingredients with mayonnaise ― the sauce is ready.
  • Ham boil, adding a Bay leaf. Let cool, remove bones, pull apart the fibers.
  • Eggs boil, RUB.
  • Carrots boil, pass through grater. If you want to give the salad spice, use carrots in Korean.
  • Put the cheese ten minutes in the freezer, then chop on a grater.
  • So the salad was tender, slice the crab sticks as thin as possible.
  • Onion pour over boiling water, cut into half rings, mix with chicken ham.
  • Chips break in halves, divide in two.
  • Now we form the snack. Take a flat dish, put the lettuce, and it is the first layer ― chicken fillet with onion. Spread with sauce.
  • The second layer put the grated carrot, season again. The same procedure repeat with the eggs.
  • The fourth layer is the corn. Followed by crab sticks with one portion of chips.
  • Completes all grated cheese. Mayonnaise, gently clapping the layers with a spoon.
  • The surface of the salad sprinkle with crumbs of chips. From corn to make eyes and nose.
  • Olives cut into thin slices, stick in the body.
  • On the back I improvised hedgehog mushroom, tomatoes and parsley.
  • To give the salad spice you can use different flavor of snacks. Make a platter of chips with sour cream and chives, crab, bacon or mushrooms.

    With pickled cucumbers

    Features. When you are already on the threshold, come to the aid salad “Hedgehog” with crackers. Simple to prepare, but no less tasty snack. Crackers chip spice and sharpness, besides like children.

    What is:

    • beef ― 300 g;
    • potatoes ― two pieces;
    • green peas ― Bank;
    • crackers ― pack;
    • eggs ― two pieces;
    • cucumbers ― two pieces;
    • onion ― one thing;
    • mayonnaise ― 150 g


  • The potatoes boil with the skins, peel, grate.
  • Form the grated potatoes on a tray in the form of the body, give it a pointed form. Apply a mesh of mayonnaise.
  • Boil beef in salted water. Let cool, slice against the fibers so the meat was juicy.
  • Put a layer of chopped beef, grease with mayonnaise.
  • Peeled onion cut into half rings. Fry until Golden brown and soft. Put fried meat.
  • Pickles chop. Boiled eggs separate the whites and yolks, to grate in different capacities.
  • The onion layer, place the chopped cucumber, then the egg yolks. The layers of grease with mayonnaise.
  • Then add the canned peas, finish the salad with a layer of proteins.
  • Long crackers stick in the form of “needles”. Eyes and nose make circles of boiled carrots.
  • Crunches can be done independently. Slice the bread into thin strips, dry in the oven for 15 minutes. Optional croutons, you can sprinkle spices or grated cheese.Fish

    Features. Salad “Mimosa” has been included in the list of traditional dishes for the holiday feast. Taking it as a basis, you can create a lot of great variations. For example, after preparing a “Hedgehog” of the fish.

    What is:

    • salmon canned ― Bank;
    • quail egg ― four pieces;
    • potatoes ― four pieces;
    • carrots ― three pieces;
    • onion ― one thing;
    • olives ― for decoration;
    • mayonnaise ― 200 g


  • Potatoes and carrots boil. Then grate the vegetables in a separate container.
  • Boiled eggs clean the shell, crumble with a fork.
  • Pink salmon mash until smooth.
  • Onion pour over boiling water, finely chop with a knife. The ingredients are prepared. Go to the formation of salad.
  • The basis of the “Hedgehog” made of potatoes, brush with mayonnaise.
  • The second layer place the salmon, apply a mesh of mayonnaise.
  • Go on the onion layer, season and it.
  • Of the proteins create the next layer.
  • On top of the protein will distribute the grated carrots. Promazhte mayonnaise.
  • Grated yolks spread a thin layer over the carrots. Again tuck.
  • Walnut crumbs sprinkle the layer.
  • Halves olives pitch face. Optional torso decorate cheese, slice of Apple or fresh greens.
  • Chicken liver

    Features. Salads with chicken livers have a delicate flavor. The liver harmonizes with pickles and cheese. Step by step recipe of salad “Hedgehog” is suitable for holiday and weekday dinner.

    What is:

    • liver ― 400 g;
    • the egg ― four pieces;
    • Parmesan ― 150 g;
    • onion ― one thing;
    • cucumbers ― two pieces;
    • carrots ― two pieces;
    • mayonnaise ― 200 g;
    • olives ― two pieces.


  • Rinse the liver, soak it.
  • After soaking boil until done.
  • While the by-product is cooked, finely chop the onion, fry.
  • Grate carrot, a small part of the leave for decoration.
  • Neat cubes, slice the pickles.
  • Once the liver is cooked, cut it into thin strips.
  • All components are prepared, lay out the layers of the triangle in the following sequence: liver with onions, cucumbers, carrots, eggs and grated cheese. Do not forget each layer of mayonnaise.
  • Left the carrots put in the form of “needles”, and olives to make a face.
  • Now grasp the design. Lawn create by using a greens or lettuce leaf. Grated protein will turn into a cloud of air, the sun is make of egg yolk.With beets and carrots

    Features. Juicy salad with a pleasant taste and healthy composition. Fresh vegetables, apples, nuts and vitamin boost for the body will be provided for the whole day.

    What is:

    • chicken breast ― 450 g;
    • quail egg ― seven pieces;
    • mushrooms ― Bank;
    • carrots ― one thing;
    • beets ― one thing;
    • onion ― one head;
    • walnuts ― 100 g;
    • Apple ― one thing;
    • olives ― half a tin;
    • mayonnaise ― 150 g


  • A breast boil with the dill, cool, tear into small pieces.
  • Boil the beets and eggs in different pots, chop them into cubes.
  • Fresh carrot and Apple grate in different capacities.
  • Thin slices slice onions and mushrooms, fry in butter.
  • Walnuts chop into crumbs.
  • Now lay out the salad layers: fried mushrooms and onions, chicken with carrot, beet, Apple, eggs, and nuts.
  • Olives cut into quarters, insert in the form of spines, muzzle made of strips of carrot.
  • If you are on a diet or just eat right, recipe of the dish allows you to replace the mayonnaise with sour cream or natural yoghurt. But to make the dressing spicy, add a little mustard and paprika.

    Sweet fruit critter

    Features. Useful and original baby salad “Hedgehog” to decorate the table at a children’s party. Kids are unlikely to pass over tasty treats.

    You need:

    • a large pear ― 1 piece;
    • grapes ― 200 g;
    • carnation ― three buds;
    • citric acid ― 50 g;
    • the toothpicks.


  • Carefully remove from pears peel, cut the lower part. The fruit should stand steadily on the plate. Sprinkle pear with citric acid, not to the flesh, not darkened.
  • Separate the grapes from the stalk. Pierce each grape with a toothpick through, it should be exactly in the middle of the berries.
  • Toothpicks with grapes insert the pear, making a semicircle. Keep the rows tightly to each other.
  • The buds of cloves paste in the form of eyes and nose in the place reserved for the faces.
  • Instead of grapes you can use other fruits such as diced kiwi, orange, Apple or pomegranate seeds. For kids can melt chocolate and pour over the hedgehog.

    Salad “Hedgehog” allows the owner to Express their imagination and taste. After all, under the bright top of the lettuce to hide any ingredients, experimenting on their successful combination.

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