Salad with red fish: 9 step-by-step recipes for cooking with shrimp, avocado, no Mayo, layers

Without the red fish is no big celebration. After all, it is the decoration of the table, pleased with its delicate flavor, bringing the benefits to the body. In addition, it is able to bring flair to the most ordinary dish. Take salad recipes from salmon.

10 min. makes 4 servings. Easy to prepare

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  • 1 Guidelines for selection of trout, Steelhead or salmon
  • 2 salad Recipes with salmon: add seafood, vegetables, cheese
    • 2.1 Easy
    • 2.2 Puff
    • 2.3 caviar
    • 2.4 shrimp
    • 2.5 crab
    • 2.6 With NAPA cabbage
    • With squid 2.7
    • 2.8 Beet
    • 2.9 With cheese

Red fish blends in well with a variety of products. Combine it with vegetables, citrus, cereals, cheese, salad greens. Every dish benefits from such combination.

Recommendations for choosing a trout, Steelhead or salmon

Wanted to pamper their Pets with delicious dish, looked after the perfect salad recipe from the red fish, but do not know how to select it? This question torments many Housewives, for the first time dared to buy an expensive product. In the store you can find a variety of fish species. Some of the pieces just admire its bright, colorful hue. Other look a little paler. Which of them is most valuable and useful? Choose fish, given the six recommendations.

  • The right shade. If you fish, having a deep pink or bright red color, you can be sure that it is tinted. Of course, this is not the only problem. But doctors believe that some dyes are able to degrade vision. Real fish has a quite bland pale colour.
  • The size of the fins. Some producers grow fish in very close cruets, not allowing her to swim. And to quickly gain weight, feed her special growth stimulants and hormones. This broiler is growing rapidly, but for the health it is unsafe. So pay attention to the fins. If they are small, underdeveloped, then it’s obvious: fish are generally not used.
  • Smell. Be sure to smell the product before buying, if you want to make a salad of red fish at home and not poison the family. It needs to have a natural fish flavor. If you do not feel the smell, it’s better to abandon the purchase. The aroma is absent in the soaked fish. But if you in the nose hit the smell of ammonia, then you should know that the product started to decompose.
  • Eyes. If the fish still has his head, then, as strange as it may sound, look her in the eye. Have a fresh, quality product they should be light, transparent. The presence of turbid film, sunken eye sockets indicate prolonged lying on the shelves of the counter.
  • The color of the gills. From fresh fish gills should be red. The frozen product is light pink. If you are faced with a gray, greenish or pure white gills, refrain from buying. Such signs indicate the depravity of the product.
  • The presence of bones. If you acquire fillet, pay attention to the bones. Completely remove them is impossible. Therefore, the small bones will remain in the fillet. If they do not exist, it should be alerted. Sometimes manufacturers do not spend time sampling the bones and dissolve them with a special acid, which is quite harmful for the mucous person.
  • Seafood delicacy proudly wears the name “red fish”, but could absolutely not have red. Sometimes it is milky and even a little grayish (fillet Beluga, sterlet). The red fish began to name not for the hue of meat, and taste and nutritional value. It is believed that in former times the term “red” was interpreted as “beautiful”, “precious”, “unsurpassed”.Salad recipes with salmon: add seafood, vegetables, cheese

    This files most often for salads, used salmon, salmon or trout. These marine species will be suitable for your culinary masterpiece. But each variety of fish will give the dish a new tone. Salmon will provide more fat. Trout will make the salad more gentle. And the salmon will fit perfectly in any dish because of its high compatibility with other components.


    Features. The combination of salty salmon with vegetables will give the dish sophistication. This step-by-step salad recipe with red fish can be called a diet, it is suitable for those who follow the figure.


    • light-salted salmon – 180 g;
    • cucumbers: six cucumbers;
    • tomatoes – two fruits;
    • leaf lettuce – a small bunch;
    • olive oil – 50 ml;
    • Apple cider vinegar – 40 ml;
    • bell peppers – two of the fetus.

