Salicylic alcohol from age spots on the face

In human skin contains melanin – the pigment that gives it a darker shade. Melanin is distributed evenly, but sometimes the pigment begins to accumulate and emerges on the body and face with dark spots. They look ugly, and many women have to look for ways to get rid of them.

About why these spots appear on the body and how to get rid of them, the women’s website “” has already been told here. Today we will continue our topic and will understand if salicylic alcohol from pigment?

Salicylic acid and alcohol are one and the same?

Those who heard vaguely that salicilico helps to solve the problem of stains appeared, and ran to buy this miracle tool, faced with the problem that the pharmacy serves alcohol salicylic, and forums talking about salicylic acid.

“Alcohol salicylic 2% from age spots and acid is one and the same?” — ask the girls on the forums when looking for how to get pigment on the face with the help of salicylici.

Let’s see what is best from age spots on face – salicylic alcohol or salicylic acid?

So, in pharmacies offer salicylic alcohol (1-2% alcohol solution of salicylic acid) is an external agent, which is used to treat certain skin problems. The main component for the production of salicylic alcohol is salicylic acid. In simple words, the alcohol add the salicylic acid and get a derivative salicylic alcohol solution. If you add 1% acid alcohol, get a 1% solution of salicylic acid. If you add 2% acid, get a 2% salicylic alcohol. That is, the percentage indicates how much alcohol contains salicylic acid.

Against pigment spots suits 1-2% salicylic alcohol, not pure acid.

By the way, buy pure salicylic acid is not so simple.

It is used by cosmetologists for the preparation of chemical peels to medium and deep facial cleansing, and salicylic acid added to the composition, therapeutic creams, shampoos, gels and lotions. For example, salicylic acid is used in the mass treatment of the line “Clearasil” and “Sebium”. The content of salicylic acid in cosmetics is less than 2%.

To prepare a therapeutic agent with salicylic alcohol from age spots can at home.

For this you need to buy in a drugstore Foundation for funds from age spots — alcoholic solution of salicylic acid (salicylic alcohol 1 or 2 percent).

Salicylic alcohol from age spots: recipes

On the forums, salicylic acid women called salvation from acne and age spots. Note that this tool is worth a penny, and the effect of application of salicylic acid is amazing: the skin tone evens and brightens spots salicylic alcohol disappear pimples for spot application disappear.

  • Before first use, be sure to check whether you are allergic to salicylic acid. Apply a small amount of the drug on your wrist and see if there’s redness or peeling of the skin.
  • Start output tread spots on the face salicylic alcohol with a small percentage of acid (not more than 2%).
  • Before applying the alcohol with salicylic acid prepare the skin: be sure to clean it from makeup and dirt.
  • Immediately before the procedure, wipe the face with antiseptic and only after preliminary preparation to start utilizing salicylic acid.

Salicylic alcohol – dot use

Before you start withdrawing spots salicylic alcohol, it is important to determine the skin type. notes that salicylic alcohol from the pigment will help those who have skin oily or combined (mixed). For dry skin, preparations with salicylic acid are applied.

The easiest way to use salicylic alcohol (2%) from age spots is to wipe them in the morning before you apply day cream and before bedtime. The course of treatment is 15 days. If you have not achieved the desired result, you need to take a break of not less than 5 days and again to hold a 15-day course.

Here as they say in one of the reviews about how the girl brought the pigment on face salicylic alcohol.

  • Rubbing the ear with cotton patches on face salicylic alcohol 2%. Caused the alcohol to the spot, held for 2 minutes. Felt the tingling on the skin. Then washed with warm water and noticed that the stain was lighter. Rubbed spots that alcohol in the morning and before bed. The spots are visibly lightened. Svetlana.

So, the easiest way to get rid of skin pigmentation salicylic alcohol – just wipe them down. This is not the only way to use salicylic alcohol from the pigment. Next, consider how else you can use salicilico from spots in the home.

Lemon juice with salicylic alcohol

In alcohol with salicylic acid, you can add lemon juice to get rid of speaking of pigment on the face.

A cotton pad soaked in salicylic alcohol with lemon juice applied to the spots for 20-30 minutes.

You’ll feel the tingling skin. Be sure to focus on your feelings. If you feel a strong burning sensation, it is better a cotton pad to remove.

  • I use salicylic alcohol and lemon juice were able to remove spots on the face, which was for 5 years or more. 20 percent pigment spots diminished, but new spots have disappeared. As this feature is strongly desiccate the skin, I immediately after salicylic acid with the addition of lemon made the mask with sour cream and put on face cream. Always keep in mind that salicilico very dry skin. I have it bold, and I felt that it is too dry. Moisturize the skin after salicylic acid. Faith.

Salicylic alcohol and zinc ointment pigment

You can buy ready-salicylic-zinc paste, which lead to age spots or marks from acne on the skin, or you can make this paste at home.

Add zinc ointment a few drops of salicyl alcohol and get the inexpensive, but effective whitening solution.

With the help of cotton pad apply the resulting paste on the stains, soak for about 20 minutes. Already after the first procedure, the spots are noticeably brighter, and after a few days of fresh spots disappear altogether. Some reviewers say that the zinc-salicylic paste is applied at night, instead of the cream to even out skin tone.

White clay with salicylic alcohol

Adding an alkaline component (salicylic acid) in white clay, you will get a very good whitening mask.

This mask is applied to the face for 10 minutes and washed off with water. It will help to even out skin tone and remove the speakers of pigment on the skin.

A paste of aspirin and salicylic acid from age spots

Well lightens dark spots salicylic alcohol with aspirin.

Aspirin should be crushed, add to the powder a few drops of salicyl alcohol to form a slurry. The resulting mixture is applied on the spots. To enhance the bleaching effect can be added to the composition either lemon juice or parsley juice.

Badyaga with salicylic alcohol

Also to cope with the problem of age spots will help the pain to which you want to add salicylic alcohol 2%. Those who led spots with this method, celebrate a great result.

In fact, many beauticians for professional peels are used as a main component is 2% salicylic acid.

A lotion of salicylic alcohol and chamomile extract

The house is easy to prepare the perfect alcoholic lotion of salicylic acid. This will require a salicylic alcohol, chamomile tea and lemon juice.

Use a chamomile infusion with salicylic alcohol and lemon juice for oily skin as it is very dry. You need to use with breaks after every 2 weeks to make a break for 5-6 days and then reapply.

Such a lotion get rid of dark spots on the face and is great to cleanse oily skin.

Salicylic alcohol and prevention of age spots

One of the factors because of which the spots appear on the skin are the sun’s rays. To spots on the skin, you can use salicylic alcohol in as a preventive measure.

Wipe the face with an alcoholic solution of salicylic acid 2%, then put on face sunscreen.

All products for the face, where you will use salicylic acid or alcohol, you need to apply on the face gently, avoiding the eye area.

Without a break to use products with salicylal is not recommended. Dermatologists recommend after 2 weeks to take a break for at least 5 days. Once again, that the output spots salicylic alcohol is possible only for those who have oily skin. After the session you should apply to the skin nourishing cream in order to avoid overdrying skin.

Salicylic alcohol from pigment on the face will be a godsend for those looking for an inexpensive but effective means for care of problem skin. Means perfectly regenerates the skin, heals wounds, and spots on the face disappear in a short time.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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