Salad “rainbow”: recipes with potato chips, French fries, Korean carrot, how to lay and how to fill

The dish is a source of not only vitamins, but also good mood. Tasty, juicy, nutritious and colorful salad is easy to prepare, so it is suitable not only for holiday but also for the daily menu. Suddenly descended on the guests or relatives come? Salad recipe “rainbow” is the perfect solution for those who want to serve sophisticated and original snack.

35 min. makes 4 servings. Easy to prepare

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  • 2 Classic veggie: vegetarian and fasting
  • 3 salad Recipe “rainbow”: 5 variants
    • 3.1 With croutons
    • 3.2 With chips
    • 3.3 With fries
    • 3.4 With carrots in Korean
    • 3.5 With crab meat

The distinctive feature of this dish is that its composition may include a variety of ingredients. Here you can not do without vegetables. Add different varieties of meat, fish, seafood. Classic salad recipe of “rainbow” every woman can think for themselves. As such, traditional enforcement no. “Rainbow” is a collective name for a large number of snacks. Selection of ingredients depends entirely on the taste preferences of the cook and the range of products, which is in the fridge and on the kitchen shelves. It is possible to fill not only the classic or olive mayonnaise, but homemade sauces, such as lemon juice, vinegar, sour cream and mustard.


Judging from the name of the meals follow a certain sequence of colors with the layout of the ingredients. The more colorful foods are, the better. You can use one of the following calculations:

  • arcs — in the form of a rainbow;
  • slides — the circle in the form of petals of a flower;
  • circles decreasing to the center.
  • layers — transparent deep containers, portion cups.

If this is not a layered salad, then meal components are mixed immediately before use in individual plate. Those present at the table can choose products to your taste.Classic veggie: vegetarian and fasting

Description. To prepare salad “rainbow” from raw and thermally processed vegetables. Want to enhance the taste, add spices and seasonings, fresh herbs. The dish is versatile. It is suitable for vegetarians, those who are fasting. Prepare vegetable salad for handling the day for the family for lunch or dinner feast for the guests.


  • one bulb;
  • one yellow and two red peppers;
  • a bundle of lettuce leaves;
  • for one jar of canned beans and corn;
  • three tablespoons of wine vinegar;
  • two tablespoons of vegetable oil;
  • five tablespoons of soy sauce.


  • Prepare the marinade for Luke: mix soy sauce with grape vinegar. Fill them with chopped onion cubes.
  • Peeled the peppers and cut into strips.
  • With corn and beans drain off liquid. The last wash water.
  • Lettuce tearing hands.
  • Spread the prepared foods slides or arcs. Sprinkle with spices, sbryzgivaem vegetable oil.
  • This option can vary by adding green peas, cabbage, carrots and beets. Take those vegetables that you have on hand. Do not forget that the soy sauce provides enough salt, so carefully add the spices.Salad recipe “rainbow”: 5 variants

    Making snacks for the “rainbow” principle takes the least time, so you can always file one of the options on the table, when suddenly descended guests. Even with a large number of food, meals are easily digested. Light and hearty salads will appeal not only adults but also children. Experimenting with flow and method of calculations. Practical and simple solutions fit for everyday menus and for a holiday show with more imagination.

    With croutons

    Description. Salad “rainbow” with croutons prepared in just a half an hour. For the filling use not only store-bought or homemade mayonnaise, and sour cream, natural yoghurt.


    • boiled sausage — 300 g;
    • two cucumber;
    • two of the tomato;
    • one package of crackers;
    • one jar of canned corn;
    • 30-40 ml of mayonnaise;
    • spices.


  • Vegetables cut into small thin strips. Tomatoes take a dense and separatelya.
  • Sausage shinkuem strips.
  • Since the corn is drained and the marinade.
  • Take a flat dish and spread products slides in a circle, and in the middle of leaving a blank space. Or formed snack arcs to get the rainbow effect. Sprinkle the ingredients with spices.
  • In the center or the edge of the pour mayonnaise.
  • Served to each individually mixed on their plates the food and in that quantity in what you want.
  • For decoration take the dill, parsley, green onions. The sausage can substitute ham or chicken, beef, Turkey.With chips

    Description. Salad recipe “rainbow” chips has several interpretations. Select almost any meat ingredient. The taste of the chips you can also choose according to your preferences.