    How to cook

  • Lettuce tear.
  • Tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers cut into fairly large cubes.
  • The salmon slice is slightly larger than the vegetables.
  • For the filling, prepare the special sauce by mixing the vinegar with oil, adding to taste pepper, salt.
  • Connect the vegetables with the salad and salmon.
  • Add sauce.
  • Puff

    Features. Recipe layered salad with red fish contains a minimum of components and looks very simple. But the taste will satisfy even the most demanding gourmets. Lay out the salad layers, on the principle of “Mimosa”.


    • cheese – 90 g;
    • light-salted salmon (or pink salmon) – 120 g;
    • boiled eggs – four pieces;
    • green onions – a small bunch;
    • tomatoes – four of the fetus;
    • mayonnaise – 50 ml.

    How to cook

  • Slice the tomatoes in small cubes.
  • Half of the sliced tomatoes put in a salad bowl first layer.
  • Each layer should be lubricated with mayonnaise.
  • Now separate the beam from the bow half of the feathers and chop them.
  • Put the greens with mayonnaise.
  • Grate the cheese, being careful not to pin it to the salad is not lost airiness.
  • For the next layer of chopped eggs.
  • Came lay the sliced salmon.
  • Sprinkle with green onions.
  • Repeat a layer of tomatoes.
  • It will place the remaining chopped egg.
  • Complete the entire “air” design finely grated cheese.
  • Optionally garnish with greens.
  • The salad looks nice and festive due to bright layers. So use it only for transparent bowl. But if you’re a fan of the original submission, use the special form–ring. But before you put the dish on the table, remove it.Caviar

    Features. Red caviar in the salad is not so much a component of food as by its decoration. So don’t put a lot of eggs. And remember that the eggs combined with smoked salmon, the salad will provide the necessary salty taste.


    • red caviar is 30-35 g;
    • canned corn – 210 g;
    • avocados two fruits;
    • salmon – 280 g;
    • hard cheese – 140 g;
    • sour cream – 60 g;
    • mayonnaise – 55 g;
    • lemon juice – a few drops;
    • garlic – two cloves.

    How to cook

  • Mix in bowl sour cream with chopped garlic, add the mayonnaise.
  • Cut the avocado, spoon and clean out the pulp.
  • Chop it, be sure to sprinkle with lemon juice, otherwise the avocado will quickly darken.
  • Cut fragrant fish pieces.
  • Mix it with the corn, the pulp of avocado and grated cheese.
  • Fill the dish with dressing.
  • Top salad garnish with caviar.
  • Shrimp

    Features. This salad recipe with red fish and shrimp will definitely surprise your guests. Cooked rice will give the dish satiety. With this component, you can apply for dinner only salad. By the way, its preparation will take you about 20 minutes.


    • salted salmon (or salmon) – 180 g;
    • shrimp frozen – 210 g;
    • green salad – beam;
    • rice (cooked) 240 g;
    • lemon juice – a few drops;
    • olive oil – 60 ml;
    • olives – ten.

    How to cook

  • Shrimp fry in a pan with butter until then, until they acquire a Golden crust.
  • Red fish cut into thin oblong strips.
  • Add to seafood steamed rice.
  • Sprinkle the mixture with lemon juice, season with olive.
  • Now arrange on a platter with the lettuce.
  • They put a fragrant treat.
  • Olives cut into rings, and garnish the dish.
  • Complement the decor of salad green onions.
  • With crabs

    Features. This is a very simple salad recipe with red fish. It does not require special culinary skills, cooked very quickly. Hearty, tasty and will help you out if unexpected guests turned up, or after a hard day didn’t have the energy for long cooking.


