Salads with language: 8 step by step recipes with beef and pork + reviews

Language is considered to be a delicacy. The original taste and soft texture of the product conquered the palates. And yet the language is incredibly useful and low-calorie. The boiled product is fed in the form of snacks, it can be filler, but to really surprise guests will help the recipes of salads with the language. Prepare dishes with different ingredients, and your tasters did not once ask Supplement!

10 min 6 servings. Easy to prepare

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  • 1 5 rules of preparation of the main ingredient
  • 2 Recipes of salad of tongue with mayonnaise
    • 2.1 With fresh cucumbers
    • 2.2 With beans and eggs
    • 2.3 With mushrooms
    • 2.4 With chicken breast and peppers
    • 2.5 With Korean carrot
  • 3 3 version without mayonnaise
    • 3.1 With tomatoes
    • 3.2 With avocado
    • 3.3 Warm with eggplant
  • 4 Reviews: “Preparing to impropriety simply and quickly”

Language – the product is useful. It contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other substances that help maintain health, positively affecting all body organs and systems. Language is a muscle, it consists of protein, no carbs. The product saturates for a long time, but without a sense of gravity, because the absence of connective tissue ensures excellent digestibility. But this fabulous taste! However, delicacy is not like all. Although among chefs-Profi, there is a perception that if a person did not like a gentle a by-product – then it was improperly prepared.

Pork tongue, it is recommended to include in your diet those who are often in stressful situations and much time he spends on mental activity. This product supports the nervous system, stimulates the work of brain cells. Beef tongue is rich in zinc, so it must have diabetes: zinc is responsible for insulin production.5 rules of preparation of the main ingredient

To prepare the salad with pork or beef tongue, you need to start to prepare the main ingredient. Not all Housewives know how to cook offal, in the end, the main component often turns out hard and tasteless, and the salad turns into a disappointment. Adopt five rules, and the dish will turn out exactly like the restaurant.

  • Wash and soak. The product should be thoroughly washed under running water. If crude language to soak it after washing for half an hour, in cooked form, it will be tender and soft.
  • Merge the first broth. When the water boils, change it, and the language rinse again and then cook until tender. This simple manipulation will allow you to remove the odor. Besides all the harmful substances will remain in the first broth in the second – only utility.
  • Keep track of time. Pork tongue should be cooked for one and a half to three hours, beef – two – four. An important role in the duration of cooking plays a product size. After the minimum allowable time, check the readiness of the ingredient, stabbing him with a knife: the blade should be easy.
  • Add spices. In water, spices added not immediately, but in about half an hour until cooked meat product. For a pleasant fragrance “answer” carrots, onions, celery, Bay leaf. You can add Italian herbs, a great option would be thyme. But the salt in the broth don’t add salt you need a ready by-product. You can use this trick: do not drain immediately after boiling broth, rich spices, and salt it, the language clean and put back to boil on a slow fire ten minutes.
  • Correctly clean. Before you use the language of food, it needs to be cleaned. Do it after cooking. That the film is easily removed, move the product from hot water to cold and hold it there for a few minutes. You can’t clean? The main component of your salad just not ready yet, covariate!
  • The hostess recommended to prevent intense boiling of the water in which is brewed language. A fairly easy “churning” of the broth. It is believed that the active boiling deteriorating the taste of the meat product.Salad recipes from tongue with mayonnaise

    Salad recipe with beef tongue (and pork too) usually involves the filling with mayonnaise. Better to cook the sauce with your hands, because of the purchase the product is harmful. Moreover, the ingredients are always on hand: egg yolks, vegetable oil, lemon juice. If you are preparing the salad for children, it is better to use sour cream.

    On a noisy meal salads, dressed with mayonnaise, can be served in tartlets or a large beautiful salad bowl. Looks impressive puff snack in transparent cups. If you want a La carte serving, place the dish on a flat plate using a cooking ring.

    Need a simple salad recipe with language at home, but nothing was found in cookbooks are not attracted to? Surely, you a lot of time cooking “Olivier” and know the recipe by memory. Replace meat ingredient (chicken, beef, sausage – each hostess their secrets) boiled language – familiar taste of the salad will change.With fresh cucumbers

    Features. Step by step recipe of salad with tongue and avocado it is easy to repeat. The greens and cucumber will give the dish a light flavor, the nuts will add spice.

    You will need:

    • language boiled – 0.5 kg;
    • eggs – four pieces;
    • large cucumbers – two pieces;
    • cheese – 200 g;
    • pine nuts – a handful;
    • mayonnaise – to taste;
    • herbs, spices – the choice.


