Save on shopping: 5 ways to buy cheaper online

Little by little, and the Internet wins the trade. More and more people prefer to shop through the Network, rather than spend your time and wander through boutiques and Malls in search of the right things. If you have not yet appreciated the charm of online shopping, it’s time to do it. And how not to get lost in all the variety of on the Internet shops and — most importantly — how to save money on Internet purchases, we’ll tell you now.

The main rule of online shopping — not to rush to the “tasty” offers from unknown companies. The store should be: a) known; b) reliable; C) friendly to the buyer and d) have a ratio of positive/negative feedback about 80/20. Minimal.

So only you saw the advertisement, or “command” on the advice of an unknown friend from the social networks, or just stumbled on the site, then first, examine the store for the range, ask, certified, specify how long it is already running.

Necessarily (!) check out the testimonials. Take the time to drop by the forums, ask questions. If everything is in order, then… No, still make a purchase before. Contact customer support. Ask them questions regarding the payment, refund, delivery. Ask about the possibility of pre-order. In General, find out everything possible.

Service assistance responded to quickly? The Manager is polite and correct? Answers deployed, understatement no? Then you can go to choose the goods.

If you’re alarmed, you’d better not mess with this company. Trust your instincts and go in search of another benefit in the Web of their pond-pond.

Now on how to buy online efficiently. There are ways that really work and help to save the family budget.

Method # 1. Register, subscribe, reviews

Many online stores because you have registered, subscribe to their newsletter or write a review about the purchased product, will give you a discount. Only the discount is not permanent, and disposable. For example, for registration — 10% on first order for a product review or book review — 50 rubles for the second and so on. That is, initial cost savings. But too bad. If you can buy cheaper by 10-20%, then why miss this opportunity?

In addition, advertising in the newsletter you will receive information about upcoming promotions and sales, often in the letter included a personal code that increases the size of the discount. So browse through occasionally email, not to miss a good chance to save.

Tip! Subscribe to all the newsletters of all shops — will drown in spam. Choose your favorites, and get information from them.Method # 2. Return the money for purchases

There are services that for online purchases your refund. It is not a utopia and not a Scam, it’s really a working method of saving.

Such resources are called cashback services, and the money you get back — cashback. Consider the scheme of such a service LetyShops example, one of the leaders in this field.

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You register on the service (this is mandatory, otherwise how you will return your money?) and get into a “shopping Paradise” in the portal directory of more than 700 online stores and companies of various kinds, from the usual “clothing-footwear”, to the original, like store handmade knives. Also have services for booking tickets and real estate, you can pay for training or take the credit. And for ordering in any of them you will receive cashback.

The percentage that you are back, each store has. It is immediately obvious on the banner on the main page. Detailed information on the tab by the store.

So you have registered, select the desired Internet service and switched it with the cashback portal.

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This is the second imperative! To get cashback, you must go to the shop with the cashback service. If you skip this step, and cashback you can not see.

Now, buy as usual, cashback will be credited and your account in the service system automatically. Bring you can in any convenient way for you, though, at least for the electronic wallet, though the expense of a mobile recharge.

By the way, this is the best way to make Internet purchases to date. Cashback valid with any promotions or discounts the online store and the prices are significantly less.

Method # 3. Do not pay for shipping

Most Internet companies offer a service for “free shipping”. However, it only works from a certain amount of order. If you do not need so many goods at such amount, cooperate with friends, they’ll pick something. So you will get the necessary minimum and save you money on shipping.

Method # 4. Buy holidays and seasonal sales

In addition to regular promotions and discounts, Internet stores arrange global sales. They are usually linked to a date: Christmas, New Year, Birthday and so on. There is a world of “discount” days like “cyber Monday” or “Black Friday”. At such moments, buy what you need, has long dreamed of can be up to 90% below original cost.

The same applies to seasonal sales. Buy winter clothes in spring, and in winter, swimwear and a water bed. And you will be a good savings!

Method # 5. Become a member of the “joint purchases”

This is a wonderful method to buy cheaper than retail. The meaning of such shopping is that you acquire goods from a reseller who buys wholesale party item and makes a very small margin as their commissions. There are specialized resources that offer to make such joint purchases, find them easy.

And best of all, they themselves gather like-minded people and purchase goods in bulk and then distribute it at all. You will spend far less than when you shop in any stores, though land, at least virtually.

Here are the basic ways to save on the Internet. Examine each, determine the most optimal and openguide pleasure! Remember what you have saved — then earned. So earn more!

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