    • ham — 200 g;
    • the packaging of chips;
    • 200 grams of maize and green peas from the jar;
    • a cucumber;
    • three tablespoons of mustard and mayonnaise;
    • spices.


  • Cucumber, ham (beef or other kind of meat) cut into strips.
  • With canned foods, drain off the liquid.
  • Take a large flat dish and puts products slides or arcs, circles. In the center or on the edge put the sauces.
  • Lay out chips just before serving dishes on the table. On top decorate with sprigs of greenery.
  • One of the most popular interpretations is the starter, where the main ingredients added beets, carrots, cabbage, walnuts. Spice to give the dish a smoked. Seasoning — sour cream and mayonnaise sauce.With fries

    Description. Buy the finished potatoes in the store or fry it yourself. If onions are bitter, soak it for ten minutes in a vinegar-sugar marinade.


    • two carrots;
    • polachan cabbage;
    • four beet;
    • four potato tubers;
    • two onions;
    • green peas from a can — 150 g;
    • meat (beef or chicken) — 300 g;
    • ham 250 g;
    • 50-60 ml of mayonnaise;
    • sunflower oil;
    • spices.


  • Peeled, cut into strips or slices of potato fried in deep fat.
  • Cut into strips boiled beets, carrots, meat. The vegetables are coarsely grate.
  • Spread products as it is convenient. Sprinkle with spices.
  • Next to vegetables, meat, peas put the mayonnaise.
  • Submit salad “rainbow” with fries, you can pre-mix all the ingredients and season with mayonnaise. Instead of a flat meals to take deep transparent bowl and put the snack layers.With carrots in Korean

    Description. Salad recipe “rainbow” Korean carrot will be able to master even the culinary Amateur. If you take the main ingredient from the store, choose a product without unnecessary additives. No in house special grater — use an ordinary large.


    • one chicken;
    • one tomato;
    • a cucumber;
    • Korean carrot — 150 g;
    • cheese varieties — 150 grams;
    • two tablespoons of mayonnaise;
    • spices.


  • Boiled meat, vegetables cut into strips or small squares.
  • The three cheese.
  • Spread products slides or arcs.
  • For a puff of the option adhere to the order: meat, carrots, cucumber, tomato, cheese. Layers of the impregnated mesh of mayonnaise, sprinkle with spices.
  • For decoration take sprigs of greenery, olives. Mayonnaise can replace sour cream. Before serving the dish keep in the cold.With crab meat

    Description. In addition to the vegetables and crab meat, you can add cheese or soft varieties, crackers with any flavor, canned beans. Salad recipe “rainbow” with crab sticks allows you to prepare not only delicious, but also delicious, nutritious meal. Perfect for New year, birthdays.


    • one package of crab sticks (200-250g);
    • four cucumber and tomato;
    • cheese — 200 g;
    • four eggs;
    • marinated mushrooms (optional) — 250 g;
    • one package of crackers;
    • one can of corn;
    • 50 ml mayonnaise or homemade yogurt;
    • spices.


  • Remove tomatoes from liquid component, cut into cubes or strips.
  • Three cheese or cut into small squares.
  • Cucumber, crab sticks cut into strips.
  • Cooked the eggs separate the whites and shinkuem strips. The yolks don’t use.
  • Spread products rainbow or slides in a circle. Sprinkle with spices.
  • In the gravy boat, pour mayonnaise and put in a crackers.
  • You can please yourself and children unusual dessert. Alternatively, prepare the salad “rainbow” of fruits. Form a snack of tangerines, bananas, kiwi, strawberries, plums. Sprinkle with powdered sugar, pour in sousnitsu sour cream, yogurt, whipped cream. For a sweet salad and use other seasonal fruits. Combine them with ice cream.

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