    • trout salted – 120 g;
    • cucumber – gherkin three;
    • cheese – 90 g;
    • crab sticks – 120 g;
    • mayonnaise – 50 g

    How to cook

  • Crab sticks cut into bars.
  • Trout, cucumbers cut into cubes.
  • Cheese also cut into small slices.
  • Put layers, each promazyvaya mayonnaise.
  • Start with cucumber, then place trout cubes of cheese, layers complete crabs.
  • Top salad garnish with mayonnaise, by drawing using a pastry bag thin bars and sprinkle it with fresh herbs.
  • With NAPA cabbage

    Features. Juicy, tasty salad with NAPA cabbage can rightfully be considered a dietary dish. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, nourishes the body with beneficial fiber. Make this salad without mayonnaise. To emphasize the taste of dishes prepared the original dressing.


    • soft-salted salmon – 240 g;
    • raw carrots are two root;
    • Chinese cabbage – small plugs;
    • sesame seeds – a tablespoon;
    • Oliva – 25 ml;
    • pomegranate juice – 75 ml;
    • pepper – a pinch.

    How to cook

  • Shred a cabbage.
  • Carrots grate on a coarse grater.
  • Salmon cut into thin layers.
  • Now prepare the filling by combining pomegranate juice with olive and sesame seeds.
  • To the mixture, focusing on the taste, add pepper.
  • Assemble the salad in the original sauce.
  • With squid

    Features. This hearty salad add not salted, and smoked fish. Best dish reveals the taste of trout or salmon. But you can try and salmon.


    • squid – 520 g;
    • boiled potatoes three roots;
    • canned corn – 240 g;
    • smoked salmon – 280 g;
    • boiled carrots – two pieces;
    • mayonnaise, sour cream;
    • dill is a small beam.

    How to cook

  • Cook the squid in salted water and cool them.
  • Cooked vegetables cut into cubes.
  • Squid chopped straw.
  • In a saucepan combine the sour cream and mayonnaise (take in 1:1 ratio).
  • Mix the vegetables with smoked fish, add the corn.
  • Salad fill with sauce.
  • Beet

    Features. Original and bold combinations give the salad a special taste. So, taking the well-known “Coat” and replacing herring salted salmon, you get a completely new dish. And if you want more experiments, you can prepare a gourmet salad with salted red fish.


    • red fish – 290 g;
    • beets (boiled) – one thing;
    • potatoes (boiled) – two root;
    • olives – 120 g;
    • oranges – two citrus;
    • mayonnaise.

    How to cook

  • The salad consists of several layers, which is necessary to grease with mayonnaise.
  • Initially grate the potatoes on a grater, spread it evenly on the bottom of the bowl.
  • Now put half of the grated beets.
  • Oranges peel and remove the film, is able to give the salad the bitterness.
  • The pulp of the citrus chop, put the third layer.
  • Oranges close red fish, cut into small pieces.
  • Repeat all layers starting with potatoes and ending with fish.
  • Finish the dish with chopped olives.
  • With cheese

    Features. To prepare the salad, use smoked fish. It was her specific taste, complemented by simple ingredients, will provide dish’s deliciousness and delicate flavor.


    • salmon smoked – 310 g;
    • cheese – 90 g;
    • red onion – one head;
    • lemon – one;
    • red Apple – one;
    • greens – bunch;
    • white crackers – 120 g;
    • mayonnaise – 75 g

    How to cook

  • Initially prepare all the components, cut the salmon in small pieces and onion half-rings porubov.
  • Cheese cut into cubes.
  • Apple RUB on a grater and then sprinkle with lemon juice, so the product has not had time to darken.
  • Now start to lay out your masterpiece layers, each promazyvaya mayonnaise.
  • Start with salmon.
  • Sprinkle it with onion.
  • Now put the cheese.
  • Next to the Apple.
  • Complete the dish with a thick layer of mayonnaise.
  • It will lay out the crackers, sprinkle with herbs.
  • To prepare the salad of red fish can be used not only smoked or salted product. The dish is recommended to add boiled fillet and even roasted. In this case, the salad becomes more tenderness.

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