  • Chop the main ingredients into strips.
  • Fry the nuts in the pan.
  • Connect the components in the bowl. Add finely chopped herbs, spices (amount is a matter of taste).
  • Don’t forget mayonnaise.
  • The salad will taste better if the sauce add a few drops of lemon juice. If no pine nuts, you can replace the walnuts.With beans and eggs

    Features. Make a salad with tongue and pickled cucumbers, mixed with beans and garlic for 15 minutes. Some Housewives add the eggs, other potatoes. In both cases, the food is hearty.

    You will need:

    • language boiled – 0.5 kg;
    • medium onion – one head;
    • large carrot – one thing;
    • beans – one Bank;
    • boiled egg – three pieces;
    • pickles – three pieces;
    • garlic, spices – to your liking.


  • Dice the language, onions, egg yolks, egg whites, cucumbers. Carrots grate.
  • Sauté the carrots with onions.
  • To connect the prepared ingredients. Here pour the beans, pre-drain the liquid.
  • Season to your own taste. Add mayonnaise and garlic. Mix well.
  • The salad can be make a layer. The first layer is the language, then – at your discretion. You can put the layers in a large clear bowl or puff to form a “hill” with the help of cooking rings.With mushrooms

    Features. Lettuce is familiar to many Housewives called “Lady’s Caprice”. The filing methods are different: you can mix all the chopped ingredients or to lay layers. To prepare salad with tongue and mushrooms is easy, and it turns out the dish is incredibly tasty.

    You will need:

    • language boiled – 0.5 kg;
    • ham – 300 g;
    • mushrooms (champignons) – 300 g;
    • big onion – one thing;
    • any herbs and spices – to taste;
    • mayonnaise for refueling;
    • vegetable oil – on the eye (for frying).


  • Cut the onion in half rings, mushrooms – plates. Fry.
  • Bring to taste using any seasoning.
  • Slice the meat ingredients into strips, chop with a knife parsley.
  • Connect all components of meals. Don’t forget about the mayonnaise dressing.
  • The salad can be served even warm. Then meat components add directly to the pan to the mushrooms, mix and not seasoned. As the mushrooms have cooled on the table.With chicken breast and peppers

    Features. Salad recipe with language, with bell peppers and chicken breast can be repeated at the feast, or to diversify dish everyday menu. This option is often served in restaurants. Due to the meat ingredients, the food is hearty and the vegetables and herbs lend a fresh touch.

    You will need:

    • language boiled – 0.5 kg;
    • breast of boiled chicken – one thing;
    • cucumbers – three pieces;
    • large sweet pepper – one thing;
    • herbs, spices – the choice;
    • mayonnaise – to taste.


  • All the ingredients are cut into strips.
  • Connect the components in a large bowl. Add the herbs, spices.
  • Use mayonnaise for refueling.
  • In this salad you can add olives – chopped or whole. You can experiment with dressing: combine mayonnaise and lemon juice, or squeeze in a garlic sauce – all to taste.

    With Korean carrot

    Features. The salad should be spicy – in the manner of Korean snacks. If you bought not too spicy carrots, the situation will save squeezed through a garlic press. The main ingredients if you wish, you can add greens to the dressing – lemon juice.

    You will need:

    • language boiled – 0.5 kg;
    • carrots in Korean – 200 g;
    • big red onion – one thing;
    • Apple cider vinegar – three tablespoons;
    • salt, pepper – on request.


  • Chop the onion half-rings. Put them in a separate bowl, pour vinegar and leave to marinate for half an hour. If there is no time – enough for ten minutes.
  • Cut the tongue into strips. Connect with Korean carrots (without liquid).
  • Add the onion to the ingredients. From it is first necessary to drain the vinegar, and the juice separated in the process of marinating.
  • Seasoning to taste, mayonnaise dressing and the salad is ready.
  • Korean carrots, you can cook by yourself. The main thing – to find a special grater. Seasoning for the preparation of snacks sold in any supermarket. Follow the instructions on the package, and succeed.3 options without mayonnaise

    Salads with language can be prepared without mayonnaise. It is much better than use a sauce, especially if it is purchased. With the right combination of ingredients the dish will turn out diet. Minimum calories, maximum taste is the dream of those who are on a diet. “Bezymyannykh” salads are always present vegetables and herbs. The basis of the filling is usually olive oil. Add balsamic vinegar, wine vinegar, soy sauce, lemon juice and even honey – you can experiment endlessly. Try the three salad without using mayonnaise. Maybe one of them will become your “signature”.

    With tomatoes

    Features. The spicy taste of the dish will appeal to many. “Highlight” – an unusual dressing. The salad is not only delicious, but also nutritious.

    You will need:

    • boiled beef tongue – one thing;
    • tomatoes, cherry – six;
    • arugula – a small bunch;
    • Extra Virgin olive oil – three tablespoons;
    • wine vinegar – half a tablespoon;
    • honey – half a teaspoon;
    • salt, black pepper – to taste.


  • Cut the by-product straw, and cherry halves.
  • Connect the components with washed and dried arugula.
  • Prepare the filling: oil + vinegar + honey. Pour it in the salad, add the seasoning, stir.
  • The hand of arugula? It will replace the Chinese cabbage or iceberg lettuce. But with “mustard-herb” salad is especially tasty with spicy “peanut” note.With avocado

    Features. Light yet hearty. Replace a complete meal. A great option if you are on diet.

    You will need:

    • boiled beef tongue – one thing;
    • avocado is one of ripe fruit;
    • cucumbers – two pieces;
    • lemon – half of the fruit;
    • vegetable oil (preferably olive) – three tablespoons;
    • salt, ground pepper – pinch;
    • greens – on request.


  • Slice the cucumber and the by-product of strips, avocado – diced.
  • Mix the oil with juice squeezed from half a lemon.
  • Dress the salad, add the seasoning, herbs.
  • Adding to salad with tongue Basil instead of dill and parsley, you can get an unusual taste with the “Italian touch”. Only two twigs.

    Warm eggplant

    Features. Warm salad it’s filling, so it can replace the second dish. The dressing gives a zesty, unique taste. Serve heaped on lettuce leaves – it looks impressive.

    You will need:

    • language boiled – 350 g;
    • mushrooms – 350 g;
    • eggplant – one thing;
    • sweet pepper – two pieces;
    • big onion – one head;
    • garlic – two cloves;
    • vegetable oil – for frying;
    • wine vinegar – half a tablespoon;
    • soy sauce – two tablespoons;
    • mustard, sugar – teaspoon.


  • Cut the eggplant slices, fry.
  • Chop the onion half-rings, pepper strips, mushrooms – plates.
  • Saute the onion. When it becomes translucent, add the mushrooms, pepper, simmer for about 20 minutes.
  • Cut into strips the fried eggplants and boiled tongue. Add the ingredients to the mushrooms for three minutes before the end time others. Same here – garlic.
  • Pile them and cover with dressing. For its preparation mix the vinegar, soy sauce, sugar and mustard.
  • To make the eggplant less bitter and didn’t ruin the delicate flavor of the language, check out the lifehack from Housewives: chopped vegetable plate cover with water for about ten minutes, then drain and fry.

    Tested recipes of salads from the language is a guarantee of taste. But sometimes the usual combination of ingredients bored. Don’t be afraid to experiment and discover new tastes. In many restaurants the chef, for example, believe that in tandem with the language of great “sound” fruit: pineapple, Apple, grape and even orange. If the first three can still be present in the salad, because they are often combined with meat, the proposal to combine the citrus and the language of many Housewives is puzzling. Try to mix mixed salad, tongue, fried mushrooms, orange pulp and pour all of this balsamic vinegar – unusual delicate taste of dishes will pleasantly surprise you.

    Reviews: “Preparing to impropriety simply and quickly”

    Make it: Salad with tongue and scrambled eggs. Liked. Found on the Internet. Language 500 grams, boiled, cut into small strips. Omelette: 2 eggs, milk, salt, flour, bake thin “pancakes” from two sides, cut into strips. Corn 1 jar. Herbs, and lot different. Mayonnaise. Season with salt to taste.


    The most simple version that “stuck” in my family’s tongue salad with fresh vegetables. The recipe, as they say, obscenely fast and simple proportions of ingredients I take the eye. Need boiled tongue, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, red onion, olives, olive oil for dressing. Language and cucumbers cut into thin slices, tomato skin removed, cut into 4 pieces, freed from the seeds (left alone the “petals”), black olives, whole or cut in half is optional. Chop onion thin half-rings. All mixed with salt, ground black pepper and olive oil. Optionally, you can add fresh Basil or lemon juice (I didn’t love them all, so doing so is not always). Salad turns out very appetizing in appearance due to the large pieces and has a light fresh taste.


    We ate in China, PTS. it was delicious. The proportions will not say. Composition:boiled tongue, fresh cucumber, fresh carrot, boiled egg (2-3 PCs). All cut into strips, diced egg + salted. Dressed with mayonnaise.


    Recently, the restaurant tried a terrific salad, called silence. two types of language thin slices,green salad,perepilichny eggs and something else. the salad is stunning! tender,tasty,and no manasika ))

    Capitolini ***,

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